WARNING: EdgeStar, CompactAppliance.com and Living Direct are a Terrible Shopping Experience

UPDATE July 1, 2014 – This post went live over 4 years ago and since that time Brian Ford from Edgestar has been actively engaged with customers below in the comments section at the bottom of this post. I have to commend Brian for making this effort and trying to do right by his customers.

NOTE: This post is meant as a warning to online shoppers to avoid shopping with CompactAppliance or any of the “Living Direct Network” of sites — they are a bottom-of-the-barrel company with terrible customer support and you’d be better to spend your money at another reputable dealer.

I was recently in the market for a portable AC unit and instead of trusting my better senses and getting something from Costco with a lifetime warranty, I did some looking online. Amazon didn’t have one particular unit that stood out so I kept looking at other places online to see if I could find a “favorite” among folks that have portable AC units.

I checked ConsumerSearch, a website that I’ve enjoyed in the past, but am now starting to think is a shill site for advertisers to buy their positioning in. They had a section (similar to About.com) related to Highest Rated Portable AC Units that gave very high marks to the EdgeStar units based on reviews found on the web.

Interestingly enough, Amazon doesn’t sell this item, so I checked out the 2nd most “active looking” store for the EdgeStar 12000s which was CompactAppliance.com. Over 200 “reviews” and 4.5/5 stars… not too shabby. I went ahead and ordered the device in a flurry and didn’t think much about it.

I immediately received an order confirmation from ComplactAppliance.com and soon there after a shipping confirmation email:

I thought “wow that was fast” and went about having a nice weekend.

I woke up this morning trying to figure out when this item would be delivered, so I clicked the link to check the tracking and was told by FedEx that no item with that shipping number exists in their system.

My internal alarm bells started to go off…

So now I start searching online for reviews of CompactAppliance.com and/or Living Direct and start to find complaint after complaint about the non-existent customer service, the highway robbery-esque return policies, mis-shipped and double-charged items, broken products being delivered and then like icing on the cake, terrible customer reviews of the EdgeStar unit (from sites other than CompactAppliance.com and ConsumerSearch) which seem to be very shoddy Chinese mass-produced units that the Living Direct network have exclusive distribution rights to — I’m starting to wonder now if the 200+ “reviews” of the EdgeStar12000S are being filled out by Living Direct employees and they paid dearly for their ConsumerSearch.com placement.

Given that my shipping information originally emailed to me is invalid, I am pretty much assuming that I just got scammed. So I login to the website to check 1 last time what my order status is and instead find a completely different tracking number:

And according to FedEx it will be delivered tomorrow.

At this point I don’t want anything to do with this company, so I give them a call to try and cancel the order or see what the process is for returning an un-opened item. As “Cindy” explains, my choices are:

  • Cancel the FedEx shipment and pay a 20% restocking fee (keep in mind the product has obviously never been opened because it was never delivered)
  • Receive the item, then call them for an RMA # and pay for shipping as well as a 15% restocking fee for an unopened item

So both choices for returning an unopened item result in CompactAppliance and the Living Direct Network having their way with my back-side. Great.

Let this post serve as a warning to you if you are shopping at any of the Living Direct Network sites (CompactAppliance, Portable Air Shop, EdgeStar, Kegerator, Simply Dehumidifiers, Hotwater Source, Wine Cool Direct) to save your money and shop somewhere else. Hell, even buy whatever it is you want locally so you can at least return it without enduring rape.

Living Direct reminds me of those sites that started springing up 10 years ago that establish what looks like a reputable online presence but in reality are just 5 people sitting at desks in some shut-in office acting like middle men. I think the most profitable thing Living Direct has done is order and secure thousands of the “EdgeStar” units from China directly and selling them as if they were a legit appliance and not some in-house invented knock off brand that gives them huge profit margins.

I’ll update this post when the unit arrives with my comments about it, but at this point I don’t expect it to last longer than a year.

I hope this post keeps someone else from falling into the trap of the Living Direct Network, CompactAppliance or any EdgeStar appliance.

Update #1: Well the EdgeStar 12000s arrived on-time and we ran it last night… it is definitely loud, especially when the compressor turns on, but seems to do a good job. I’ll wait a few months before I do a review to make sure it keeps working. Also, it’s HEAVY… like 72lbs heavy…

Update #2: Got spammed with some Living Direct email offers this morning, even though I explicitly did not check “send me offers” when I created my account. I went ahead and unsubscribed from the mailing list which showed me this screen:

You really need to appreciate a company so buried in apathy and customer-hate that they will not even remove you from a mailing list immediately. This isn’t like a mom-and-pop store that need to manually update an XLS spreadsheet… this is an online-only company claiming that it takes 30 days to remove your email address from a DB.

My guess is that they will spam me this entire month under the excuse of “well it hasn’t been 30 days yet” hoping that either (A) I forget that I unsubscribed after a month of this shit and just give up and stay on the list or (B) they actually aren’t going to unsubscribe me at all and want a fuzzy gray area in which to keep blasting me with “offers” since I’m already a “lost subscriber” they might as well try and piss me off in the process to make 1 more sale.

Again, I’m only sharing this to give you an idea of the “vibe” of this company. Customers are a necessary evil to them. Please shop somewhere else.

Update #3: Just to add insult to injury, as you noted at the beginning of this post, I like Costco. They stand behind their products and stock good quality things. I walked into Costco yesterday to do some shopping, and sitting RIGHT by the front door are Sharp Portable AC units that are quiet… goddamnit.

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149 Responses to WARNING: EdgeStar, CompactAppliance.com and Living Direct are a Terrible Shopping Experience

  1. Brian Ford May 20, 2010 at 2:39 pm #

    Dear Customer,

    I am sorry to read that your recent shopping experience with our company was not all that it should have been. I can certainly understand your concern related to your order when you received the initial incorrect FedEx tracking number. I was encouraged to read that you were able to overcome the issue by accessing the correct information in your online account. We are currently working to ensure future ship confirmation emails always include the correct FedEx information and I am sorry that this segment of the transaction gave you a bad first impression of our company.

    I am happy to read in your “Update #1” that the unit “arrived on time” and “seems to do a good job”. Now that the unit has arrived and is operating as designed it is my sincere wish that your fears have been put to rest regarding the true intentions of Living Direct, Inc. Should you, or any of your readers, have any further questions or concerns I invite you to contact me directly.

    In conclusion, I am always concerned when I encounter a customer who did not have a positive experience with our company. Living Direct has been in business for more than 10 years and enjoys an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as a very favorable rating with BizRate. These are not easy ratings to come by and have taken us years to achieve as we continually strive to serve our customers in the best manner possible. Should you decide that the Edgestar unit is truly not fitting your needs and wish to purchase the Sharp unit from Costco I will personally email you a pre-paid FedEx label to return the unit on our shipping account and issue you a full refund of your purchase price once it arrives back into our warehouse. All I will ask of you is to repack the unit in the original boxes to ensure it is not damaged in transit. Again, please contact me directly should you wish to proceed with this offer.

    I appreciate you offering me this forum.


    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.
    (866) 975-4846 x113

    • Riyad Kalla May 21, 2010 at 5:36 pm #


      I appreciate the reply and the offer — we no longer have the original packing material after being told on the phone it would cost me *roughly* $180 (shipping and ‘restocking fee’, even when it was unopened) to return the unit, we just tossed the packing and decided to keep it. Otherwise I’d love to take you up on this — not because the unit is faulty, just because it’s a lot louder than I anticipated (we use it in our bedroom). I don’t think the loudness is a fault of the unit or LD though — I won’t be petty about that — it’s just the nature of this particular unit. As long as it cools, I can mostly look beyond the noise.

      I understand an appliance business likely has to establish pro-company policies to stay in business and avoid abusive customers destroying their bottom lines with invalid returns (overused items, items broken by customers, etc.), I just find them incredibly off-putting.

      Thank you for taking the time to followup Brian.

  2. Dave Malcolm July 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    We had a similarly horrible experience with Edgestar and their associate company CompactAppliance (now called LivingDirect.com). They are peddling these faulty portable air conditioners aided by “Great” reviews which appears on their website. All I can say is, contact the BBB, call your credit card company and do a charge-back and basically let the world know about these shysters.

    • Riyad Kalla July 15, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

      Dave, would you mind sharing more info about your experience with them?

  3. Glen Parsons July 23, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    If you’re in Canada and purchase one of their units, your REALLY out of luck it seems..the phone #’s won’t work from here, and trying to find anyone to listen is almost impossible thru emails. I just contacted Brian, so we’ll see if that gets any better results, but so far Riyad, you’re bang on with their lack of customer support, again especially if you’re not in the USA :(

    • Riyad Kalla July 23, 2010 at 10:56 am #

      Glen Parsons,

      Did you buy one of the EdgeStar ACs from them? Are you trying to return it or change an order?

      Keep us posted on the development, every bit of information about this company counts… that being said, I hope Brian is able to help you.

  4. Glen Parsons July 23, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    Actually I purchased one of their portable FP430 fridge/freezers, but after only a month of use, I’ve developed major problems with it, and cannot get anywhere with obtaining service or warranty :( They all have GREAT reviews when working, but now I’m finding more posts like this one for when they’re not!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!!

  5. Brian Ford August 6, 2010 at 3:33 pm #


    Dave Malcolm – please contact me directly regarding the issue you may be having with an Edgestar unit. As with most blogs, it is impossible to properly assist anonymous customers as I am unable to access your account. I will be in the office Monday – Friday next week and have voice mail on my phone extension. You may of course email me as well.

    Glen Parsons – did you email or call me? I do not recall speaking with you but would be happy to do so and will be in the office Monday – Friday next week. I will be up front with you – we do not ship products outside of the contiguous United States as we are not able to properly offer warranty support to Canadian residents. If you have an Edgestar product within the stated “90 day labor” warranty period we will gladly email you a shipping label on our account but you will need to take it back across the border into the U.S. and ship it from a stateside FedEx facility.

    Once again – here is my direct contact information. Please leave me a voice mail if you call or email me directly: (866) 975-4846 x113 or bford@LivingDirect.com

    Thank you.

    • Riyad Kalla August 6, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

      Brian, I’d like to thank you — as one human being to another — for working to make things right with your customers.

  6. Glen Parsons August 7, 2010 at 7:40 pm #

    Brian, thanks for the reply :) I too appreciate your time and trouble to help your customers here in this blog!!

    Yes I did email you on July 23rd, but no reply. I did manage though with some help from my daughter living in the USA to get Edgestar to phone me at home here, and a VERY helpful Mike explained the Canada problems to me, but still provided me with warranty service if
    I use my daughters USA address (the unit was shipped to her originally), and have them ship me the parts needed, so I’m getting the fridge checked out shortly to determine the problems, and then will contact Mike again
    with the info. I’ll keep you and the others updated here as things go. Thanks again Brian!!!!!

  7. Glen Parsons September 23, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Sorry it took so long, but Micheal T came thru at Edgestar, and I’ve got my parts waiting for me in Missouri for pickup when I’m there next month. I LOVE this fridge, and that’s with it not even working properly right now, but once I’ve got it fixed, it should be as good as new.
    Thanks again Brian for your interest and involvement here, and Micheal T should be commended on his end :)

  8. Brian Ford September 24, 2010 at 6:17 am #

    Glen, I am happy to read that our service dept was able to properly assist you with the needed part. I appreciate the positive feedback related to Michael T. and will certainly share this with him.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  9. Jeremy T. October 6, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    I got an Edgestar wine refrigerator that completely failed after the first day, the temperature in my house was close to 102F and I had several opened bottles that were obviously ruined as a result. I would like to know how to this matter will be addressed. I have read that Edgestar product are notoriously known to fail and have experienced it first hand.

    • Riyad Kalla October 6, 2010 at 3:48 pm #


      Did you buy this from LivingDirect? Brian, from customer service, posted above (here) with his contact information.

      I would recommend calling or emailing him directly to discuss a repair/replacement/return.

  10. Brian Ford October 6, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    I am sorry to read that the wine cooler may not be functioning as designed. If the temp inside your house was 102F as stated in your post that may be contributing to the problem but we can’t be sure until you speak with one of our Edgestar service reps. Please give us a call (when you are with the unit) during business hours so we may troubleshoot the situation with you directly: (866) 319-5473, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST. Please keep all boxes and packaging related to your purchase in case we need to pick up and replace the unit for you. Please feel free to contact me directly if needed: (866) 975-4846 x113 or bford@LivingDirect.com. Thank you.

  11. Basement Dehumidifier November 12, 2010 at 6:25 pm #

    How do get rid of damp?

  12. ptriton98 July 6, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    I am glad that I came across this site since I was ready to plop down some dough to these folks at Living Direct. They have 3 or 4 websites that go back to the same server and show the exact same picture in the internet searches. With large items like appliances I think the internet just does not work well with all the shipping and handling issues. Costco just does too good a job at having good stuff with the ability to bring it back without hassles. Internet is good for the small stuff like electronics where the weight and the handling are not such as issue.

    • Riyad Kalla July 6, 2011 at 6:24 am #

      PT, while my EdgeStar AC is actually still running (fingers crossed) I couldn’t agree more. You have to consider the case when something goes wrong and that is where a retailer like Costco shines, especially with a big ticket item.

