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myTouch 4G (Android 2.2.1) Resends Old SMS

The picture above is of a confusing conversation I had with a buddy tonight after canceling Super Bowl plans earlier in the day. My myTouch 4G randomly decided to resend an SMS at 6:14pm from approximately 1 week prior where I was making plans with this same friend. My issue was easy enough to rectify, […]

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QN: T-Mobile Massively Cuts Download Caps for UK Mobile Users

Across the pond in the UK, T-Mobile is desperate to remind people that their garbage cell network doesn’t like people who use the full features on their smart phones that the company is championing so hard. Right after T-Mobile’s US announcement that they are upgrading the US network to speeds up to 45 Mbps, T-Mobile […]

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QN: T-Mobile to Upgrade HSPA+ Service to 45 Mbps This Year

In an effort to continuing being my favorite mobile provider on the planet, T-Mobile has promised to upgrade all HSPA+ service from the paltry 20-something Mbps service that they rolled out this year to 45 Mbps this year. T-Mobile discussed the upgrade previously but we all assumed it would be a while before we saw […]

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UI Bug with T-Mobile myTouch 4G

I just received my new T-Mobile myTouch 4G in the mail today and fired it up (for those interested, we’ll have a video review shortly). 30 minutes into using it I ran into a UI glitch that makes the device unusable and only disappears when you reset the phone. To reproduce the bug, try the […]

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T-Mobile G2 Pre-orders: Radio Shack, Costco and Best Buy

If you are getting yourself a T-Mobile G2, be aware of the following: Radio Shack is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $150 Best Buy is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $199 Costco will sell it, but the price with a 2-year contract hasn’t been announced yet. In all cases the price […]

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T-Mobile myTouch HD – Dual Core, Android 2.2, Video Chat on “Largest” 4G Network

TMoNews scooped a marketing flyer from T-Mobile extolling the virtues of the upcoming “myTouch HD“, a phone so spec’ed out on paper that we want to either marry it, or be seriously concerned about it’s battery life. Highlights include: HSPA+ (4G) Support “Screen Share” (Possibly referring to mini-HDMI out?) “Driving Mode”, Phone will read out […]

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T-Mobile Announces the G2 – Early Access to Existing Customers

T-Mobile announced early this morning via their Twitter account that the Android-powered T-Mobile G2, with full HSPA+ (4G) support, will be forthcoming and early access available for existing T-Mobile customers. The G2 teaser page is currently down (was up this morning) and simply showed a silhouette of the device that would be called the “G2″ and unfortunately […]

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How to Update iPhone 2G with Firmware 3.1.2, Jailbreak and Carrier Unlock Guide

REMINDER: This guide is for folks with the original “2G” or EDGE-only iPhone (pictured above). If you have an iPhone 3G, try our iOS 4 guide to get updated to the latest iPhone OS! Introduction If you are like me and own an original 2G/EDGE iPhone and feel sad that you can’t install iOS 4 […]

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iPhone 4 3G Will Not Work on T-Mobile

Shortly after the iPad 3G was released a few diligent folks discovered that physically trimming down a T-Mobile SIM card to fit in the Micro-SIM slot of the iPad 3G allowed it to pickup a signal on the T-Mobile network and function. Following this “success” with a few eye-catchingly-worded articles including the keywords “iPhone 4″, […]

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Would Google Buy T-Mobile?

As of late Deutsche Telekom, European parent to the US’s “T-Mobile” cell company, has been feeling out the waters around possibly spinning off it’s stateside arm into a standalone corporation no longer under the operating umbrella of DT. T-Mobile, the US-branch of DT, is the 4th largest cell carrier in the US, lagging far behind […]

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Google's Unsubsidized Nexus One on T-Mobile is NOT $49

George Thiruva, over at Gadgetopolis, has put together one of the most confusing examples of math I’ve ever seen and came to the conclusion that Google’s unlocked, $529, Nexus One is only $49 when coupled with T-Mobile. Here’s a snippet: So, the real cost of an unlimited everything plan is $99.99/mo for subsidized phone buyers. […]

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Nexus One 'Poor T-Mobile 3G Signal' Issue Discovered

