Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Java 6

Awesome matrix of new features and compelling reasons to start using Java 6:

Countdown Summary Who’s blogging about it ?
Web Services Easy to use APIs for developing web service clients. Rajiv and Bob‘s write first an introduction to web services with NetBeans 5.5 and then building a Java SE 6 client to eBay, included as one of the new samples in Java SE 6. Not forgetting the new lightweight http server API for callbacks.
Scripting Mix scripting and Java in your code. Javascript comes as standard, you can add many more languages. John gets busy with the scripting. Sundar gets him some scripting, says hello, and uses the new scripting features to experiment with AJAX. Mike and Sundar talked at JavaOne on scripting.
Database Updated JDBC 4.0 APIs, and an all-Java JDBC database included in the JDK. Lance, when not playing tennis, blogs frequently on the updated JDBC 4.0, SQLXML, the RowID interface, wrapper interface. David talks about bundling JavaDB, and this week Francois will cover various aspects of JavaDB.
New Desktop APIs Swingworker, JTable sorting and filtering, GroupLayout and more. Chet ain’t no Julie Andrews but he cranks out quite a tune about the new Java SE 6 desktop, Shannon drags and drops with SE 6, Scott doesn’t forget that if you look after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves; and going mega modal with Praveen and the new dialog infrastructure.
Monitoring and Management All the m&m tools now attach on demand. And there’s a new one: jhat. Dr Mandy, our code doctor, is in the house, and takes us through all the M&M improvements, as well as the makeover we gave to JConsole. Alan opens the hood on dynamic attach, more from Sundar. We can’t keep him down. Eamonn recaps on mBeans, and Luis Miguel on another important change to JConsole.
Compiler Access Programmatically control the javac compiler. Peter on why you should upgrade (do you NEED any more reasons ?), and including the compiler APIs.
Pluggable Annotations Define your own annotations and plug in the code to process them. Joe grilled by Artima about pluggable annotations.
Desktop Deployment Swing’s better looking and better accelerated. Revamped runtime and application installation. Chet can’t keep a lid on great Java SE 6 runs on Vista. Stanley sayings a tearful farewell to the old installation GUIs. And get the skinny on making Swing look and feel even better.
Security Integration with services like PKI, Java GSS, Kerberos, and LDAP. Andreas on smoothing a corner or two, how about those new XMLDSIG APIs, and Sean’s ultimate guide to what’s new in security in Java SE 6.
Performance and Quality Double digit improvements in performance, client and server. 100,000+ tests for compatibility alone. Dave ‘mr performance’ Dagastine on performance, more performance, and the new ‘hands-free’ performance. And how do we test for compatibility, Patrick ?

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