  13. Nancy July 8, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    I am sOOOOOO disappointed !!!! I ordered a red “garage” refrigerator for my fiance” July 4th birthday. I knew it might be a day or two late considering the advertisement stated ” usually ships in 3-4 business days. I paid for it on June 24th it is not July 9th and I still don’t have it for his gift. Then I read that FED ex is to give me a ship date email which I just received today AFTER I called Livingdirect up and bitched about not hearing anything from them and writing them a scathing email demanding attention.
    I felt as if I was being ignored. Sergio told me it was going to “ship” direct and I should hear in a day or two that was July 5th when I called them to find out when to expect it.
    I called again July 7th and spoke to Michael and he said I should receive an email from Fed Ex —
    NOW I am to receive my unit JULY 13th –IF I don’t get it by the 13th of July and as furious as I am at the terrible lying advertisement I will add this to my face book of 4,880+ friends, Craigs List, Better Business Bureau and while I am at it –Angies list. I am so humiliated that my fiance’ did not receive his gift I could just croak. Isn’t it wonderful how one can feel when dealing with an unreputatable company. Just watch the unit probably isn’t going to work either after all this angst.

    • Riyad Kalla July 12, 2011 at 11:13 am #


      That sounds like a goddamn nightmare. Thank you for taking the time to come here and add your experience so other people can find it.

      • Nancy July 13, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

        Well I did receive it…and quess what it has a dented corner which I will be supplying a photo of to Fed Ex it made the back left wheel very, very difficult to attach .the piece had to be “hammered” back into place to make it work.
        We will see how well it works…he was surprised…but it would have been nice to surprise him at his party with all his buddies around. (sigH)

        • Riyad Kalla July 16, 2011 at 7:14 am #

          Nancy, glad to hear you eventually got it and hope it works. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  14. Brian Ford July 12, 2011 at 7:14 am #


    As you may have already surmised from previous posts on this blog, I am the Director of Customer Relations for Living Direct, Inc. which is the parent company for the website where you made your purchase. I am sorry to read that your purchase may have been delayed but unfortunately do not have sufficient information to access your account and review the matter on your behalf. Please feel free to email me directly so I may personally ensure that you receive the information and service that you deserve as a Living Direct customer. bford@LivingDirect.com

    Thank you.

  15. Brian Ford July 12, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Open post to all current and future participants in this thread from the Director of Customer Relations of Living Direct, Inc. and Edgestar products:


    My name is Brian and I’ve been heading up the customer service division for Living Direct, Inc. (including Edgestar products) for over six years now. We have been fortunate to experience substantial growth over that time period which of course brings new challenges with it as we continue to expand. We do our best to ensure each of our customers has a great experience with our company as we completely understand that folks have nearly limitless choices these days related to where they choose to spend their money.

    As with any company, sometimes mistakes are made. Frequently, those mistakes are not immediately within our control (i.e. – FedEx damages or loses a package) but once we are advised that an issue has occurred we will step in and do whatever is possible to rectify the problem. Should any of you ever be negatively impacted by an issue related to a Living Direct web order please feel free to drop me an email and I will gladly step in and personally assist you.

    Blogs such as these are a great way to share information with others. I first posted to this blog over a year ago. My name and email address are now all over these postings. The one thing that surprises me the most during the past year is I do not recall anyone ever actually contacting me directly for assistance. If you feel the need to post a negative experience related to an interaction with our company please by all means do so. In addition, please take a moment to send me an email with your details so I may personally assist you as there are very few service related issues that I will be unable to assist you with once I know my help is needed.

    I see recent postings extolling the virtues of CostCo and other brick and mortar retailers. I completely agree that some items may be better suited to a local purchase versus online and I myself am a CostCo member. The one thing I can offer customers though that CostCo does not is personal assistance. If the service reps within my department are not able to assist you to your satisfaction please contact me directly and I will gladly review the situation on your behalf and reply back.

    Thank you for your time. bford@LivingDirect.com

    PS – Edgestar medical freezers are now present in the majority of the CostCo pharmacies across the United States now. In other words, CostCo is one of our customers!

  16. William July 28, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

    Are these Edgestar freezers FDA approved? Anyone? Maybe I’ll go to my local Costco and ask to see the FDA approval on the freezers they are using to keep my prescriptions.

    • Riyad Kalla July 29, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

      William, I cannot speak to the Edgestar appliances, but if you need a freezer with that specific of a certification, it might be much (safer?) to check it out in person at a place like Costco or Sams before purchasing it to make sure.

      Versus mail-ordering a freezer, finding out it ISN’T FDA approved and then you needing to pay hundreds to return it.

  17. Joie Silva March 1, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    DO NOT PURCHASE FROM LIVING DIRECT OR ANY EDGESTAR PRODUCTS! I purchased a portable dehumidifier, which turned out to be defective. I returned the unit and it was replaced by another non-working unit.
    Edgestar HELD MY MONEY HOSTAGE and forced me to return the unit ($75) AT MY EXPENSE in order to refund my money on the purchase of the dehumid. This is robbery and a SKAM. I did the legwork and read all the reviews and felt i was making a sound purchase. I was sorely mistaken. They STOLE $75 of my hard earned money just to jerk me around with 2 non-working pieces of equipment. When i didnt get any help from Edgestar, i contacted Living Direct and they only pointed me back in the direction of Edgestar. Living Direct offered absolutely no assistance in rectifying this situation even though i purchased through them “with confidence”. What a joke.

  18. Brian Ford March 1, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    Joie Silva – Thank you for contacting me directly when you posted to this blog. I have replied to your email and believe we will have little trouble rectifying your current troubles.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

    • Joie Silva March 1, 2012 at 11:08 am #

      Thank you for contacting me Brian. I just left you a voicemail that will explain my situation in more detail. I do hope you can help me to rectify this situation and i for the first time, i have confidence that the right thing will be done.

      I left you my direct phone number and I welcome you to call me.

      I appreciate your prompt response and willingness to help.

      Joie Silva

  19. Nick Saltamanikas April 13, 2012 at 7:17 am #

    I too have had a terrible experience. I ordered a thermoelectric wine cooler that is loud and beeps! Michael Taylor the customer service technician basically laughed at me, told me I was blowing things out of proportion and that I am looking into things too much. He REFUSED to give me anybody’s contact information. He told me that HE was the one empowered to make these decisions, even after I said that I wanted to complain about him, he refused. I did a live chat through livingdirect dot com and was given a wrong email address twice for a “floor manager” at edgestar. Thats when I came to this site. Hopefully Brian can assist me because this just isn’t fair. Order number P0194814.

  20. Nick Saltamanikas April 13, 2012 at 7:34 am #

    Anthony Stephens the manager, nice but no remedy. Apparently the unit should be noisy, even though it has NO compressor, only 2 silent fans. No return because it is “working”. In regards to the treatment I received, he said he was sorry. How does this help me? I am in service management and can guarantee this would never pass with us. He is going to “pull records” and “deal with it internally”. Whatever. On to Google to find more sites like this to voice my concerns.

  21. Brian Ford April 13, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Mr. Saltamanikas,

    I am sorry to hear that you may have had a less than favorable experience with one of our Edgestar service reps. The floor manager you spoke with, Anthony, will work with this particular rep and utilize your feedback to help this agent improve his “soft skills” with future callers. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    I have met with Anthony and reviewed your account records so I am now aware of the wine cooler you purchased and the issue at hand. From all accounts, the unit is working as designed and cooling within the expected temp range. You are correct in stating the unit does not include a compressor but does include internal fans as a thermoelectric wine cooler of this size utilizes fans to distribute the cold air throughout the cooler to avoid any hot spots. It is quite possible that the fans may run the majority of the time depending on where you set the internal thermostat. This is by design and not unique to Edgestar models.

    Our service reps were able to hear your fans during the call but were unable to detect any noises out of the ordinary for your model. This, coupled with the fact the unit is cooling as designed, indicates to us the unit is not currently defective.

    I have found over the years that noise is a very subjective topic. One man’s quiet is another man’s loud. I am sorry that the unit’s noise level is not pleasing to your ears but that is the nature of the type of thermoelectric wine cooler you chose to purchase. Please know that should the unit develop any type of actual defect during the 90 day labor – 1 year parts warranty time frame Edgestar will gladly assist you.

    Brian Ford

  22. Nick Saltamanikas April 13, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    NO SATISFACTION from Brian. Apparently I am supposed to live with the noise as “One mans loud is another mans quiet”. Off to the blogosphere to vent I go.

  23. Nick Saltamanikas April 13, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Why would you not offer to swap out a unit making a customer very unhappy. I just opened it yesterday!!
    I If it working properly why since I have had it on for over 24 hours wont it stabilize and get warmer. It is on the lowest setting and yet it is sitting at 61 degrees. The video on your website, which might be you, states that it will go down to the 50’s. I am sure that this has something to do with the fan working overtime!

  24. Alex Webb August 1, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    I too have experienced most of the issues noted here. Horrible product, worse post sale support with policies that are flexible to living direct / compact appliance benefit and put the consumer in a position to get screwed no matter what the situation.

    Brian, don’t bother with another patronizing email or comment here. I know what I have; a 500 dollar pile of trash designed to burn electricity,make noise and heat my house wrapped up in a package that appears to be a refrigerator.

    Off to the landfill I go… Lesson learned. I feel a little better venting and knowing karma is a beoch.

  25. Elias August 9, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

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  26. Mookie September 17, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    Received the Edge Star Mini Keg as a 40th birthday gift from my wife. I found that after tapping a Heineken or Newcastle mini keg, the beer in the hose connecting the keg to the dispenser would start to solidify after just 2 days! Then, the “gunk” in the hose would come out into the beer pint, or it would be so solidified, I would have to take the hose off and flush it with white vinegar solution. Sometimes, I would have to push the gunk through to clear the line. The unit did not seem to be getting cold enough, even though I set the thermostat to 38 degrees.

    I called customer service to ask for a solution. The customer service rep (Michael) told me that he himself has the unit, that this is normal, and that he cleans his every 2 weeks. When I told him I was cleaning it every 2 days, he told me he was “skeptical” of my claim, but that this was still “normal” and that the hose is just like the water or ice maker in a refrigerator (which I have never had to flush out). I asked him to speak to a manager, and he told me flat-out “no” since he was the person who wrote the Owner’s Manual, so there was no need to speak to anyone else. So basically, I am left with a $300 Mini Kegerator that I cannot use.

    • Mookie September 18, 2012 at 7:45 am #

      A different customer service guy called me back, apologized for “Michael’s” behavior on the phone, and then proceeded to feed me the same story, that it is the beer’s fault that the tap hose gets gummed up inside, and that this happens with darker ales, even though I have been using Heinelen! He said I could ship back the unit at my own cost for them to look at, and if it was broken they would fix free of charge. But according to him it is not broken. Their own Owners Manual says to clean the tap after ever time a keg is used, and that the Heineken kegs are good up to 30 days, but he said I should drink it within a day or expect to clean the hose!

  27. Brian Ford September 18, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

    Mr. Delin,

    I am sorry to read the unit is experiencing some type of solidification issues within the dispensing lines. After several years and thousands of units sold, this is not a very common report with our brand or any other offering these counter top 5L mini-keg units. I arranged for the Edgestar service manager, Anthony, to contact you with a follow up call which you have noted in your blog postings. I have also spoken with Anthony to learn the details of your account.

    Our records indicate the unit was purchased in October of 2011. This would lead me to believe it may have had many mini-kegs run through it since that time. Over time, the lines will definitely begin to experience a build-up of residue which will require periodic cleaning as noted in your posting. At this juncture, it may require a more thorough line cleaning than a simple rinse through the currently connected setup. I am referring to removing the beer lines completely from the unit and soaking them in a cleaning solution for a longer period of time and then rinsing them completely to ensure all beer residue is removed. Again, I am suggesting this due to the age of the unit and the build-up that may occur over time. If you would like, I can arrange for Anthony to send you a new set of beer dispensing lines so you may test the unit with lines we know to be completely free of residue.

    As for Anthony’s offer to have you send the unit in for service, he was referring to the temp related issue you raised during your conversation. The unit only has one month of the parts section of your warranty remaining. Anthony was offering to also cover the labor on your unit to rectify any temp related issues as a courtesy since the labor section of your warranty expired after the initial 90 days. He was asking you to ship the unit back to the service facility in order to take advantage of this out of warranty labor offer. Normally, out of labor charges will run $50 to $75.00 dollars. I would recommend you try testing the temp inside the unit before making a decision on sending it in for service. If you have an old mercury based thermometer I would suggest submerging the temp end of the thermometer inside a glass of water and placing the glass inside the unit overnight with the temp set to its lowest setting to achieve an accurate reading.

    Again, if you would like to receive a new set of beer lines I will arrange for Edgestar to send those out free of charge. If the unit is truly experiencing a temp related issue I would encourage you to accept Edgestar’s offer since they will waive the labor fee for a unit that is no longer covered by the labor portion of the manufacturer’s warranty if you ship the unit to them for service. Please feel free to contact me again with any further questions or concerns.


    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.
    Director of Customer Relations

  28. Mike Delin September 19, 2012 at 5:42 am #


    Thanks for the response.

