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How to Unlock an AMD Radeon HD 6950 to an 6970 Easily

I purchased an XFX Radeon HD 6950 (2GB) video card a few months ago in preparation for all the triple-a titles that have come out in the last year; while I miss the PhysX support for the occasional game that supports it, I’ve been mostly happy. Shortly after the dual-launch of both the 6950 and […]

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Steam Cannot Connect to Internet for Qwest DSL User: Steam.exe exception and Hung Updating

If you are a Qwest DSL subscriber using one of the Actiontec Q1000 models and in the last few days (around 11/11/11) you noticed that when you run Steam, it just hangs during Updating… and after a minute or so of waiting it pops up with a cryptic “Steam.exe (main exception): .. connect to the Internet“, even […]

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Tomcat Context Attribute ‘antiResourceLocking’ Disables Class Reloads

This is a quick TIP for anyone working with Tomcat during development and needing it to reload changes immediately… especially if you have Tomcat setup to run your webapp directly out of your IDE’s project folder. REMINDER: Remember you have to change your Project Properties to make your [projdir]/[webdir]/WEB-INF/classes directory your output dir for built […]

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(Servlet 3.0) Using @MultipartConfig, but getParts() returns null

Setup You are trying to use the new getParts() method defined in the Servlet 3.0 spec to process your multipart/form-data HTTP-POST uploads without using Commons FileUpload. Your servlet looks something like this: @WebServlet("/image/*") @MultipartConfig(location="D:\\Temp", fileSizeThreshold=10, maxFileSize=10485760) public class ImageServlet extends APIServlet { } And your HTML looks something like this: <form action="image/upload.json?version=1.0" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST"> <input […]

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How to Easily Resize Images in Mac OS X

Just to be clear, I feel super lame typing this tip up because it has had me stumped for a while and I never spent much time trying to figure it out. Ultimately I found myself typing “How to easily resize images on Mac” into Google more times than I am proud of. Well, I […]

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How to See “Closed” GitHub Issues by Label

GitHub’s issue-tracker is solid. It is easy to understand, easy to use and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately while trying to create a handy changelog link for the 1.2 release of imgscalr I noticed that GitHub doesn’t allow you to search Closed issues by label, only Open issues: I spent a while reading through the […]

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Add Google Docs to Windows “New” Popup Menu

How-to Geek has a pretty slick tip on integrating the different kinds of Google Docs files into your native “New” file popup menu in Windows (pictured above) using a handy EXE launcher and a few registry hacks to add the menu entries.

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iPhone Jailbreakers & Unlockers: How to Backup your “SHSH Blobs” with TinyUmbrella

What is an SHSH blob? SHSH blobs or ECID SHSH is a unique identifier from Apple for a device. When you attempt a restore, iTunes authenticates the device to Apples server, and cross references the firmware you are trying to install to the recommended version. If the firmware you are attempting to install is not […]

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Slick JavaScript Color Picker Utility

I find myself on Google searching for “color picker“s a lot more often than I ever thought I would; you really never anticipate how often you want to double-check how a color looks, or what it’s hex code is when you are messing with CSS. Dion Almaer tweeted a link to a great JavaScript color […]

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How to Add Page-Link Tag (Multiple Page Post / nextpage) Support to WordPress

If you have been trying to figure out how to add support for multi-page posts in WordPress that have pagination buttons at the end of each page that look like this: then look no further than this post! The screenshot you see above is actually the exact pagination style we use for long posts that […]

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How to Stop Windows HTPC From Powering off While Media Center Extender is Streaming

Do you have a Windows 7 Media Center HTPC that you are streaming content from to additional Media Center Extender devices (e.g. Xbox 360 somewhere else in the house) and want to find out a way to have the HTPC not turn itself off when you hit the power button if it’s still in-use by […]

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Native MMS Enabled on iPhone 2G Kills Battery Life

We wrote a “How to Enable MMS on your 2G iPhone w/ 3.1.2 Firmware” guide a few weeks ago when reader SEA-LegS popped into the comments that he had been running the Native MMS app after following the guide and his battery life had been cut in half or a third of what it used […]

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How to Center WordPress Captioned Images in a WooThemes Theme

We are very happy WooThemes customers; have been for years. About 2 years ago WordPress added support for “captions” with images inserted into posts, they end up getting a nice grayed border with the caption right under the image; it looks nice. Unfortunately for us, 3 of the WooThemes we went through in the last […]

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Instant Read Dial Thermometer

Cooking Times are Past Their Prime!

