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Tomcat Context Attribute 'antiResourceLocking' Disables Class Reloads

Tomcat Context Attribute ‘antiResourceLocking’ Disables Class Reloads

This is a quick TIP for anyone working with Tomcat during development and needing it to reload changes immediately… especially if you have Tomcat setup to run your webapp directly out of your IDE’s project folder. REMINDER: Remember you have to change your Project Properties to make your [projdir]/[webdir]/WEB-INF/classes directory your output dir for built […]

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(Servlet 3.0) Using @MultipartConfig, but getParts() returns null

Setup You are trying to use the new getParts() method defined in the Servlet 3.0 spec to process your multipart/form-data HTTP-POST uploads without using Commons FileUpload. Your servlet looks something like this: @WebServlet("/image/*") @MultipartConfig(location="D:\\Temp", fileSizeThreshold=10, maxFileSize=10485760) public class ImageServlet extends APIServlet { } And your HTML looks something like this: <form action="image/upload.json?version=1.0" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST"> <input […]

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How to See "Closed" GitHub Issues by Label

How to See “Closed” GitHub Issues by Label

GitHub’s issue-tracker is solid. It is easy to understand, easy to use and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately while trying to create a handy changelog link for the 1.2 release of imgscalr I noticed that GitHub doesn’t allow you to search Closed issues by label, only Open issues: I spent a while reading through the […]

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Slick JavaScript Color Picker Utility

I find myself on Google searching for “color picker“s a lot more often than I ever thought I would; you really never anticipate how often you want to double-check how a color looks, or what it’s hex code is when you are messing with CSS. Dion Almaer tweeted a link to a great JavaScript color […]

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MongoDB (Single-Server) Data Durability Guide

If you are a MongoDB user or just interested in NoSQL databases in general, you may have seen the excellent “MongoDB has poor data durability by default!” (I am paraphrasing) conversation started by Mikeal Rogers. It is an excellent topic to bring up and regardless of Mikeal’s association (he’s a CouchDB developer) I never once […]

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Optimizing WordPress Page-Load Pauses with PHP-CGI

For the last 6-months I’ve been trying to deal with mysterious “page load pause” issues with WordPress on my Apache/prefork/mod_php setup. Server load was low, hardware was a 4GB 2-core machine, spent 4 months of that time tweaking MaxClients and other Apache prefork settings until I finally gave up. The behavior I was seeing is hitting […]

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