    You say this is not a common report, but both Anthony and Michael told me that this is normal. Michael told me that I should expect to clean the lines every 1-2 days, and Anthony told me not only should I clean the lines every 1-2 days, but that I should finish a freshly tapped 5L keg in 1-2 days. Who is correct, you or them?

    I spoke to a few friends that have similar products, and they only flush their lines every 2-3 kegs (about once a month) and they have never experienced this issue.

    As far as usage goes, I have only been using the unit since June, when we moved into our new homes. I have run maybe 4 or 5 kegs through it in that time. All have experienced the same issue.

    I did check the temperature as you suggested and it seems to be fine.

    Please send me the replacement beer lines and I will give them a try.

  29. Mike Delin October 12, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    So, Brian Ford and EdgeStar sent me a replacement hose for my mini kegerator. After three days of use, the Heineken solidified in the hose as before. Garbage product. DO NOT BUY!

  30. Ronald J L February 4, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    Yeah, my wine refrigerator stopped cooling after 6 months of normal use. Looks like EdgeStar is a low cost low quality type product. All the “helpful” responses arent going to fix that. Try producing a better product!

  31. Brian Ford February 4, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Ronald J L, sorry to read the cooler is not functioning as designed. Depending on what is creating the issue there may be an easy fix to the problem and if you’ve had the unit less than one year it would still be covered under the parts section of the warranty. Edgestar has recently produced several “how to” videos and published them on their website that will walk you through basic parts replacements. Again, it depends on exactly what is causing the issue but it would be worth exploring if you have not done so already.

    Edgestar service contact: (866) 319-5473, M-F, 8am – 5pm CST. (please have the units serial number with you when you phone them)

    I can also set up a service phone call for you during business hours if you wish. Please send me your order and contact information if you wish to pursue this option.
    My email: bford@livingdirect.com

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  32. Joe H March 6, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    Let me add my bad experience with Edgstar. My wife purchased a mini kegerator for my birthday. Upon opening it, I find it’s missing most of the tubing and parts to make it work.
    I contacted customer service (Michael Taylor) and he responded to forward a list of the parts missing as well as the model and serial number and where it was purchased from.
    I sent the info. Michael contacts me to tell me that the dealer was not an authorized Edgestar dealer ( Like my wife would know this ) and the parts would have to be purchased. Who knows where the electronics store gets his inventory from? I tried to contact the store an they are out of business. When I explained this in a follow up message and asked for any considerations since this is an edgestar product purchased new, I was told curtly. “At this point, you have the part numbers and the pricing. Call to order.

    If Brian Ford happens to read this, I would appreciate your help. We are just consumers and my wife’s thoughtful gift of your product has now become a sad chapter and an embarrasment to us.

  33. Brian Ford March 6, 2013 at 9:39 am #


    Please email me your order information so I may review your account and see if any other options are possible.

    My email: bford@livingdirect.com

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  34. Jerry April 4, 2013 at 2:38 pm #

    Hi, I’m just beginning to pursue a complaint over a defective Edge Star compact air conditioner. Do you know if it is possible to confirm ‘the manufacture date’ of the unit through the serial number? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  35. Gus O. Davis May 10, 2013 at 2:34 am #

    Okay so I read this whole blog from beginning to end and then I ordered the EdgeStar AP 120001S from compactappliance.com. I was nervous of course because of all the negative reviews for compactappliance.com and the products they sell expressed here in this blog site.
    The EdgeStar AP 120001S had all the spec’s I was looking for and the price was lower than other PAC’s with the same spec’s so I ordered it.
    I must admit I was afraid I was going to either not receive it or receive a defective unit because of all the negative reports here in this blog.
    CompactAppliance never sent me any email’s regarding “order shipped” like most online retailers do. You have to check “order status” and the FedEx tracking number is listed there. Click that number or copy it and paste it on the FedEx Tracking website.
    I ordered my portable air conditioner on Friday the 3rd and I received it on Thursday the 9th. This is a very acceptable time frame. FedEx is one of the most responsible carriers on the planet and my appliance was delivered to my door by a capable and adept young man wearing the FedEx uniform.
    I cut the bands and removed the contents carefully.
    Assembly is a no brainer. First, clean the unit by vacuuming the packing dust off it then wipe it down with a very slightly damp and clean face cloth.
    The window venting kit is well made and easy to assemble. Gorilla Tape is perfect for sealing the seams around the edges.
    Before you turn on the unit you want to close all windows and check that all air leaks are sealed as much as reasonably possible.
    I plugged it in, turned it on and set the thermostat at 73 degrees.
    Powerful unit.
    No complaints here.
    Several hours later: no complaints here.
    Several more hours later: no complaints here.
    This unit is not offensively loud, it has a very powerful but soothing sound cycling on and off. You should be consciencious and set the thermostat at the highest temp that can acheive your desired comfort temperature.
    I reset the thermostat to 74 degrees.
    This PAC is purring like a kitten. It is cycling on and off gracefully and powerfully.
    My house is cool and dry thanks to the EdgeStar AP 120001S.
    This is a world class portable air conditioner.
    I’m using it as a semi permanent appliance and it is exceeding all expectations.
    Thumbs up, five stars.

  36. Gus O. Davis May 11, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

    I have had this air conditioner running for two days now. This is a fine appliance for general cooling. It does blow ice cold air at a powerful rate. It creates a negative air pressure state in the room it’s in. Experimenting with open or closed windows, vents and doors will reveal the negative pressure effects. Watching TV at night with this portable air conditioner nearby and running will show it’s local negative pressure. The more airtight your area is the more pressure on the condenser when it kicks on and the noisier it will be. Open a window slightly and the condenser noise will be reduced significantly but now you are cooling the outdoors to some degree. Or better stated, you’re blowing cold air out the window. This is a trade off you must decide on regarding noise. These kind of units are not very efficient anyway so I choose to crack the window open a little, have a quieter compressor and breath some fresh night air. I am in the Pacific Northwest United States where the air is clear. If you are in the southeastern or eastern United States during the summer, the raw humidity will kill you so keep the windows closed to seal the insane humidity out.
    This unit is keeping my living, sleeping area cool and dry.
    I am very happy with compactappliance and this EdgeStar PAC (EdgeStar AP 120001S).

    • Amy June 9, 2013 at 5:26 am #

      Hi Gus,

      We just bought one nad set it up yesterday. Neither very hot nor humid…but it kicked off last night and the water indicator light was on. Have you experienced that? When we drained it, barely a cup of water came out.

      • Gus Oliver Davis June 25, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

        No. The unit I have has never accumulated any water in the overflow pan. I roll it into the bathroom and lift it into the shower then unscrew the cap and pull the rubber plug, never a drop has come out.
        I’ve had this unit going on two months now and it is rock solid dependable. No problems at all with it.
        There are many factors that would cause yours to accumulate water in the pan including correct set up and weather conditions. I’m not an air conditioner tech and could not diagnose your unit online.

  37. Ron S. May 24, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    My complaint is with Living Direct.

    I bought a Dimplex CBQ-120-ele barbeque stand from them 8 days ago.

    I chose them specifically because their website said it would ship in 1-2 days.

    Having not gotten any email from them all week, and the holiday weekend upon me, I logged into the site to check my order status for a tracking number. 8 days later, the status is “preparing to ship”.

    I will never use this company again. I buy almost everything online – easily $10,000 a year, and companies don’t get second chances with me unless they buy their second chance, and I’m not going to give them the opportunity. I could have used Amazon, who gets most of my business, but their shipping estimate was 2-3 weeks. At least they tell the truth.

  38. Batiatus June 10, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    We just received our replacement Koldfront air conditioner after 4 weeks of wrangling with their customer service and this one has the same faulty fan as the first. it will start making a loud knocking noise after running for more than 4 hours. Something is very wrong with these products and this company. I am surprised there is no recall on this item. Are they simply waiting for one to catch fire before some action is taken?!

  39. Brian Ford June 10, 2013 at 3:31 pm #


    I am sorry to read your replacement unit is not functioning as designed. Please make certain to contact Edgestar / Koldfront service directly with this report so they may properly assist you if you have not done so already. (866) 319-5473, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST. I am happy to report that in our decade of manufacturing we have not been subject to a product recall or had a product start any unexpected fires!

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc./ Edgestar Products

  40. antonio bolanos July 8, 2013 at 8:44 pm #

    I would like to share my experience with this company compact appliance on July 2th I brought on line a portable ac ap12000s but i received the ap 12001s that is 75 dollar cheaper on amazon. I called customer service and they say that i made i mistake and i order the ap 12001s and they say the the one i got is better that the one I ordered this is ridiculous.
    I think tha i am not alone on this problem so please if there is more people with the same problem please e-mail me this is mine e-mail sanpablo28@att.net.

  41. Brian Ford July 9, 2013 at 8:58 am #


    I have reviewed your account records and would like to try and clear this confusion up for you. You placed an order for a AP12001S through the CompactAppliance.com on 7/2/13. I am sorry if you believed you were purchasing a different unit but our records clearly show you selected the model that you received. You also received a confirmation email that same day indicating the model number you would be receiving. I have forwarded you a copy of that confirmation email to this same email address. Please note that it clearly indicates the model number you selected when you placed your order.

    As for Amazon, the total price for that unit is in fact $399 as of today. It would appear you are not factoring in the shipping charge that would be applied to your purchase if you were to go through Amazon. Please revisit the Amazon listing to confirm the information I have just provided.

    After careful review, I can find no evidence you were sent an incorrect model. Should you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to email me directly: bford@LivingDirect.com – Thank you.

  42. Jay July 9, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Oh, dear! wished I had searched online before I placed my order with compactappliance.com. I just placed my order last night. I am very nervous now.

  43. Mike July 12, 2013 at 5:31 am #

    I would like to share an experiance as well. I ordered an EdgeStar Energy Star 30 pint Dehumidifier with guaranteed same day shipping. These was 2 days ago. I checked my status online because I still haven’t received a tracking number or anything and I find out it it backordered. I tried calling and emailling their customer service to find out the customer service email they gave me is wrong and the phone number always plays the same recording saying I am calling outside their normal business hours of 9-5 CST or 8-5 whatever it is. I am in EST and have tried calling several times between 3 and 5 and received the same message. This is the worst experiance I have ever had. I would definately not reccommend this company.

  44. Brian Ford July 12, 2013 at 7:52 am #


    Please check your email as I have responded to you personally and believe I have a suitable solution to this back order issue.

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

  45. Annie July 16, 2013 at 7:35 am #

    I recently bought an air conditioning unit from Compact Appliances/Living Direct. After receiving the unit, I realized it does not work for my apartment and need to return it. On the website it states that Living Direct is a company that values “Commitment to do the right thing.”

    After calling customer service to explain the situation I was told I have to pay $130 (15% of the purchase price plus the amount to ship the unit back) to return the unit and that was my only option. I was completely offended by the response from the customer service rep. They were rude and asserted the company would go bankrupt if I was allowed to break the “rules” and return the item. He told me I could buy another item from the website and he could give me a discount on my next purchase. Why would he be able to give me a discount on a new item but not fully refund my purchase?? I was not treated with respect nor did it appear my business was appreciated. I would expect a lot more from a company that is committed to doing the right thing.

    When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he told me “I am all you’re going to talk to here, there’s no other person that will speak to you.” He then said he was tired of discussing solutions and hung up on me! I have never been so outraged as a customer. After contacting Brian Ford, he stated his customer service rep went “above and beyond” and said there was nothing additional he could do for me.

    I am completely shocked and upset with my customer service experience and how I was mistreated. I completely regret my decision to purchase an appliance from this company and would strongly encourage everyone to take their business elsewhere.

  46. Brian Ford July 16, 2013 at 9:44 am #


    You and I have already communicated on this particular issue so this is more of a public response to your posting. As you state in your posting – “After receiving the unit, I realized it does not work for my apartment and need to return it.” This is an important point. The unit is not defective, it simply does not meet your needs. This would be considered a text book “buyer’s remorse” return. As with all of our return polices, the parameters involved with a buyer’s remorse return are clearly listed on our website so all customers may make an informed decision before submitting an order. When a customer changes their mind about a purchase we ask that they cover the shipping related expenses of the return. This includes shipping costs back to our warehouse and a 15% shipping recovery fee to recoup the “free shipping” we gave you initially as we have already paid that cost to the carrier and cannot recoup it. In your case, the recovery fee would amount to $72.00 + whatever shipping cost you negotiate with the local carrier of your choice. Keep in mind, we are referring to a 70 lb. item shipping across multiple states so shipping costs will not be minimal.

    Our service manager, Rudy, offered to waive our $72 shipping recovery should you choose to make a new purchase of equal or greater value. In essence, we will subsidize the loss of the original shipping charge with our carrier with the new purchase so you will only be required to pay the shipping cost back to our warehouse. This offer is not listed within our policies and is indeed “above and beyond.” In addition to finding ways to reduce your return costs, we were hoping to set you up with a new unit that may better fit your individual needs. Unfortunately, you had already purchased another unit from another retailer and were not interested in pursuing this option.

    We do our best to provide our customers with all information necessary on the products we offer so they may make an informed decision before submitting an order. In addition, we have a fully staffed, U.S. based call center available to answer any additional questions (Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm CST) should our websites fail to offer you all the information you require. At the end of the day, we want our customers to receive the correct item for their individual needs and be happy with their purchase. As an online only retailer, with no brick and mortar presence, a shipping carrier will be involved with any transaction that occurs with our customer base which will equate to shipping related expenses. If you have researched a purchase as fully as you can, and are still unsure if it will fully meet your needs, you should take a moment and review the return policies of the retailer you are considering. If you want the option of returning an item with zero shipping related expenses you may be better served purchasing that item locally through a traditional brick and mortar store.