Update #1: Google has responded to the long thread with an announcement that an over-the-air (OTA) update to help make the 3G connections more stable in 3G-covered areas will be coming out, but if you are outside of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage area (which is small) there will be no change in experience for you. Release […]

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Slow Nexus One Sales Do Not Matter to Google Right Now

Google’s brand new Android super-phone, the Nexus One, may not be selling as quickly as one would have hoped after the incredibly persistent marketing strategy by Google. Anecdotally-speaking, for 4 days after the phone was released all I saw on almost any site I visited were “Nexus One” ads being hosted up by Google AdSense; so […]

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Unlocked Nexus One + T-Mobile Unlimited Data-ONLY Plan = $$$ Savings

Was reading through the Nexus One support forums and came across a helpful post by a Nexus One owner ‘bdbd‘ giving people tips on how to save from getting T-Mobile’s $80/month plan for 2 years with their $180 Nexus One. ‘bdbd‘ and another user ‘ldentape‘ both recommend this approach which breaks down to: $529 – […]

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Unpredictable 3G Coverage from T-Mobile on Nexus One

Update #5: Slashdot poster jtownatjunk.net made an interesting point in this comment, stating that cell phones are designed to constantly search for and lock into the strongest signal, not the fastest signal. Which was sensible logic up until about 2005 when high speed data networks started getting rolled out en-mass. Would be interesting if that […]

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HTC Hero Review Uncovers Prominent Performance Issues

Engadget Mobile put up their (excellent) review of the HTC Hero recently and I got a lot of information out of that review that I hadn’t gotten anywhere else. More specifically the following highlights: Hardware – The hardware in the HTC Hero was rumored at one point to be improved upon the HTC Magic, that […]

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T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] The T-Mobile Sidekick LX is well-built piece of hardware combined with a customized Windows Mobile interface that some may love (teenagers?) but we don’t see it replacing any mobile warrior’s BlackBerries, iPhones or G1′s anytime soon. Review T-Mobile has released it’s latest iteration of the sidekick, the revamped 2007 version, […]

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T-Mobile Tops JD Power and Associates Customer Service Category

I think it’s important to know about the good a company does as well as the bad. There are a few companies out there that I have enjoyed my time with and T-Mobile is one of them. While I’ve never had a big enough problem to call in the help of their award-winning customer service, […]

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How to Install iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware on Jailbroken and Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone

Update #1: There is now a guide for installing, jailbreak and unlocking the iPhone 3.0 Firmware. NOTE: This is an update to our Firmware 2.1 Guide, which was an update to our Firmware 2.0 Guide. Outline Introduction Who is this Guide For Details You Should Know Getting Started Applying the Firmware Update Unlocking the iPhone […]

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Android Market "MemoryUp Personal" App Possibly Destroying Data

Possible rumors floating around that the MemoryUp Personal Android Market application is destroying personal data as well as installing adware. So far the evidence seems circumstantial, but a connection between installing that app and lost email, spammed email accounts, adware showing up and SD cards being wiped clean are all getting reported. This brings up […]

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Unofficial Multi-Touch Support for T-Mobile G1

Luke Hutchinson recently blogged about the steps required to get a hacked implementation of multi-touch on your T-Mobile G1. The result is some OK mutli-touch, but not yet on par with the likes of the iPhone: The process isn’t for the weak of heart, as it requires reflashing your G1′s firmware with a modified one […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Video Review

As a compliment to our in-depth review of the T-Mobile G1, the Break it Down Blog has also put together an extensive, 4-part video review of the T-Mobile G1 for you as well. The reason we complimented the original review of the G1 with a video review is because buying a cell phone is hard, […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Review

Update #1: We have also put up a 4-part T-Mobile G1 video review for readers as well. Summary [7.5 out of 10] The T-Mobile G1 is an excellent “first-mover” Android-based phone from T-Mobile and is truly a “Google Phone”. If you are already have most of your life on Google through one of their many […]

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Trying to Work Around T-Mobile G1-Specific Data Plans May Backfire

We recently posted how to use the T-Mobile $20/mo EDGE data plan with your G1 (instead of the more expensive $24.99/mo T-Mobile G1 data plan), but it looks like this may not be all roses and flowers. As it turns out, there is another workaround similar to this using the T-Mobile “Total Internet” data plan […]

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