XNA Community Games Off to a Huge Start

On Wednesday this week, November 19th, XNA Community Games launched on the Xbox 360 with the new dashboard updated – The New Xbox Experience. Just three days after launch there are already 45 games available in Xbox Live’s XNA Community Games (ranging in price from $2.50 to $10), and that number continues to grow daily.

Sure, there are plenty of them that you’re probably not interested in but there are also some really great games in there as well.  Similar to Xbox Live Arcade titles each XNA Community Game has a trial mode that lets you play it before you buy it.  However, unlike Xbox Live Arcade games that allow the developer to setup what portions are in the trial, XNA games all have a short time based trail. For some game this is fine to get a feel for how the game play, but for the majority of them the quick timed trial is just to short to get a good feel for a game.  Still the games have been available for less than 72 hours at this point so there is hope that Microsoft will address this and allow the XNA Developers to have longer trials for their games.

Here is a run down of the currently available titles.

Action and Adventure Games

Weapon of Choice has insane action and humongous aliens tied together by a twisted story.  Branching levels, 4 unique endings, 7 characters each with a Weapon of Choice. Reap revenge with the Vengeance Missile. Cheat death with Deathbrushing! Scale walls with the Spiderpack. Rock out to original, blistering metal guitar tracks. Enough gameplay to rot your teeth! Third Place Winner of Microsoft’s Dream Build Play 2008.  ~ 400 Points

Fuel Depot 360 is a space combat game. Your mission is to protect the 10 fuel pods from the invading pirate ships. To help you succeed your ship is equipped with a variety of weapons. As you advance to higher levels the game difficulty increases. ~ 200 Points

Bloc is a new twist on the top-down shooter. Destroy blocks by firing like-colored orbs while dodging a swarm of enemies. ~ 200 Points

Bad Atom Episode 1 is a 3D Sci-Fi shooter where David Malcolm, a well respected pilot, takes on the responsibility to help create an experimental intergalactic weapon. ~ 200 Points

UAV Wars is a 3D action arcade game where you remotely pilot your Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and destroy the competing UAVs to win a military defense contract. ~ 200 Points

Loot, Steal ‘n Destroy This frantic party game pits 2-4 pirates against each other in a mad race for gold! Use all your cunning and prowess to become top dog! ~ 400 Points

In the Pit is an “audio-only” stealth action game. Control a horrible monster who lives at the bottom of a dark pit and eats the people who fall in! ~ 400 Points

Biology Battle is a modern, fast-paced take on the space-shooter genre. Fight in the competitive ‘arcade shooter’ action or through 12 multiplayer modes. Features: Global Leaderboards, VERSUS Multiplayer, Great Replay Value, High Production Quality. ~ 800 Points

Snake360 is a fast-paced arcade-style Snake game with over 200 levels, co-op play, battle modes for up to 4 players, Internet Ranking, full 3D graphics and a pumping soundtrack! ~ 400 Points

Garrett the Slug you control a lovable slug named Garrett. Garrett loves to roam around his patch of grass eating colored pellets, and avoiding rocks. But the forces of metabolism are out to stop him, for the more Garrett eats, the more colored trail he leaves behind. For unknown reasons Garrett’s own slime is toxic to him, so make sure to avoid touching that as well! ~ 200 Points

Card & Board

Poker Ball Screenshot

Poker Ball combines elements of classic games with 5 card draw Poker. The player is presented with a board of poker cards and a ball that must be kept in bounds while building hands. Points are awarded for hitting cards but for big scores the player must use the limited ability to halt the action to discard cards from the player’s hand and try to build high-value poker hands. ~ 200 Points

Satellites are orbiting high above the Earth’s atmosphere, a secret war rages on over control of the world’s communication satellites. While the rest of the population below remains oblivious, you are put in charge of commanding these satellites. ~ 200 Points

Classics, Music, Family and Others

Alien Ambush Sceensho

Alien Ambush is a classic 90′s Space Action featuring 9 different aliens each with their own combat style spread out over 20 screens. In each sector destroy two rounds of aliens then navigate an asteroid field en route to the mother ship for refueling. Intense space combat coupled with a limit of fuel creates a nerve-wracking environment. Single Player, Standard and High Definitions supported. ~ 200 Points

Beat IT! is the ultimate multiplayer pad-passing party game! 1-8 Players compete, performing actions in time with the beat. The winner is left holding the pad! Think you can keep up? (Only 1 Xbox Control Pad Required) ~ 200 Points

Dokee and the Music Rain let you help Dokee the Dog create cool music by catching falling instruments from the sky. Expand babies and children’s creativity. It is more fun when a more skilled kid or an adult uses a second gamepad to play cooperatively. ~ 400 Points

Audiball’s world is different.  Here sounds become audible when tiny spheres known as “audiballs” pass through them. Use your guitar controller in a new and interesting way as you trigger sounds to guide the audiballs through each track, producing music as you go. ~ 200 Points

Blow has you use wind to guide your bubbles safely to the exit. Journey though the magical canopy of the ‘Great Tree’ collecting ‘Flames’ with help from the Faeries. Experience 70 handcrafted levels and infinite procedurally generated levels for endless variety. ~ 400 Points

Drift features gently drifting generative visuals and music. It is not so much a game as a collection of customizable ambient art works.~ 400 Points


Colosseum has you fight your way to the glorious Grand Master title! Colosseum features a 6-level single player-campaign and five different 1-4 player local multiplayer game modes, four of which can be enjoyed in teams. Take your time to master each of the four different fighting styles and their combos, picking up some new threads for your characters along the way. This is Colosseum. Enjoy! ~ 800 Points