    It is unfortunate that our policies were not in line with Annie’s expectations once she determined the unit would not fit her needs but I wanted to utilize this opportunity of a public response to encourage anyone reading this blog to empower yourself with knowledge before making an online purchase. Take that extra moment to review the retailer’s return policies and consider how they fit with your individual expectations. We include a link at the bottom of each page of our website entitled “Returns” so our customers may easily access that portion of our site. The time to decide if a return policy fits your needs is before you submit your order as a chain of shipping events are set into motion once an order is loaded onto a shipping trailer that will involve expenses to all parties. Again, I am only referring to buyer’s remorse related returns.

    Thank you
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

    • Annie July 30, 2013 at 5:24 pm #

      Hi Brian,
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. The short version of this story is I bought an air conditioner from your company and when I tried it in my apartment it didn’t cool it down. It was the same BTUs as my old unit so whether it’s the product or what you call “buyer’s remorse” it didn’t work for my apartment and I needed to return it.

      Bottom line: it cost me $130 to return this item. I wouldn’t be surprised if after you receive it back in the mail, you try to take more money saying I “used” the item. I will fight this again if I see there is more than 15% not refunded.

      This is why I recommend to everyone, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! There are other competitors out there who will take back your new item in case it doesn’t work for a full refund within 30 or 60 days.

      You will not see my business again and I will hopefully pursue other customers to not support your company either.

  47. Dan July 21, 2013 at 6:43 pm #

    Thanks Brian Ford from LivingDirect for that “we’re doing you a favor” attitude, I’m sure I won’t be shopping at your dinky little site.

  48. Joe July 22, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    I’ve had a portable AC/Heater 1200 btu unit bought from Compact Appliance since ’07; it has and still works great. Compact Appliance’s service was excellent. If the definition of good service requires only the solution that you seek then perhaps you and Compact Appliance/LivingDirect would be better served if you took your marbles to play in another company’s backyard.

  49. Amy July 22, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    I have to say, I purchased an Edgestar portable a/c unit a few months ago…at first was concerned because after the first day, in the evening the unit shut off because the “water”indicator was lit. It was not yet very hot or humid, so we were worried that the unit would not function wel during the hot NYC summer months. But with one temperature adjustment, the unit has been running (and cooling) very well, and we have not yet had to empty water from it again. It is an attractive unfit (much nicer than our old Delonghi) and not too noisy, and cools very well. The price of this unit was extremely competitive, and we are, so far, happy with its performance. In fact, we are probably going to but a second to replace another Delonghi that is on it’s last legs.

  50. Luciano July 30, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    haha. how contrived are the above 2 postings. Especially the one that had a unit bought since 2007 and was so moved to make this comment after 6 years.

    Nice try Edgestar.

  51. Highland Rock August 6, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    I ordered two AC at bargain basement price, free delivery too, from Compact Appliance. But nothing delivered, no tracking number. Nothing. Contacted their very polite service agents several times via emails & phone calls in a span of several weeks but cannot get any answer on the order.

    So I contacted Discover & tried to get my money back. They told Discover that I refused delivery and charged me $192 restocking fee. They even provided Discover shipping detail to prove that I refuse delivery. Beware of this company. They are running scam. They make their $$$$ by restocking fee.

    I wish I know about this site before placing the order.

  52. Brian Ford August 6, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    Highland Rock –

    I am sorry that you feel you were cheated and would gladly look into this matter further but you have not offered me the means to do so. Having said that, it would appear that you have already gone through the charge back process with your credit card company and the discovery process has already taken place so I’m not sure I would have much else to offer you at this juncture. Believe it or not, most of the time a card company will side with their customer unless presented with compelling proof by the retail merchant. It would appear that Discover saw enough evidence to believe that we attempted to deliver to your location in good faith and either you, or someone at your location, refused the delivery back to us.

    Refused deliveries create shipping expenses. In this case, round trip shipping expenses. I am not aware of any online merchant dealing with larger items such as AC units that will not recoup some of that expense when orders are refused back to them. This is not unique to our company.

    We have been successfully in business for over 13+ years now and I urge anyone considering a purchase from our company to check our Better Business Rating as well as our public ratings on BizRate.com. You will quickly see a pattern of a very established and reputable retailer.

    Something happened with your delivery that was out of the ordinary. You have provided me with no way to view your order and respond in a detailed manner. Your claim of our company running a scam and making a profit from shipping recovery fees for refused orders is simply not true and completely unfounded. If you wish to pursue this matter further you may contact me directly: bford@livingdirect.com

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  53. Rick August 13, 2013 at 4:48 am #

    So, this place has great prices on many products. I’m doing a major remodel of my kitchen. I ordered a wine/beer refrigerator, but it was my fault I didn’t pay attention–the one I ordered was not meant to be built in. I went to return it, which they were happy to oblige so long as I paid for the return shipping (another note on returns will follow this paragraph). I said okay, took it to FedEx and discovered it would cost me $165 to mail it back. I only paid $300 for the refrigerator, so I decided just to keep it and put it in my office.

    A NOTE ABOUT RETURNS: I got free shipping from them–which was very nice; however, with the return, they initially said that I had to reimburse them for the original shipping price, too. I couldn’t believe my ears–I didn’t find and can’t find any notice of this policy on their site. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that because they waived that requirement as I bought another fridge that should be built in.

    So, 2nd fridge–very nice one–usually about $1200, I got for $799 with free shipping. It arrived quickly. I put it in the garage and waited till we needed it during the remodel. The company has a 60 day no hassle return policy, so when I opened the box I discovered that the entire back of the fridge and support for the motor has been bent–clearly from the shipper dropping it on the back edge.

    I called the company to ask to return it because of damage, but they told me I couldn’t–the return policy for damage was 48 hours after delivery! They said on the phone that their site made this very clear. When I went looking for it, the site does say it, but there is NO WAY a customer would know to look for that policy about damage, especially since splashed everywhere is their “satisfaction guaranteed.”

    So, I’m stuck with this dented fridge. Fortunately, it works and the damaged part will be with the built in section of the new kitchen, so it won’t look horrible.

    Great products, great prices, great FREE delivery, but numerous caveats. Buyer beware.

  54. Brian Ford August 13, 2013 at 8:33 am #


    Sorry to read that you discovered the shipping damage past our stated reporting window. Sometimes we can find a replacement piece such as a door or front vent that will enable you to replace the damaged portion of the unit. Please contact our service department again if you would like to discuss that possibility. Not all pieces of a unit may be easily replaced but many can.

    We do our best to display our return polices to potential customers so they may make an informed decision before submitting an order. Scroll down to the bottom of almost any page on our websites and you will see a link entitled “Returns.” This link will take you directly to our policies page where each policy is clearly detailed. Believe it or not, we offer some of the most liberal return policies in our particular industry for an e-commerce retailer of larger products. I am the individual responsible for ensuring the polices that we present to our customers are clearly displayed and explained and I encourage anyone with a question to contact me directly.

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  55. StantheMan September 3, 2013 at 11:40 am #

    So my Koldfont wine fridge has stopped cooling after 13 months.

    how do I get a return label and refund?

  56. Brian Ford September 3, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    I would suggest contacting the Edgestar/Koldfront service department directly to discuss your current options: (866) 319-5473, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST. Please have the unit with you when you contact them so they may properly assist you. You may also chat with a live Edgestar tech during those same business hours by selecting the chat option located on the homepage of their website: http://www.Edgestar.com

    As you may already know, you are past the one year parts section of the warranty so you will most likely be discussing replacement part options with them. Thankfully, many of the parts on those units are easily replaced and Edgestar offers instructional videos to help customers who are out of the warranty period and would like to attempt part replacement.

    If you purchased an extended warranty plan with your original order, please contact the company listed on your extended policy as they would now be the correct warranty party to assist you.

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

    • Cindy October 22, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

      Oh thanks for the heads up on Koldfront. Now I know another one to stay away from. It’s the dreaded edgestar in disguise. I was a loyal customer. I manage 19 small households, I buy lots of appliances.
      In my own home I have installed 4 edgestar under counter ice makers in a 6 year period. That’s not good numbers but I have custom cabinets and that size ice maker is not that common so I thought I was stuck.
      Finally found the U-Line. 54 year old manufacturer and they sell it at compact appliance. I bought it. Couple of days later was looking for tracking info because the next day shipping guarantee was printed right on the receipt.
      Customer service was incredibly hateful and all I wanted was shipping info. I wasn’t even complaining and they are just abusive, angry, hateful, spiteful people. I ended up just asking them to cancel the order so they hung up on me. Called U-line and they helped me locate another dealer. I will not bother compact appliance again.

  57. DuneBug September 10, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    Hello- My Edgester portable air conditioner is leaking water and blowing warm air. It’s only 2 weeks old.

    Where is the nearest service center to 08054???

    Help please. This is a disaster.

  58. Brian Ford September 11, 2013 at 7:34 am #

    DuneBug – please read my posting directly above yours as it contains information on how to properly initiate warranty service. (i.e. – our phone number, hours and chat option)

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  59. Gus O Davis September 18, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    I purchased my EdgeStar AP 120001S the 1st week of May and it has performed well all summer. We have a severe storm bringing rain and much cooler temps arriving in a few days, I suspect that is the end of our warm to hot temps till next May or June.
    I will clean the unit, clean the filters, remove the window vent kit and put a plastic bag over it and stow it away till next season.
    I suspect this appliance will last many warm seasons to come.
    Now I am looking for a de humidifier for the winter months that will perform well.

  60. AlexSachs September 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    There’s a burning smell coming from my Edgestar dehumidifer. Anyone experienced the same thing?

  61. Andrew Thomas December 5, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    I wish I would have read this before I purchased a wine refrigerator from Compact Applicance…

    This is a separate issue, but goes to show how terrible these websites are:

    Due to the way LivingDirect and its companion sites processes orders, they double charge you for everything you buy. First, they bill your credit card or debit card with the full amount of the purchase on the day of the purchase. Then, they hit you with a provisional charge for the same amount a couple days later. This provisional charge does not drop off of your credit or debit card for 3-5 days. This effectively ties up twice the amount that their customer spent without any notice that they will be doing so. (Might not be a huge problem for some, but its wrong and could hurt some, especially during the holidays when money is tight for many).

    After I called to inquire about the practice, they said it was perfectly legal – as an attorney, I sincerely doubt that. While the charge will eventually drop off, this company does not have the right to tie up twice the purchase price of a product because of their strange internal accounting practices. What if Wal-Mart or Pottery Barn asked to keep twice the amount of the purchase price for every transaction? Yeah, wouldn’t happen. What’s worse, this company doesn’t even apologize for their terrible customer service practices..

    When I asked for the legal basis for LivingDirect to (a) store my CC information and (b) apply a second charge that I did not authorize, the customer service rep arrogantly replied “yeah, I have no explanation for that.”

    When I asked what would have happened if I only had enough money in my account to cover the ACTUAL purchase I made, the “customer service” rep told me that my account would have been overdrawn.

    When I asked if LivingDirect was ready to reimburse me in the event that happened, the “customer service” rep arrogantly replied, “yeah… we wouldn’t be doing that.”

    This website is a joke. Their so-called customer service reps are useless and arrogant.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a class action lawsuit coming down the pipes over their questionable practices.

    Take your business elsewhere.

  62. Brian Ford December 5, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Mr. Thomas,

    I am sorry if our authorization process surprised you but it is no different than the majority of online retailers currently operating within the United States and certainly not unique to our company. Here is exactly how our process works:

    When you submit an order our system authorizes your credit or debit card for the full amount of the order. Again, this is an authorization and not an actual charge. We do not actually take the funds until an order goes into shipped status. This is called a settlement by the card companies. How long the initial authorization hold remains on a customer’s account varies and is dictated completely by the financial institution that issues the card.

    Here is the opening paragraph from Wikipedia related to credit card authorizations that may help better illustrate the process I am referring to:

    “Authorization hold (also card authorization, preauthorization, or preauth) is the practice within the banking industry of authorizing electronic transactions done with a debit card or credit card and holding this balance as unavailable either until the merchant clears the transaction (also called settlement), or the hold “falls off.” In the case of debit cards, authorization holds can fall off the account (thus rendering the balance available again) anywhere from 1–5 days after the transaction date depending on the bank’s policy; in the case of credit cards, holds may last as long as 30 days, depending on the issuing bank.”

    I have personally been in meetings with agents of Paymentech (who is currently one of the largest card processing companies in the world) and they assured me that our process is very much the industry standard especially for merchants who accept credit card payments online versus point of purchase card swipes.

    As you may recall from your conversation with our service agent, he did offer to fax over to your bank any information they may require to drop the initial authorization ahead of the schedule they dictate. Once we ship an order and settle the charge we have no need for the authorization to remain in place. Unfortunately, banks do not allow merchants the ability to determine when the authorization hold drops off as they control that process.