When I was younger, I was always fascinated with cooking.  In particular, baking.  Being from South Carolina, originally, I was surrounded by tons of women who just KNEW how to cook, if you follow me.  Hands down, they were Paula Deen before she was even a concept. One of these great cooks was my grandmother.  […]

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How to Enable MMS on 2G iPhone with 3.1.2 Firmware and Native MMS

If you have the original “2G” iPhone (EDGE-only) and have the 3.1.2 firmware installed on it and want to get MMS working, this is the guide for you. Alternatively, if you have the original 2G iPhone and don’t have the iPhone 3.1.2 firmware on it yet, but want to know how to get it on […]

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Windows 7 Window Size/Position Keyboard Shortcuts

I ran across this feature in Windows 7 totally by chance this morning even though we wrote about it a year ago (doh!) and wanted to share. In Windows 7 you can position and resize windows on your desktop in a few very slick ways. The most well-known ones are clicking on the title-bar and dragging the […]

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Odd ReadyNAS NV+ Performance Boost Tip: Disable Jumbo Frames

A real quick tip for folks experiencing abysmal Read/Write performance on their ReadyNAS devices: Try disabling Jumbo Frames. Jumb Frames only benefit you if your client supports it, any switches or routers you are connecting through support it, and the ReadyNAS you are ultimately communicating with support it. If any links in that chain do […]

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MongoDB (Single-Server) Data Durability Guide

If you are a MongoDB user or just interested in NoSQL databases in general, you may have seen the excellent “MongoDB has poor data durability by default!” (I am paraphrasing) conversation started by Mikeal Rogers. It is an excellent topic to bring up and regardless of Mikeal’s association (he’s a CouchDB developer) I never once […]

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@Override Compiler Errors in Play! Framework “Must Override a Superclass Method”

If you are working with the Play! Framework and have run into exceptions that read like “The file <MyFile>.java could not be compiled. Error raised is : The method <MethodName> of type <ClassName> must override a superclass method” then you might be wondering if there is a compiler bug in Play! – worry not, it’s […]

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How to Update iPhone 2G with Firmware 3.1.2, Jailbreak and Carrier Unlock Guide

REMINDER: This guide is for folks with the original “2G” or EDGE-only iPhone (pictured above). If you have an iPhone 3G, try our iOS 4 guide to get updated to the latest iPhone OS! Introduction If you are like me and own an original 2G/EDGE iPhone and feel sad that you can’t install iOS 4 […]

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iPhone 3G iOS 4 Jailbreak and Carrier Unlock Guide

IMPORTANT: Due to changes in iTunes 9.2+ iOS verification model, you have to backup your “SHSH blob” first before continuing. Fortunately we have a dead-easy step-by-step guide for you guys. Once you are done, come back and continue. Welcome to the world’s first iPhone iOS 4 Jailbreak and Carrier unlock guide. Let’s just dig right […]

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How to Make IntelliJ Re-combine Split Lines (Ignore Newline Characters)

If you are an IntelliJ user and were wondering how to have IntelliJ reformat an entire file – including throwing out newline characters that were splitting lines and re-combine them – you are in luck. As it turns out IntelliJ IDEA already supports this feature, unfortunately it is just hidden in an unexpected place (at […]

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IntelliJ IDEA Tip: source release 1.6 requires target release 1.6

If you are an IntelliJ IDEA user and you are using Maven in your project, chances are you may some day run into this incredibly cryptic and confusing message: Error: javac: source release 1.6 requires target release 1.6 Googling it digs up a few approaches to solving the problem as well as some IntelliJ IDEA […]

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Git Tip: git config user.name and user.email for local (not global) config

Git is a source-control tool used by software developers. As I’ve mentioned I’m just learning the ropes of Git and as someone doing that I’m going through a lot of tutorials that have a lot of similar-looking tips. One in particular is the use of: git config –global user.name “Your Name” git config –global user.email […]

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