The Gentlemen Radio Episode 55: Post E3 Extravaganza featuring Fabling Game Studios



We’re back everyone, as you can see we ran into our friends from Fabling Game Studios creators of Pond Panic and the upcoming release Bad Bunny. Since they had attended E3 we joined forces to provide you with a larger spectrum of what we all encountered and what we thought were some of the highlights of E3 also we talk a bit about their company and briefly about their upcoming title, more on that later. Sadly the first 6-7 minutes of the podcast are unrecoverable due to some audio issues. Patrick did a great job filling in for Jeffrey by singing the theme song, which sadly you’ll never hear. Things kicked off into a discussion about World of Tanks and then we pick up from there. The Fabling Crew is Chris, Marc and Matt.

Instead of recommendations this week we did what we are going to pre-order based on what we say at E3.













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