    Again, I’m sorry if this fairly straightforward and standard process caught you off guard but I would urge you to research a topic in greater detail before choosing to post misinformation on a public forum. We have been successfully in business since 1999 and utilizing this standard authorization process the entire time without any issues. Please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions or concerns.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

    • Andrew Thomas December 5, 2013 at 3:16 pm #


      So, you’re telling me its normal for on-line retailers to tie up double the cost of their customer’s purchase? I don’t buy it and neither does anyone else.

      I appreciate the fact that you respond, but your response is a complete misrepresentation of what constitutes the norm in payment processing. Moreover, because you use Paymentech, which is a Chase entity used by many on-line retailers, it is safe to presume that this is a problem internally with LivingDirect. Also, your tone and sarcastic comment about “the standard and straightforward process” is further evidence of the arrogance that your customer service staff exhibits over the phone. Oh, and citing wikipedia as an authority on anything is laughable.

      I stand by my recommendation that people avoid the hassle of dealing with your website. The fact this article was written and the fact that so many people have had similar circumstances is warning of what they can expect.

      Happy holidays!!!!!


  63. Brian Ford December 5, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Mr. Thomas,

    I am sorry if the information I provided was not sufficient to allay your concerns. The information I provided regarding the authorization process, and detailed in my posting, was given to me directly by multiple Paymentech account managers on more than one occasion. The paragraph from Wikipedia explained exactly what needed to be stated in my posting and saved me a great deal of typing which is why I included it.

    For any potential customers considering a purchase from the Living Direct network, please know that your purchase amount will be authorized in full at the time of purchase. When your order ships out we will then receive the actual funds for the same amount. How long the initial authorization remains on your account is completely dictated by your bank and varies depending on the institution. We do not control the lifespan of the authorization.

    As always, I am available should anyone have questions or concerns about placing an order with our company and would be happy to personally walk any customer through the process if needed.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  64. CamdenHeights January 1, 2014 at 12:23 am #

    Hey Andrew- Just file a complaint with your State’s Attorney. I am in the process of doing so in NJ. I’ve had the same exact nightmare of an experience.

    Don’t bother with reps from the company trying to spin the issue and do damage control. They only appear when they get worried. Their responses are fairly comical.

    There’s enough info out there to realize that no one should be doing business with them.

  65. Kimberly February 11, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

    Beware! If you are from Canada, do not order the Koldfront portable ice maker product. It stopped working after 7 months. I tried to call the 1-866 # for warranty and it doesn’t work in Canada. I emailed them and did get a response that I could send it back at my expense both ways to a repair place in the states and they would replace the parts but not labour. I would need to have an address in the US and have to drive to the US to do this. So now I have a useless piece of expensive plastic on my countertop!

    Do not buy any of their products if you live in Canada!

  66. Kanoa February 15, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

    Well I just purchased a Frigidaire 8,000 BTU window unit and have to admit it is a little unnerving reading all of this! So I will post once it arrives. One thing I did notice though was that they aren’t using fedex, but “Lone Star Overnight Tracking”. It is supposed to be here by Tuesday. So I am hoping it does.

    I do however have another concern though, because I seen another charge from living direct for an additional $29.99 from “LIVING DIRECT CHK CARD PUR AUSTIN TX 075085”. So what is this about? I tried to call but the person who answered said she had no idea , but she took so long to answer my question, that by the time I called back they were already closed. So now I have to wait until monday to call again. As far as a double charge nothing as of yet, but the $29.99 charge to my bank account is a questionable one seeing as that was one of the places listed on the route of the “”Lone Star Overnight Tracking”” company. I will however update as soon as I get my product from them.

  67. Kanoa February 19, 2014 at 3:24 am #

    Ok So I received the Frigidaire 8,000 BTU window Cold/heat unit on Monday. I got everything hooked up and as soon as I turn it on it blows a fuse! So I had to relocate it! Once I did though I had to press the test button a few times to get it too work. Once I did it finally started working. Now when I first opened the shipping box the actual factory box said “Not to be used as a main heating source”, what? Umm I bought this so it could be used as both a heating and cooling for my living room and Kitchen which are 300ft!

    Well after turning it on it was hot that day so we turned on the cold air, now it is cool air coming out, NOT cold! It feels like a really high powered fan. Not refrigerated air, but it will have to do I guess as I am blind and cannot just drive it anywhere. So later on that night it started getting cold outside, so I turned the heat. Well low and behold same problem it is lukewarm! Not hot or cold. So the product is what it is, though I thought it was an actual frigidaire, but my friend said it didn’t look like the way the name was on his.

    Not too happy with this product but I would give it 2 starts because 1 it works as far as turns on and two it does a half ass job. I just hope when this summer comes I am not burning up in here like I did last year!

    For refernce this is the one I bought: http://www.livingdirect.com/Frigidaire-8000-BTU-Heat-Cool-Window-AC-FRA08PZU1/FRA08PZU1,default,pd.html

  68. Brian Ford February 19, 2014 at 9:50 am #


    I am happy to read your purchase arrived safely and as expected. It can be challenging to match up the exact AC unit for your space. One thing to keep in mind related to the square footage ratings utilized by AC manufacturers, they are referring to “enclosed square footage” and are most certainly testing the units in very controlled and insulated test rooms. Real life experience may vary which is why our product experts know the questions to ask callers to help them dial in the best unit possible.

    Another thing to keep in mind about the unit you purchased, the cooling BTU rating is 8,000 and the heating portion is rated at a much lower 3,500 BTU. This may be why Frigidaire chose to include the phrase related to “main heating source.” Basically, the unit will cool much more area than it will be able to heat with those two ratings. It has been my experience that wall/window units that can truly heat the same area that they can cool tend to run on 220V and not a standard 110V outlet.

    If you have the window/wall space and budget, you may want to consider stepping up a bit in power if you are already not pleased with the performance of the current unit. Our product experts are very skilled at assisting customers with this challenge should you wish to call upon their expertise. Please retain all original packaging related to your unit and give us a call if you’d like to discuss this possibility in greater detail. (866) 975-4846 – option 2, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc.

  69. Tom Chandler May 22, 2014 at 3:24 pm #

    I have read through many of the comments below and I would like to quickly add my two cents.

    I am on my second (2nd) Edgestar portable air onditioner. My second because I had a posability, e experience with not only my first unit but also I had absolutely no problems whatsoever with the staff at Compact Appliance (Living Direct).

    From all I can see on these reviews is yes granted some customers had problems with their purchases, but it seems for many it seems that rather than calling the company and asking to speak to someone in management to help solve their problem, many were SO quick to jump in to vent their frustrations through slander that the company had absolutely no chance to rectify the problem, it honestly is pathetic. Not only that but the people that do this themselves are pathetic and their lives and the way that people are treated in THEIR lives is also very sad.

    From what I read, Brian, who was representing the company, responded to each complaint that I read in a very professional manner, wantint to solve the grieviences to the best of his ability, which also included paying the return freight.

    Lastly, I will state two things, first I am not an associate of either of these companies being paid to write a positive review, I am just a satisfied customer, twice I will add again. And secondly, for god sake people wherever or whenever in life you experience a problem, try to sovereign it in a reasonable manner rather than immediately beating the living craps out of an innocent bystander, company or person, without at least giving someone who can actually solve the problem, a legitimate chance. By this I mean if the (hourly customer service agent doesn’t solve your problem demand to speak to someone that will.

    If you have a problem with your food when you are out eating a a restaurant, do you honestly think that if you complain to the dishwasher, that you will get satisfaction?

  70. Tom Chandler May 22, 2014 at 3:29 pm #

    Sorry for the several misspellings on the previous comment….auto correct spelling problem.

  71. Kristina June 9, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    WORST purchase experience I have ever experienced! The AC started making rattling noise within a week. called customer service. they have no technicians to come out to your house and fix the AC. I have to send it to them at MY expanse. The AC is half my size and my weight!!!
    the customer service was rude and not helpful at all! dont even think about dealing with them

  72. Brian Ford June 9, 2014 at 12:53 pm #


    I am sorry to read your Edgestar unit may not be functioning as designed. I spoke to our phone agents and they were able to supply me with your account information so I may review the current course of events related to your warranty claim. Here’s what I found:

    You purchased the AC unit a year ago this month. It included a warranty that offers parts and labor for free the first year and any related shipping costs covered by Edgestar for the first 90 days. Account notes show you contacted Edgestar in August 2013 to report a possible rattle issue. A FedEx label was dispatched to you that same month so the unit could be shipped back to our facility for free on our account. It would appear you chose not to utilize the free shipping label we sent to you last summer.

    I am unsure as to why you chose not to utilize the free return label we dispatched to you last August so our warranty team could properly assist you. Ten months have now passed and we have no way of knowing at this juncture if the unit was utilized this entire time or the rattling noise corrected itself. You are now well outside of the original 90 day shipping portion of the warranty which is why the service agent advised you that you are now responsible for shipping back to our service facility. Once the unit arrives, we will cover any needed parts and labor associated with the repair.

    While I am never pleased to read customer comments describing a negative experience with an Edgestar product, it would not be accurate to state our service department did not honor the terms of our warranty agreement with you.

    Should you wish to move forward with shipping the unit back for service, please contact Edgestar again during business hours as our service team wishes to verify address information with you. (866) 319-5473, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

  73. John Polaski June 18, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    I was 3 minutes late today contacting Michigans Attorney Generals Office concerning the purchase I made of an Edgestar Built-In Beverage Cooler Model#1501SG on December 27, 2013. Your so called customer service reps were totally rude and outrageous insisting that I only had 3 options concerining the repair or replacement of my defective unit. I paid for an appliance that is still under warranty and will definitely not pay any more money out of my pocket for something you are responsible for. What ever happened to the adage that, “The customer is always right”! I will be contacting the afore mentioned Attorney Generals office bright and early tomorrow morning.

  74. B. Ford June 24, 2014 at 1:59 pm #

    Mr. Polaski,

    I was sorry to read your unit may not be cooling as designed. I have reviewed your account notes and see that our service agents advised you to box up the unit and prepare it for pick up so we may bring it back to our repair facility (on our shipping account) for either repairs or replacement. I do not see any indication in the notes that you would be charged for either the transit or repair costs as the unit still covered under warranty. It would appear you no longer have the packaging related to your unit which has created the challenge at hand.

    Please either recreate the needed packaging on your end as instructed during the service call so we may proceed with the pick up and repair or purchase a new replacement unit so we may ship you a brand new model and you may utilize its packaging to repack the first unit and send it back for a full refund. This would probably be the best way to proceed as we will refund you in full for the first unit once it’s received back in the second unit’s packaging. In addition, you will then have a new unit with another 1 year warranty period in place. Many customers who chose not to retain the original packaging for the full term of the warranty find this to be a useful option.

    Should you choose to contact your AG’s office, please advise them that Edgestar is fully prepared to fulfill the terms of our warranty service as stated within your owner’s manual and are simply waiting for you to decide how you wish to proceed with the packaging issue.

    B. Ford
    Living Direct Inc. / Edgestar

  75. triston June 26, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    Mr. Ford,

    I ordered a 30 pint dehumidifier now five days ago. I it was ordered through best buy marketplace order number bby01-655657027544. Have not received a shipping email as promised. Was wondering when somebody was going to get around to putting it in a box and ship it? Or has it been shipped? Some information would be nice. Thanks

  76. B. Ford June 27, 2014 at 11:36 am #


    Please contact our main service department toll free at: (866) 975-4846, M-F, 8am to 5pm CST and they will be able to advise you of your current order status.

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

  77. Daniel July 1, 2014 at 9:47 am #

    The same thing happened to me today. Not only will they not cancel an order and issue a refund to an item I gaurantee has not shipped. They were extremely rude, unhelpful, and mentione they were doing me a favor? I’ve already filed a complaint with the BBB and am now workign on a class action lawsuite against the company. Please message me if you’d like to submit your story’s.

  78. B. Ford July 1, 2014 at 11:10 am #


    What happened with your order? You offer no specifics in your posting. To the best of my knowledge, the last customer issue posted on this blog from June 26 has been fully resolved and the item was received. If you email me your order information I will be glad to check into it and let you know what I find out. If an item has not shipped as promised I will work to have it cancelled or turned around with the shipper. If it has shipped out on time I will provide you with proof.

    I currently have insufficient information to access your account records and you have chosen not to contact me via the multiple times I have provided my direct email address over the last 4 years on this blog. Should you wish to contact me directly for assistance or with any questions here is my email address: bford@livingdirect.com

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

    • Daniel July 1, 2014 at 4:48 pm #

      Hi Brian, Thank you for getting back to me. However, you have never reached out to me multiple times and I shouldn’t have to contact you directly, as I have already spoken to your “HORRIBLE” customer service reps as well as the acting manager. I posted here, not to be responded to by you, but to WARN anyone who may be thinking about doing business with this company to stay away. If you’d truly like to help and resolve the issue, please respond to the BBB complaint that was filed today and refund the full amount of the items on the order to that complaint

      *Note to Readers: The Company said my items where shipped so they could not cancel the order (only charge me a 20% restocking fee after I recieved them and paid to have them sent back. However, the FEDEX Link shows the Items CLEARLY shipped after I resquested the order be cancelled. This is an untrustworthy company when it comes to the customer service reps (period).

      *Note #2 I do not see a “Brian Ford” listed as an employee of this company or a working extension for him; As my wife tried to call him directly today. More games being played by them?

