The Gentlemen Radio Episode 35: Oscar Nom Nom Noms


Solutions and equations gentlemenites, this week we are down a gentlemen but Jeffrey and Patrick more than compensate with a top 20 list where as we were looking for top 10 list of our favorite movies on 2012. Please scroll to the bottom if you would like a look at the lists.

We wish Gentlemen Josh good luck on his black op, in god only knows where in the deep jungles of cyberspace. Also, we briefly run through the Oscar Nominations, who should win, who should have been nominated, etc. Enjoy!





Jeffrey’s list

Popcorn Movies
10 The Raid : Redemption
09 Wreck-It Ralph
08 Rise of the Guardians
07 Skyfall
06 Dark Knight Rises
05 21 Jump Street
04 Jack Reacher
03 The Avengers
02 The Cabin In The Woods
01 Seven Psychopaths

10 The Hobbit : An Unexpected Adventure
09 Moonrise Kingdom
08 Silver Lining’s Playbook
07 Les Miserables
06 End of Watch
05 Zero Dark Thirty
04 Argo
03 Django Unchained
02 Lincoln
01 Life of Pi

Patrick’s list

Top 20:

1.Django Unchained
3.Silver Linings Playbook
4.Life of Pi
5.Les Miserables
6.End of Watch
8.Cabin in the Woods
9.Moonrise Kingdom
10. 21 Jump Street

11.Zero Dark Thirty
12.Perks of Being a Wallflower
13.Dark Knight Rises
15.Safety Not Guarenteed
16. Woman in Black
18.Seven Psychopaths
19.Jack Reacher

Charles’ List

1.The Avengers
2.Seven Psychopaths
3.Django Unchained
4.The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
6.The Cabin in the Woods
9.The Dark Knight Rises
10.Cloud Atlas

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