The Gentlemen Radio Episode 22: Not Quite the Best Episode Ever


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Gentlemen Radio which is bittersweet as we had recorded an awesome episode with special guest Chris Holly but somehow we managed to screw up the audio to the point where it sounded like we were all in a Civil War era Submarine. So with heavy hearts and without Mr Holly as he could only stay for one episode, we pushed on with a show that can’t help but kick ass because we are involved but is still not quite as awesome as the one lost to the Old Ones at the bottom of the unforgiving sea. This is the second of our Halloween themed episodes in which we rank our top 5 favorite horror video games as well as recast classic Universal Monster movies. Before the spooky stuff, the Gentlemen (sans Gentleman Jeff who was battling the evils of a rouge gallbladder) hash out the state of the union in the Die Hard series. So sit back, relax and try not to think of what might of been.



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  1. Todd October 30, 2012 at 2:05 pm #

    Josh –

    The 7th Guest is now apparently an iPhone game.

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