  79. B. Ford July 2, 2014 at 11:58 am #

    Mr. Thomas,

    Through some detective work on this end, I was able to access your account records and review the situation at hand. I am sending you my thoughts and findings via the email address you provided to us at the time of your two orders. My reply is far too lengthy for a blog of this nature. My email will also include my direct contact information.

    To state that our company did not fulfill the two orders you submitted in a timely manner, and then attempt to assist you after they had been given to shipping carrier, would not be accurate. I also encourage you to revisit the policies page on our website as it clearly lists the fees related to the rerouting of an order which speaks to the core of your complaint.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

    • Daniel July 2, 2014 at 12:50 pm #


      I have recieved your reponse and it is incorrect. I spoke with Jay myself who told me that he had an identical match that carried a 115V plug. He lead me to believe that it was an even swap and at NO time did I give him permission to charge my card for a higher priced item at $559. At no time did he mention the price of the item to me. When we received the email minutes after stating we were charged $559 for the product, my wife called right away to have it cancelled; because it was not what we wanted, and again he Jay said the shipment already went out (in less than an hour?) and we would be charged the re-stocking fee.

      All we tried to do was cancel one incorrect item and your customer service found a way to have three items shipped to us and numerous warranties purchased (at one point we received a receipt for 4 different warranties). The FEDEX tracking number clearly shows that you had multiple items turned around that would not be delivered. Yet the only item that was not turned around and set to be delivered to me is the one that your rep charged on my card for a higher price without permission to charge that dollar figure. Also, I can provide you receipts and credit card statements showing we were billed for multiple warranties on AC units that we requested be cancelled.

      I’m not going to waste time on this. The resolution I want is for you to keep you products which we did not take delivery of and for you to refund the charges made to our card. This is not about the money, it is about the principle of doing honest business. We would have been happy to purchase one A/C unit from you.

      However, after dealing with the attitude of your customer service reps and manager who told me that he was “doing me a favor” you’re company has left a very sour taste behind.

      What you should do is take responsibility, admit that your rep messed up, issue a refund, and be the reputable company that you claim to be. If you did that this thread would be non existant. But instead you respond to everyone here and claim it is their fault. It’s insulting.

      I will not respond again to you as I ‘ve filled a complaint with the Better Business and will take it from there in a forum condusive to achieving a resolution. Wishing you and your company a happy 4th of July weekedn.

      • Daniel July 28, 2014 at 9:16 am #

        ***Update*** I was able to reach a resolution with Brian Ford. I was also issued a negotiated refund on our purchase. With that said, I will be closing our complaint with the BBB

  80. Megan July 21, 2014 at 11:44 am #

    Also a horrible experience with Compact Appliance, The customer service is horrible. They do not care one way or the other about you or your satisfaction. Took over a month to receive my order and when I finally received it there was a part missing. SO FRUSTRATING. Wish I would have seen the warning before I purchased!

  81. JaneP August 2, 2014 at 6:10 am #

    We recently purchased an Edgestar under the counter ice maker unit. It hasn’t been making ice as stated in the advertisement . It’s supposed to make 12 pounds of ice a day and we are lucky to get 3 or 4. After reading all these reviews I’m afraid to contact Edgestar and have to deal with rude customer service. Anybody have any advice?

    • Cindy October 22, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

      I went thru 4 in 6 years. They are abusive people and when I ask for parts they say there are none. U-line makes one that size that cost more at compact appliance but I found it much cheaper at a local dealer. 54 year old company that guarantees parts for at least 7 years but I know people with 20 year old U-line ice makers that still work.
      And the U-line makes 24 lbs of ice per day.
      Out of 4 edgestar ice makers the longest one lasted was 24 months.

  82. eddie August 28, 2014 at 10:43 am #

    I just dealt with the hell of Edgestar and wish I had found this site before dealing with them. Within 10 seconds of a warranty service call I was instantly turned away despite having a proof of purchase. The representative who only identified himself as Peter eventually hung up on me when I appealed his judgement. He offered absolutely no service not even parts which are most definitely covered. He laughed at me repeatedly and did not care if he lost his job he simply said “yeah right”. This company needs to be shutdown and the owners arrested for no reason other than doing bad business. They are deceiving customers and the advertisements are FALSE. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS UMBRELLA OF COMPANIES.

  83. B. Ford August 28, 2014 at 11:13 am #


    I spoke with Peter regarding your recent call and he and I reviewed the account records that matched the serial number of the Edgestar model you provided to him earlier today. It would appear you purchased a second hand unit and need to contact the retailer that sold it to you. The unit and serial number currently in your possession was originally sold just over 4 years ago. Regardless if you are the original owner or not, the unit’s warranty expired over three years ago. It would not be accurate to state that Peter did not advise you of this fact multiple times during the call.

    Again, I encourage you to contact the retailer who sold you this second hand product and find out what return options you have with them. If they sold this product as “new” to you they may have done so fraudulently. I would also suggest you consider a charge back with your credit card if in fact they sold you a “new” unit under false pretense.

    I realize this situation is both surprising and frustrating for you but it is not actually related to Edgestar’s warranty service at this juncture.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

  84. Jim September 5, 2014 at 3:33 pm #

    At this time I’m merely posting this as documentation of what happened to me today. I ordered an Edgestar kegerator on the 28th and was told because of the holiday shipping would be a little slower than normal. I did get an email very soon after placing the order showing the products and the charges. That email had the fedex tracking # included and it stated I would receive an email when the product had been shipped. That part did not happen but the link for tracking the shipment did work most times. The unit arrived today while I was at work and left at my front door. Since the information stated it weighed around 80 pounds I decided to get my floor creeper out and lifted the box onto it and wheeled it into the garage. Then I saw the damage on the box. Before I did anything else I started taking photos as I proceeded to peel away the packaging. Funny there was no damage to the unit where I expected it to be? I attempted to open the door and found it was off the door pin hinges? Nothing seemed to be broken or cracked so I tilted it back enough to remove the lower hinge pin plate and could tell it was bent. Easily fixed I reattached the door and hinge and it works fine. Side note the racks inside the unit were all messed up and out of their grooves that they set in, made me think that would take a pretty big blow to knock them out of whack? The instructions said to lay the unit on it’s side to install the swivel wheel casters and thats when I saw that one of the lower corners was damaged. The cabinet was buckled and the plate that the compressor is attached to was also bent. I installed the casters anyway and set the unit upright. The corner was bent bad enough that the unit rocks on the wheels. I had to unscrew one of the casters about 3/8 of an inch to get it kind of level. Looking at the packaging that the unit was setting on showed lots of damage. I don’t know if it happened in transit or was shipped that way. I called customer service and spoke with James. We negotiated a remedy for the damage if I wanted to keep the unit. I said I would as long as the cooling system functions like it should. He said to call them back next Wednesday and let them know how I wanted to proceed. I told him I was concerned with the 48 hour timeline thing and he said since I called before the timeline was up I was ok. He said more than once that there are notes about our conversation in my account info. I am waiting until tomorrow to plug it in and see what happens but the thought of going through the hassle of repackaging and sending it back is not appealing at all. Hopefully it will work great and with some furniture or stuff around it no one will see the damage. I’ll relay the results later. Oh and one of the last things James said to me was that as far as they know I damaged the unit myself. The conversation went pretty well until he said that which makes me realize how he thinks.

  85. B. Ford September 10, 2014 at 5:06 pm #


    Sorry to read the unit arrived with shipping damage. Thank you for reporting it within the requested time frame (first 2 business days) which allowed us to properly assist you with this issue. Appears James offered you a damage allowance credit if you decide to keep the unit after testing it to ensure it functions as designed. Please know that we will pick the unit up and replace it, as explained during your call with James, should you prefer that option over the credit he offered. The choice is yours and we want you to be ultimately satisfied with the outcome. Please do not hesitate to contact our service department again for assistance if needed.

    Thank you,
    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

  86. JaneP September 11, 2014 at 5:08 am #

    We recently purchase the edgestar ice maker. It arrived in very good condition. Plugged it in and ran it on the first day. Sorry to say it produced only about 2-3 pounds of ice within a 25 hour period, far from the 12 pounds stated in the advertisement. Tried shutting off and turning back on for a few days, thinking it would reset, still very little ice cubes. When on you tube to see if there was an adjustment that was not mentioned in the service manual. There was and we tried it. Decided to go on this forum to see what the review said about Living direct. Not very good reviews. Decided was worth a try to contact Living Dirct and address the issue we were having. Figuring we wouldn’t even get a reply from them, we pretty much accepted the fact we were out $279.00. Surprise….next day we got an email and explained our problem. They replaced the unit within two days. Great company that stands behind their products. Would definitely purchase from them again.

  87. Alexis Abel October 3, 2014 at 2:03 pm #

    Hi Brian,
    I just left a message but wanted to reach you here as well. I recently purchased an Edgestar Mini Kegerator with official tap conversion accessory kit for a non-pressurized minkeg TBC50-ACC. The unit worked great with the accessory kit for the first two weeks but we have run into trouble over the past week. It appears that the CO2 tank and/or regulator are malfunctioning. Is this something you can help with? I am disappointed that I called Edgestar within the specified customer service hours but received a message that I was outside the official hours.

  88. B. Ford October 3, 2014 at 4:15 pm #


    Sorry to read the unit developed some type of issue that needs to be addressed. We had a company meeting for the better part of today which may be what you are referring to related to not reaching the service department. The team will be back at 8am CST Monday morning and ready to assist you. Monday mornings also bring the highest call volume so the wait will be the longest of the work week. If that occurs, I suggest chatting in real time with an Edgestar tech by visiting the homepage (Edgestar.com) and selecting the chat link in the middle of the page. That can help eliminate long hold times on Monday.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

  89. Katharina October 3, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me.

    Thanks a lot!

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  90. Ed October 21, 2014 at 7:38 pm #

    This Edgestar Dehumidifier(DEP501EW) was purchased on 12/15/13 from Living Direct Inc. but was not put into service until May 2014. It functioned properly May 2014 to September 2014……..5 months. It was placed in my finished basement where the room temperature was never below 55 degrees. The desired Humidity control was usually set to 50%.
    The first indication of a problem was when the LCD displaying actual room humidity would begin to decrease quickly until it was below 35%. Obviously the dehumidifier would not work when this happened. I would shut down the unit and remove the plug from the outlet for a minimum of 15 minutes. Upon restarting the same scenario would take place. I then tried changing the setting to continuous mode. In this setting the LCD would begin to increase until the actual room humidity would display, but after about a half hour I would get the “EC” error code and only the fan would run and no moisture would be removed from the air.
    I have tried unplugging and re-starting several times with the same results. I e-mailed service@edgestar.com two days ago with a description of the problem and I have not received a response yet. Stay tuned………………………I will update this review whether or not Edgestar responds to my e-mail.

    I did e-mail Living Direct and they responded promptly directing me to contact Edgestar service. When I called Edgestar for service, all technicians were busy. I was directed to either stay on the line, leave a voice mail, or e-mail them. As mentioned above, I sent them an email. I await their response.

  91. Cindy October 22, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    Cindy October 22, 2014 at 7:05 pm #
    Oh thanks for the heads up on Koldfront. Now I know another one to stay away from. It’s the dreaded edgestar in disguise. I was a loyal customer. I manage 19 small households, I buy lots of appliances.
    In my own home I have installed 4 edgestar under counter ice makers in a 6 year period. That’s not good numbers but I have custom cabinets and that size ice maker is not that common so I thought I was stuck.
    Finally found the U-Line. 54 year old manufacturer and they sell it at compact appliance. I bought it. Couple of days later was looking for tracking info because the next day shipping guarantee was printed right on the receipt.
    Customer service was incredibly hateful and all I wanted was shipping info. I wasn’t even complaining and they are just abusive, angry, hateful, spiteful people. I ended up just asking them to cancel the order so they hung up on me. Called U-line and they helped me locate another dealer. I will not bother compact appliance again.


  92. B. Ford October 23, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    I wanted to take a moment to reply to the previous two posters, Ed & Cindy.

    Ed – I believe you were able to reach Edgestar service shortly after this posting and they have properly assisted you with a replacement order under the terms of our warranty. If that is not the case please let me know.

    Cindy – I did receive your direct emails last night and replied earlier today. As requested, your order was fully cancelled and your card was not charged. The pre-authorization of the order will drop off shortly at a pace dictated by your bank. I am sorry we were not able to ship the ice maker to you in the expected time frame as we received incorrect inventory information from our supplier for that particular brand.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

    • Cindy October 23, 2014 at 11:40 am #

      No you are wrong. The reason for my call to your company was at the request of my credit card company. They were on my other line and asked me to call you to confirm the charge should be removed immediately. Both lines were open, the call came at the banks request. They are were looking for YOU to release that charge. Yes it will drop off eventually but, with action on your part it would drop off immediately.
      My account shows a few purchases with you but there are many more. I have 19 small households I keep appliances in. I also keep washer dryer combos in 4 RVs they all came from your company. Not to mention all the ac units, small stoves, etc, etc, etc.
      Your customer service refused to even confirm cancellation.
      Buy the way, U-Line doesn’t even show you as a dealer. The distributer in kansas city knows who you are and your track record is NOT GOOD.
      I wasn’t even looking to drop compact appliance but your people are just that bad.

