TSA “Nude” Body Scanners Fails to Detect Firearms

You know those hugely expensive/controversial XRay body scanners that the TSA is employing at airports around the US that have everyone up in arms? Well NBC News is reporting that they aren’t that effective, with “plant” FBI agents making it through the scanner multiple times with a firearm.

Adding insult to injury, none of the TSA scanners that missed the firearm multiple times were disciplined in any fashion:

The TSA insider who blew the whistle on the test also said that none of the TSA agents who failed to spot the gun on the scanned image were disciplined. The source said the agents continue to work the body scanners today.

I am not saying you need to slap someone with a fish, but maybe they need additional training? Given all the hoops the TSA demands we jump through in the name of safety, you’d think this type of shenanigans wouldn’t occur or would be taken extremely seriously.

Let’s hope this is the end of these things.

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