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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 56: Gentlemen of Steel

Greetings gentlemenites, apologies in advance for another mobile podcast (now with 100% more bar effects included pool!) this week we bring you a movie round up: Man of Steel, This is the End, Much Ado About Nothing, World War Z. Mostly a lot of Man of Steel and bit of information on the others. Shailene Woodley being […]

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Man of Steel Movie Review

With emphasis on the man part before getting into the super part, Man of Steel does for Superman what Batman Begins did for the Dark Knight and does so almost perfectly. Almost. Of all the super heroes out there the one who needs an origin reboot the least is probably Superman. He is an icon […]

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Sucker Punch Movie Review

Sucker Punch is brainless self-indulgent bullshit wrapped in  pseudo intellectual adolescent geek fever dreams made of a patchwork of sci-fi and fantasy nonsense. But the fight scenes are pretty cool. When Baby  Doll’s (Emily Browning) mother dies and leaves her and her little sister everything in the will, her step-father loses his shit a bit […]

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