      • Cindy October 23, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

        And I don’t know why you even offer the U-line on your website. Seems you really only want to see edgestar and its a piece of junk.

    • Ed October 23, 2014 at 11:49 am #

      Hi Brian,

      Thanks for responding. Just to clarify: Because I did not receive a reply to my e-mail after three days, I called again yesterday 10/22/14 and got through! I spoke to a service representative and after describing my experience, he did agree to replace the unit. I forgot to ask him if the replacement unit is new or refurbished. Could you answer that question for me Brian? Thanks.
      The defective unit is being shipped back today. When I receive the replacement, I will update this review.
      To reiterate:
      When the unit was functioning properly, I was very pleased with its performance and quietness of operation. When the unit began to malfunction after five months of usage, I was quite disappointed. I was also disappointed when my e-mail was not responded to, particularly when in the owner’s manual it offers e-mail as an option in reporting a problem. I am pleased that EdgeStar has decided to replace the unit. As mentioned, when the process is complete, I will update my review.
      Kudos to you Brian for being conscientious about reading these reviews and responding in a timely manner.
      To be continued………………………..

    • Cindy October 23, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

      And Brian, please do tell me why I had to find this blog to get anything except the runaround. Calls to your business were futile. They were rude, arrogant, and refused to cancel the order for this product that you don’t even have. I sent emails through your advertised email address and made calls to your advertised phone numbers. Going through this blog is the first positive response I have had.
      Until yesterday, I had no problem buying from you next time I have a house to make ready. After the terrible treatment I got yesterday, you couldn’t make me do any more business with you.

  93. B. Ford October 23, 2014 at 3:52 pm #


    I reached out to you earlier today via phone and left a voice mail along with my direct contact phone number should you wish to speak with me directly. I am sorry we were not able to provide you with the ice maker in the time originally promised. My direct email to you this morning includes details related to the shipping delay. I’m sorry our service department did not meet your expectations or properly explain the reasons for the shipping delay or the options related to having the pending auth. removed with your bank.

    If you will email me the details of what your bank requires to release the original authorization (i.e.- what phone number to call and what numbers they are seeking from us as the merchant) I will work with my accounting department tomorrow to have it removed. The rate at which the pending auth. drops off is completely determined by your financial institution. It is true that a merchant can assist a customer in having that timetable sped up in some situations and I am offering to see if we can achieve that together tomorrow if the auth. is still in place. Our system is not holding the auth in place at this juncture as we would have no need for it with a cancelled order.

    You have my direct contact information should you have any further question or concerns. I am sorry that we have lost you as a customer and wish you success in locating the ice maker from an alternate source.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

  94. B. Ford October 23, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    Ed –

    Yes, the replacement unit will be pulled from new inventory. I apologize for the inconvenience related to the defective item and was glad to see our warranty department was able to get you back on track yesterday.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

    • Ed November 1, 2014 at 11:57 am #

      This is a follow up to my previous post.

      After getting through to Living Direct via phone, they agreed to replace the defective unit. They sent me a return shipping label and the unit was shipped to Living Direct on 10/23/14. I received the replacement unit today 11/1/14. I will update this post as to the functioning of the unit in the near future.

      I would like to thank Brian Ford, who throughout the whole process was most helpful in responding to my e-mails promptly and with concise answers to my questions.
      He is a definite asset to Living Direct.

  95. Cindy October 23, 2014 at 3:57 pm #

    The creator of this blog said it best. This is a company buried in apathy and customer hate.

  96. B. Ford October 24, 2014 at 12:36 pm #

    To future readers of this portion of the blog:

    I am certain the original author, Riyad, is as surprised as I am that this portion of the blog seems to have taken on a life of its own. It has been my pleasure to try and assist Living Direct / Edgestar related posters as best I can over the past 4+ years within this format. Thankfully, our business continues to grow and flourish at a very steady pace and is now demanding more of my time and attention. Moving forward, I will no longer be responding directly to posters within this blog but will remain available for email contact should anyone wish to reach out to me directly. bford@LivingDirect.com (Please allow one full business day for a response) I hope I have been helpful to the majority of posters over these past years and look forward to hearing from any Living Direct / Edgestar customer that wishes to contact me. Living Direct recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary as an online retailer. Please know that our company is extremely appreciative of the customers who have driven our success and we look forward to continuing to try and earn your business on a daily basis as best we can.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar

    • cindy October 24, 2014 at 1:46 pm #

      Im not at all surprised at its growth and Ill bet it just gets bigger. You personally have been the only slightly positive component of Living Direct but thats not saying much. When speaking with you I find the same arrogance and anger that seems to be rampant at your company.

  97. Randy Owen-Pismo Beach, Ca. October 25, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Thank you Mr. Ford, for the care of my order. I get the impression that you only hear from the complainers, but not from the happy customers.
    I made one call to your offices, with a question, that was answered courteously, and quickly. My window air-conditioner was delivered to my home in a reasonable amount of time, and not only was it not damaged, but it works perfectly. I am very pleased with your company, and thank you for your services. Randy Owen

  98. Ronald Gray November 4, 2014 at 12:40 pm #

    I bought an Edgestar DEP501EW dehumidifier in January and it worked fine until June when it kept showing Error Code on the readout. The compressor would get very hot and shut off. I sent the unit back to Edgestar and they sent me a new unit in July. It has been 4 months and the unit now has developed the same symptoms and quit working right. You can shut it off, unplug it and let it cool and reset and then it will come back on briefly until it overheats and shuts off. It is in a brand new fully insulated 180 sq. ft. room with no windows and a concrete floor. The temperature inside the room has varied from 55 to 70 degrees when outside temperature had varied from 20 to 95 degrees. When the unit was working right it never had to work that long to get the humidity level to the desired level set on the unit. I had it set for 55%. Now I am to send a 4 month old unit back to them at my cost and I will be out of service close to a month and when they send me another unit it will only be warrantied until 1 or 2 months later because the warranty started when I bought the first unit. I am guessing that they purchase these units cheap enough that even after replacing a unit they are still turning a profit and then they hope the warranty expires. But seriously there is no reason that a dehumidifier shouldn’t last years. I am not running it continuously or using it in an extreme environment.

    • Ronald Gray November 29, 2014 at 9:56 am #

      This is an update on my Edgestar Dehumidifier. I received my third unit after having two go bad in less than ten months. I had to pay return shipping on the second bad unit they sent me. $53.00. Right out of the box this third unit is having problems. And now I have to deal with them again. And even if they send me a fourth unit it will have approximately one month warranty because its warranty started when I bought the first unit eleven months ago.

  99. C.Tapanes November 15, 2014 at 9:56 pm #

    After months of looking for a wine cooler to fit our built in space, I was just about to buy an Edge Star wine cooler. I would like to thank all those who take the time to share their experiences so that others can make a decision with sound judgement. I will say that the product only appears on a wine cooler website and has 82 reviews which is an unusual amount of reviews for a wine cooler compared with all the other dozens I have looked at from much larger companies who sell to brand named stores. I thought it was odd and continued to research and came across your site. Without posting a negative response because I don’t own the product, I will say it has indeed helped us to make the right choice at this time and continue our search. Thank You to all!

  100. Anna January 6, 2015 at 7:52 am #

    I came to this site after a far less than enjoyable experience with compact appliance. Apparently, the ONLY delivery they offer is curbside, and this is for such large and heavy items like washer and dryer! We have steps leading to our front door, and I never had any problem with other sellers (IKEA and Costco among them) with having heavy items brought up to the porch (NOT to the second floor where we live). At first the rep lied to me saying there was an option for “white glove” delivery, and it would cost me an additional $150 (today I was told they don’t even offer that option and only do curbside). I was told the other option was for me to return it and pay 20% restocking fee (sic!) for the item I not only never opened, but did not even see. Either way, it’s highway robbery at its best. Their customer service is atrocious and rude. I spoke with Michael George among others and was told that I am not making sense and that he is wasting time talking to me. I will never purchase another item from the company again. The unit better work flawlessly, lest I will have to waste my time filing a claim in court for full reimbursement, since there seems to be no other way to deal with them. My suggestion — stay away from Compact Appliance, go with reputable sellers who have great customer service and do their utmost best to understand your situation and find a solution without sucking extra cash out of you for simply doing the right thing.

  101. Catalina D February 15, 2015 at 10:41 am #

    I cant believe this outfit (compactappliance) is still in business. I experienced the same thing a few years ago – same double billing, false promises from that same “Cindy” lady etc. “Your check’s in the mail” – yeah, right. Clearly their strategy is to string you along and run out the clock until its too late for the consumer to file a chargeback with their credit card company. I do think that’s what the double billing is all about – to throw up a cloud of confusion. Luckily I got chargeback paperwork in just in time, and surprise surprise surprise (to quote Gomer Pyle) compactappliance put my refund check in the mail that very same day.

    Since that unpleasant experience, Ive become much more a fan of local retailers….. esp for larger appliance type items, and especially the locally owned businesses as opposed to chains. These folks have learned to become competive in price order to survive, and also they compete by providing better service. Now, you may pay a bit more than the rock bottom, often deceptive prices you may see online. But usually nowhere near top dollar and often their price is right in line with what you might see online. If it is a little more, so what – I find that personal service, looking someone straight in the eye is worth something, IMHO.

  102. Kimberly B April 11, 2015 at 9:09 pm #


    Like many of you, I am in the same boat with regards to returning an item to compactappliance.com. And it’s not quite that same boat that I had the pleasure of serving on during my 20 years in the US Navy. I purchased a wall mounted electric fireplace from their site about a month ago. I was so excited. I have post mastectomy pain syndrome and warmth is always an issue for me. I had hoped to replicate the warmth I get from lighting candles but with a little style and ambiance. Needless to say, I had the same issues with tracking and delivery. The shipping company didn’t call me for delivery, I call them. Finally, it arrived and I put it together and turned it on. Unfortunately, through the process of unpacking and trying to put it together (it did not appear to look like it would have so many parts on the website) much of the packing material was destroyed. My pup didn’t help matters either. But no worries I thought, it’s a beautiful unit and I will just turn it on and enjoy. Not so much. I had it on for a few hours that night and the heat was negligible but I thought I could come up with some work arounds like getting an air vent deflector to direct the air to the living area of my townhouse. Sailors very rarely give up easily. That was until I realized that the unit blew one of my fuses. I just had all of the electric wiring and fuses replaced so I am sure it is not the electricity in my house. So I called the customer service line. All I can say is that if I served the USN with the same service I received, I would have been booted out during my first term. I got the same story about we are sorry the product did not perform the way you expected but there is nothing we can do. You will have to suck it up and get it packed and returned at your own expense and then pay the 15% restocking fee. Well I would love to do just that but I am single woman in a busy city and to be quite honest, I am disabled as well so trying to get the unit packed up and sent seems insurmountable at this time.

    However I wanted you all to know that not all online stores are as shabby as this one. Take you business to one of the following onliners that have without a doubt the BEST service model ever!

    jossandmain.com – i tried to return a bulky lamp that was just poorly made. They credited my account with no questions asked. Just like that $330 returned. They have my business for ever!

    horchow.com – picked up and re-delivered new item to me. no charge at all

    houzz.com – they have many of the same items and a great staff!

    In short, do not accept lousy service from anyone and promote the awesome services of companies that go above and beyond to support people especially people with disabilities.

    I am going to try to get someone to assist with packaging up this nightmare of a fireplace but in the end I know that it will not come out good and I am just going to be ass out of $339. Way to go Compact Appliance. For future reference maybe you should out a disclaimer on you site that disabled veterans should not buy anything from this site unless they are full able to lift the item and get it back with no scratches. Hey I have a better idea. Where are you located? Maybe I should just drive it back to you myself.

    Unhappy, disabled american veteran and breast cancer survivor.

  103. Kimberly B April 12, 2015 at 12:49 pm #


    I am going to try to negotiate with Brian to return my item and get another in exchange. Until I hear back from him, I would like to retract my post above. Unfortunately I am not sure how to delete it.


  104. SKT April 29, 2015 at 12:04 pm #

    I wanted to add one more negative review for Edgestar. We are a medical clinic who purchased a small Edgestar freezer to store vaccines. Our freezer that was barely 2 years old just quit. We lost over a thousand dollars worth of vaccines. When we called Edgestar, no warranty, nothing at all. They were very flippant about our situation. The best we got was “maybe we could do something on a new one” Why would we possibly spend more money with this company?

    Stay as far away as possible!

    • Cindy April 29, 2015 at 2:30 pm #

      24 months is the longest I’ve ever had an edgestar appliance work. Refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, air conditioners. 2 years is all you will ever get. The customer service people are arrogant and abusive no matter what you call them for. Just don’t bother. The products are junk and the people are extremely rude unless of course they are taking your money. The reviews are FAKE. Stay far away from these awful people and the junk they sell.

  105. B. Ford April 29, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    Response to SKT

    First, I am sorry to read you lost vaccines when the unit experienced a defect. Most of our commercial customers, which is the category your office would fall into, utilize some type external alarm system to alert them if and when a defect occurs allowing them time to store the contents in another manner. I would strongly recommend that your next purchase include some type of alert system if you plan on storing contents with that type of dollar value moving forward. At the end of the day, every freezer utilizes some type of compressor system that could possibly fail over time regardless of brand and an alarm system would be in your best interest.