Funky Punch XL lets you bust a funky beat down on friends and foes in this crazy, quirky 3D fighter. Battle it out with 12 funky brawlers, 9 scenes and 5 modes of play, including Training, Arcade, Versus and Survival. Also, get in a little funky networked chaos on Xbox Live in Online mode. So go ahead and get Funky Punch XL and feel the funky flow within you! ~400 Points


Artoon chronicles the adventures of Art as he bounces his way through a variety of visual artworks. Can you earn those elusive top rankings in this score-attack psychedelic platformer? ~ 400 Points

Being lets you help this little red guy save the princess, save the world, or whatever else it is that he’s doing. I’m sure it’s important work. ~ 200 Points

Smashell is a score game with platform-like gameplay. Reach the highest score by taking advantage of several bonuses and upgrades, collecting coins and eating fruits, making combos and more!~ 400 Points

Sports and Simulation

Easy Golf has you create golf courses and share them with friends online through XBox Live. The incredible course editor allows you to easily create fun and playable golf course holes in minutes. Play against your friends online and watch their golf balls fly around on your created course in real time. Laugh, smile, and enjoy an amazingly fun experience playing Easy Golf. Easy Golf is for people of all ages. ~ 800 Points

sin(Surfing) … Ever wished you could surf inside an oscilloscope? Well now you can! Play sin(Surfing) now with this 360 version of the TIGSource Procedural Generation Compo entry by twohalf and Sifu Peng! ~ 200 Points


Exisled Use your attack helicopter to destroy the headquarters of The Smog before time runs out in 8 action packed missions. Use tactics and strategy to fight enemies from land, sea, and air. ~ 400 Points

SpaceCombat is a first person space combat game featuring six degrees of freedom.~ 200 Points

Organon is a 3D flight and shooting game. ~ 200 Points

Endless Swarm is a game where you build and control towers to defend two factories from waves of enemy onslaughts. It features 8 unique towers, 7 different enemy types, 2 player cooperative multiplayer, 3 powerful superpowers, and endless challenge. See how long you can survive the Endless Swarm and beat your high scores! ~ 400 Points

Tail Gun Charlie – Charles “Charlie” Chatsworth is the pride of the Great British Galactic Diplomatic Corp. No other individual has done more for race relations and intergalactic war. Using his trusty weapons of peace, it can only be a matter of time before Charlie manages one of his legendary diplomatic incident recoveries following a recent misunderstanding with the Dax. ~ 400 Points

Galax-e-mail has you delivering e-mails by controlling a squad of spaceships battling its way through galaxies of increasing difficulty. You have powerups, multiple weapons and multiple ship types at your disposal. There will be explosions. There will be fast-paced battles between flocks of fighters. Join the fray and deliver some e-mail! ~ 200 Points

Rift is a top-down shooter with a time-stopping twist. Use your time powers to escape sticky situtations and rack up a huge score multiplier. ~ 200 Points

painball Dare you enter the PainBall Pyramid and take on eight very red, very mean, and very flat, AI players in a game of paintball? Evade with sprint, instant jump right or left, and duck! ~ 200 Points

Fatal Abyss is a top down shooter in the vein of classics such as Galaga but with some modern twists. Automatically adjustable AI makes the game challenging for players of all skill levels. Raise your combo meter and get the highest score! Filled to the brim with codes and secrets, Fatal Abyss will keep you coming back for more! ~ 400 Points

Puzzle and Trivia

DUOtix Screenshot

DUOtrix is a colour matching puzzle game with double the action! Play two boards simultaneously in this fast paced, psychedelic game. ~ 400 Points

Lines lets you experience a fresh new puzzle game, easy to pick up but fiendishly difficult at high level play. Participate in the Internet Rankings at edngames.com and prove you are the best! ~200 Points

Word Soup is easy to play and maddeningly addictive. Join the blocks to make words of three or more letters. Blocks can be joined horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When a word is made, the blocks used disappear and the blocks above collapse. Every move creates new combinations. ~ 400 Points

Fruit Attack has you match falling pieces of fruit to make combinations in this arcade puzzle game. Four 1-player game modes are available, including Quest Mode, which presents a series of interesting gameplay challenges. Battle Mode allows you to play against a computer opponent. Two split-screen 2-player game modes are also available. ~ 400 Points

Cubage Rotate sections of a cube to make each side a single color in the fastest time possible. ~ 200 Points

Abstacked is a new puzzle game where the object of the game is to clear star pieces from the board by surrounding them. ~ 200 Points

Totem features intense matching Totem destruction! Two game modes…survival and adventure complete with 28 levels and 4 elemental bosses. ~ 400 Points

Brain Party is a puzzle-solving, button-tapping, brain-stretching game for all ages. The more you play, the more minigames you unlock, and soon you’ll be ready to take on your friends in the multiplayer Brain Race! ~ 400 Points

Crystal Crush has you merge, match, join or destroy all the shiny colored crystals playing with the 4 game modes. Collect the diamonds to dominate the game. Once you master the game play against a friend and flood him with a load of crystals! ~ 400 Points

No Frills Soduku Challenge yourself with a classic game of Sudoku, a logic-based number placement game. Thousands of unique puzzles are at your fingertips. ~ 200 Points

Planet Delta leads you on the journey of your life will bring you to the core of planet Delta. Enjoy this addictive and original 3-match game and choose your own path to the core. With an amazing control system the game offers a travel through mountains, jungles, caves and more, exploring the inside of the far-off planet Delta.

* All XNA Community Games are either priced at 200, 400, or 800 Microsoft Points.  That works out to be $2.50, $5, or $10.

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