The Gentlemen Radio Episode 21: Never Get in Deep With the Giraffes


Welcome to our first Halloween themed episode of the Gentlemen Radio. All through October we are going to go over spooky and horror themed topics to fit in with the spirit of the season. Speaking of spirits, our first themed installment finds us talking to the incredibly funny and talented Katie Mullaly of Wailing Bansidhe Investigations, a paranormal investigator turned author of Scare-Izona: A Travel Guide to Arizona’s Spookiest Spots, Tucson’s Most Haunted, Finding Ghosts in Phoenix and the upcoming Paranormal Pandemic who shares with us the intricacies of investigating haunted locations. In interest of full disclosure, Gentleman Patrick (or me if you prefer) happens to be Katie’s co-author and fellow member of Wailing Banside. Katie, with her mostly mute for the show husband Mikal, who is awesome when he is talking, breaks down all aspects of the paranormal from gadgets to techniques and everything in between. There is also some loose talk about giraffes and colons. Then the Gentlemen (sans Josh who was home probably turning into a zombie) list their top 5 horror movies of all time. Which is to say that I do and the rest of these degenerates finish their lists while sitting at the table. A fine time to be had by all and and episode not to be missed!




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Jeff (Because he can’t be bothered to stick with a theme):

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A Nostalgic Halloween

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