    As for the Edgestar service warranty, it clearly states within your owner’s manual that the unit includes a “90 day labor – 1 year parts” service warranty duration. Your post states that you contacted our service department when the unit was “barely 2 years old.” You are requesting warranty service a full one year past the longest duration of the listed warranty for your unit. While I can certainly understand your frustration, I do not feel it is completely fair to list Edgestar as a company to avoid because we would not automatically double the duration of the listed warranty for you free of charge. I think it would be fair to state the vast majority of product companies operating today will not honor a service warranty that expired over a year ago. If that is the expectation you have, I would strongly suggest your office invest in one of the many extended warranty policies offered in the marketplace today when you make your next purchase.

    For now, should you wish to move over to another brand of freezer (preferably one with an alarm system for vaccines) please drop me an email with your contact information and I will have our corporate sales manager reach out to you and offer you a discount on the brand of your choice.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc./ Edgestar

  106. Dean May 21, 2015 at 7:10 am #

    Livingdirect.com is a TERRIBLE site to order from.

    “Customer service” each time I’ve called has basically been, “Fine, you’re tired of waiting for the product you ordered weeks ago…then cancel.”
    Then excuses about they don’t build the stove, it will get to me when it does.

    Or again, “just cancel.” I rehab houses and this was the first attempt to “simply” numerous orders I normally place in person at Home Depot or Pacific Sales. I thought I’d give Livingdirect.com a chance as “how easy to just order all these appliances online.” WRONG.

    Again, each time I call it’s as if I’m imposing on them.

    Meanwhile, I have clients I have to answer to as to why one of what were going to be many appliances ordered from Livingdirect for a building are not in.

    NO NO NO to Livingdirect.com

    And, even if there is some sort of supply problem from the manufacturer, Livingdirect needs to post that DIRECTLY on the site for each item.

    Terrible company, terrible customer service. NO help. Driving to Home Depot or Pacific Sales may be a pain but at least they get you your appliances!!!!

  107. Susie June 6, 2015 at 11:31 am #

    I live in New England. We do have hot humid days during the summer but by Sept. there is no need for an air conditioner. 8 years ago I purchased a well known brand portable air conditioner. It worked till last summer. Then I purchased an Edgestar AP12001S portable air conditioner last July. I used it for a total of 7 times since last summer was unusually cool. Anyway, I followed the instructions for storage over the winter. Last month I
    had an emergency appendectomy. I was quite ill and was bedridden. I hired someone to come to my house to set the air conditioner up. I am not allowed to lift, push or pull heavy items. Anyway that night when I put it on, it did not cool at all. I called living direct and they told me to call edgestar. They told me I had to send it back at my expense. How am I supposed to pack and send an 80 lb unit back when I just had an appendectomy. I live in a very small rural town. I have no one who works on portable ac units who can help me. If I lived in a warmer climate, I would have detected that I had received a defective air conditioning unit sooner but since I live in a cool climate, this was detected many months later. It broke down after 7 uses, so basically I have a brand new unit in my bedroom that does not work and I am out $369.00. I agree with the multiple comments that Living Direct/Edgestar will not help you when you really need good honest help. They just don’t care.

  108. B. Ford June 8, 2015 at 9:12 am #


    I am sorry to read the unit may not be functioning as designed the way it did last summer for you. Keep in mind, I only have your first name on this post so I do not currently have any way to view your account records and see the entire chain of events.

    I do see the model number you ordered, and can piece together from your comments, that you contacted the Edgestar service center outside of the unit’s stated labor portion of the warranty which is why they offered you the option to ship it back to our facility for service if you could not find a local technician. Obviously, local service would be more convenient for you but you state you believe that is not currently an option in your rural area. I would suggest as you try to find local service that you advise the people you speak with that servicing a portable AC unit is basically the same as a window unit. It is a box with a fan and a compressor (same as a window unit) and should be easier to service since you do not need to uninstall it from your window to begin service. Edgestar service will gladly send the needed replacement parts to the tech of your choice once they have established what is needed if you choose not to mail it back to our facility.

    I am sorry to read that repacking the unit is challenging for you. Edgestar does not currently offer an in-home repacking service nor am I aware of any online only retailers that do including Amazon. Given your current physical condition, I would imagine you must have some type of local support that is already assisting you in other ways that could possibly help you repack the unit in the box for shipment. I am sorry to read that you believe Edgestar does legitimately wish to assist you under the terms of our warranty because of the current repacking challenge as that is not the case. Please know we are here to execute the terms of our warranty as written and I will ensure that occurs if needed.

    Again, I apologize that the unit may be defective in some way at this juncture and we are here to assist you under the terms of the unit’s warranty should you be able to overcome the current repacking challenge.

    Brian Ford
    Living Direct, Inc. / Edgestar

  109. Susie June 8, 2015 at 12:19 pm #

    The only technician that will come to my house lives over an hour away, so he told me that between his travel time cost, labor cost and fee to get rid of the freon, it will cost me between 300.00 and 400.00 dollars. What kind of a company does not stand by their customer after an air conditioner breaks down after 7 uses. What a joke. BTY, I do not have a support system here. I live in a town with less than 900 people. I would have to pay someone to pack the air conditioner up.

  110. Brooke June 30, 2015 at 7:09 pm #

    Your story hits home with me. I had a similar thing happen to me with an edgestar air conditioner a few years ago and no help was offered to me. They should offer you a new air conditioner and certainly not require you to pay shipping costs back on such a heavy unit. Shame on them! Unfortunately this will probably be an expensive lesson for you. Stick to well known reliable brands with good track records. Good luck.

  111. Immah July 10, 2015 at 12:30 pm #

    Dear Brian and all the posters,

    Thank you for the life saving review of CA Appliances. I was tempted to order a dryer washer combo with them when the attitude of the customer rep threw me off. I then got the idea of researching them first while a sears customer rep was researching the product. Definitely your review confirmed my suspicious feelings and I immediately erase Compact Appliances from my head and my mind. I am not a Costco fan, but I am going to conduct a thorough research before making up my mind! Thank you!

    God Bless the Inventor of the Social Networks!!!!

  112. Dale July 21, 2015 at 5:45 pm #

    I have an Edgestar beverage refrigerator. It stopped cooling in year 3. Turns out it is likely the compressor start relay. I sent email to their customer service on Sunday and called on Monday (40 minutes of wait time, so I left the details for a return call, which I was assured would happen within 24 hours). No email, no return call. Fortunately I found the relays on eBay and purchased one. When it worked it was fine.


  113. Wayne July 26, 2015 at 9:07 am #

    I saw the reviews on the Edgestar ap8000w portable cooling unit. A link went to Amazon. I thought I would go to the company page and ask about any local dealers. When I dialed the 800 number, a automated recording came on. They wanted to sell me a cruise, a life alert type system. When I got done listening to all the “specials” they had and I declined, a message came on and said “please hang up now” seriously? ANY company that does this is NOT worthy of your hard earned dollars. I’m headed out to Costco or Home Depot instead. Funny, they had a sale and lost it via their cheesy attempts to sell me other completely non-related products. I am damned glad I took the time to call their 800 number. That alone told me all I needed to know about this company!

  114. B. Ford July 26, 2015 at 5:54 pm #


    I’m not sure what phone number you dialed but Edgestar is NOT in the cruise or life alert business nor does our actual phone system solicit you in any way. To be clear, our phone number is (866) 319-5473. We are available M-F, 8am to 5pm CST. You may also reach us by email at: service@edgestar.com. You may also view all of our products by visiting our website: http://www.Edgestar.com

    Mondays are usually our busiest day and will include the longest wait times of the week.

    Thank you,
    B. Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar Products

  115. B. Ford July 30, 2015 at 12:16 pm #

    I apologize if this is a duplicate post but the blog is not currently displaying my first one from a few days back.

    Wayne – I am unsure what phone number you dialed but it was not related to Edgestar. The toll free support number shown on our website does not include any type of solicitation messages. You mention Amazon in your post. Edgestar products are offered by many different retailers on that site and it would appear you came across one that most likely took you to a different website which then displayed a non-Edgestar related phone number.

    For anyone that needs it, Edgestar’s support phone number = 866 319 5473

    Thank you,
    B. Ford
    Living Direct / Edgestar Products

  116. David s August 4, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    i don’t know after reading the above blog and going through my poor experience with CA Appliance how they are still in business. They certainly do not have their act together. I ordered a undercounter wine cooler. The first one came damaged. I had to wait months to finally get one delivered.

  117. Jeff Miller August 28, 2015 at 12:45 pm #

    Bought an 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner from Compact Appliance through Amazon and it was delivered within 2 days…great! The problem was they failed to enclose a vital part…a connector for the hose to the rear of the AC. I telephoned Compact and was surprised that they took such a cavalier attitude regarding its failure to package the product correctly. They also did not see the urgency of sending the missing connector to me immediately…as in overnight! I spoke with Carrie Sray, Marketplace mgr. and Customer Service mgr. James Reilly, both whom I thought (wrongly) would bend over backwards, since the product couldn’t function without the missing part. They sent a connector and instead of FedExing it overnight to me…I would receive the part maybe by mid week the following week (since this was a Friday). That to me is very poor customer service and unacceptable…since the product was improperly prepared for shipment. I have also filed an A-Z complaint with Amazon and will never do business with Compact Appliance again due to their lack of urgency (AC is prescribed by MD) in resolving the issue!

  118. Larry September 8, 2015 at 12:49 pm #

    I purchased EdgeStar under the counter icemaker number IB120SS just under a year ago. Little under $400 plus $200 for 2 professional electrician to come in and hook it up to specifications. I woke up one morning walked into the kitchen and was immediately hit with the smell as if something was catching on fire, it was the EdgeStar Icemaker. The machine itself was hot the ice that was in there was melted, as I went to unplug it I immediately felt the wire was extremely hot. I called the warranty department after being on hold for almost 4 minutes a message came on said leave your name number serial number and they would get back to me within two days, nothing happened for a week, so I called back and went through the routine again. If anyone actually reads these reports regardless of the hype they sell you on advertisement and warranty, most of all extended warranty. Be careful they promise you the moon as long as they’re taking your money. When it comes time to fix an item they are nowhere to be found, this could have been very dangerous if I had went to work, my house could’ve caught fire.

  119. Brad September 22, 2015 at 12:02 pm #

    I purchased 2- Under counter built-in refrigerators (CBR1501SG) about year and a half ago and both will no longer stay cold. I saw that had a video on the Edge star site that shows you how to replace a relay switch but customer service says they won’t send them and I need to have a professional service man come out because it’s after the one year warranty. I have a full size fridge that is in my garage that has lasted 3 moves, summers heat and winters cold over the last 17 yeard and have never had a problem. Save your money and buy something else….you get what you pay fore….Junk!

  120. Bradley September 26, 2015 at 9:28 pm #

    These responses from this company must be a joke. Right?

    I bought a portable AC about 3 weeks ago. Joke #1: guaranteed same-day shipping. Same day? Same week would have been good enough. Failure. Joke #2: OnTrac delivery. Most unbelievably horrible experience I’ve ever had. Lost and found the unit 3 times. 3 times! Also, they weighed the box at 128 lbs. Unit was listed at 68. So, curiosity led me to weigh it: 82 lbs, all packing present. Finally, when they do finally set out to deliver, they call and tell me they can’t deliver unless someone is home to unload their truck! Any reader can easily imagine my response. Joke #3: The AC unit: arrives, finally. Unpack, look for damage, see none on the outside. Using a flashlight, looked inside, found many areas bent and warped on the condenser in clear view. My assumption has been that they are selling refurbished units as new units or like their customer service, quality assurance simply does not exist. That leads to the biggest joke of all, customer service. I took a moment to think of a good way to say “terrible”, but then I realized that doesn’t make much sense. If something doesn’t exist, it cannot be positive or negative. I strongly urge any prospective customer to dial and/or email their “customer service”. See for yourself. Multiple emails with no response. Dial the number, hold forever, no one will ever answer. My final phone attempt, I watched 3 episodes of The Office before I gave up. And yes, including commercials, was not on my DVR.

    This company and this B. Ford person have to be joking with these pathetic attempts at repairing horrible customer experiences on a bad review’s comment section. Seriously? You wait until it way, way too late and then apologize? You do, of course, realize that you are accomplishing nothing with this. I also noticed the last response on this comment board was July 30. It is Sept. 26. Anyone with minimal dignity would take more pride in cleaning toilets than these people do running this business (I sincerely apologize to the word ‘business’ for using it in vain. May god forgive me). B. Ford, at minimum, spend your time answering emails and phone calls from disasters currently in progress. Don’t bother with things you’ve already embarrassed yourself with. I hope the majority of readers can see through the fact that you’re only responding to bad reviews because you finally realized it was causing you to lose sales.

    In closing, my advice to the reader/customer is to get in your car, spend a minimal increase in cost, and buy at a store. If that can’t be done, buy anything else from anyone else. No matter what happens, I highly doubt it will be worse than buying from this company. In 3 weeks, they have made no attempt, whatsoever, to contact me. However, because it’s over now, I imagine a meaningless apology is possible – if I leave a bad review in the right place.

    Terrible. Awful. Do not buy.

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