The Gentlemen Radio Episode 43: The Todd Strikes Back




Todd makes his return, breaking our guest embargo of 2013. What does this mean? We learn that Todd will not help Jeff in his kickstarter to get a tattoo. Jeffrey attempts some controversy and Patrick makes a bold statement about Sex and the City. Charles is doing some hard time.

Things heat up when we move into spoiler territory and Josh is still holding strong in his no trailers of the year kick. Movie trailers may not be all of what they seem but sometimes they give away too much information. The gentlemen put this on the operating table and start cutting and pulling things apart.

Suddenly things get really cagey, Nicolas Cagey.



Next we move onto upcoming videos, Dead Island: Riptide and the rumor Star Wars shooter. The Gentlemen also pitch a videogame for Disney. You’re welcome.















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Charles co-hosts The Gentlemen Radio (podcast on this site) with J. Patrick Ohlde, Jeffrey Stephenson and one other gentlemen. He is a beard and beer enthusiast, enjoys short walks in the mountains and video games. He has a degree in Business Management from the University of Arizona that he is doing absolutely nothing with. He is an actor, voice actor, sometimes animator, rarely a homebrewer and hosts a show on YouTube about beer culture (

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  1. charlz March 22, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    For a second the small preview icon looked like Battletoads and I thought i REALLY missed something about this episode.

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