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Desktop Tower Defense + Unreal Engine + iPad

Trendy Entertainment is set to bring one of the most beautiful renditions of the Tower Defense gameplay mechanic to the iPad soon with Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Like the much-ballyhooed “Infinity Blade” title that just came out for iPad, DD: First Wave uses the Unreal engine and brings with it some stellar looking graphics to the […]

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Transformers 3 Trailer Looks Awesome

I like the Transformers series. 1 was cool, 2 was a nice big-action/big-humor followup that I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Dave Bullock just sent along a heads up that the teaser trailer for #3 (due out July of ’11) has been released and damn, I love the Apollo mission/Dark side of the moon tie-in. […]

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Kane & Lynch 2 is Looking Cool?

1. Looks surprisingly good… check the scene where they are running up the collapsed bridge towards the bus… the sky lighting is almost perfect and makes that scene and the bus/bridge look ultra realistic. 2. The sounds are BEAUTIFUL… check out how solid and powerful the gun fire and body hits sound… me likey! 3. Not quite as […]

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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Screenshots

At first glance I thought these screenshots were grabbed via cam, but upon further glancing at some of the other screenshots they look flat-out grainy, almost like they were grabbed from the Wii: Click to see the full version of that screenshot and look at Kane’s beard, it’s not fuzzy it’s just really detail-less and […]

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Virtua Tennis 2009 – 4 Player Co-op

If you are a fan of tennis (either games or the sport), I imagine you were torn last year between getting Virtua Tennis 3 or Top Spin 3 — I was, and I ended up getting both. Let me sum up the difference for you: Virtua Tennis series is more arcade-style tennis — meaning it’s […]

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God of War III HD Game Trailer

Those are tears you see in my eyes… tears of Olympus-joy… of blood-spilling, pixel-boob-admiring Olympus-joy. The God of War III trailer is out, and is no more of this sneak-peak stuff from before — it’s gameplay-proper: For the HD version, click here.

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Dead Rising 2 Screenshots & Viral Trailer

Well it’s official, Capcom confirmed today that the leaked viral trailer on YouTube that many thought was the trailer for Dead Rising 2 is infact the trailer, more specifically, this: No release date set yet, but it looks like the new plague takes place in Las Vegas, with the story playing out in a casino […]

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