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Sunsceen Performance and Safety Testing Guide

The results were recently published of an independent study done by the EWG. They took over 500 store bought sunscreens and put them to the test. And the results were pretty shocking. The worst offender being “Banana Boat Beach Baby Max” with an advertised SPF rating of 100, but after performing an industry standard test, […]

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VitualBox 2.1.2 Released

You might have noticed that VirtualBox 2.1.2 has been released into the wild. While there is a laundry list of changes, a few performance and stability enhancements for Mac OS X were on the top of want my list. While Parallels and VMWare offer commercial solutions, Sun backed VirtualBox offers many similar features for free. […]

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JaxaFX 1.0 Released – Not a Great First User Experience

Please keep in mind I’m wearing my “Joe average user” hat that this platform is suppose to target as a delivery platform (and simplify developer’s lives in the process). I’ll admit that I’ve always had trouble with the Java plugin and Firefox on my old Windows XP SP2 desktop, Windows XP SP3 laptop and my […]

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Is Java Becoming Irrelevant?

Update #1: To clear up any confusion, this article is focused on the business value of Java – it’s ability to control and generate revenue – not it’s value as a language or a technology. So the word “irrelevant” is applied to it’s business value, not if it’s a good technology or not. Sun Microsystems […]

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Sun, IBM and Microsoft Host Workshop to Combine VM Efforts

Sun recently held a 3-day workshop where technical leads and directors from IBM and Microsoft were invited to join together at the Sun campus to try and work on consolidating Virtual Machine efforts going forward; more specifically focused on developing solutions that would yield Java-like performance for Ruby, Python, PHP, and Scala on the JVM. […]

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RedHat Pushes Up Sun Schedule, Java Fragmentation Begins

If you didn’t see it, RedHat announced earlier this week that their completely Open Source Java implementation (IcedTea) had finally passed the Java Test Compatability Kit (TCK). While most folks rejoiced, I think there were a fair number of us that sighed and thought: Goddamnit, here’s the beginning of the Java fragmentation. Or if that […]

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Sun to Begin Closing up MySQL Source Code

Uh-oh, Spaghettio’s! Looks like Sun is going to start closing up some of the open source portions of MySQL, namely the more advanced functionality and the backup solutions that are currently open sourced. Can you blame them? They paid a goddamn billion for MySQL, it’s not too surprising that they want to create some value-add […]

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Google Trumps Sun's Mobile Java Play

Greg Amerson sent along two very interesting reads (One, Two) about what the Google Android platform means to Sun and the OpenJDK. At first glance Android looks like a harmlessly cool, Java-based mobile platform… so what’s the big deal? At closer glance it appears that Google has invented their own Java VM, the Dalvik VM […]

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Sun Rewrites Java Plugin

Grant Gochnauer sent in this kick-ass news; looks like Sun has completely rewritten the Java Browser Plugin as part of the new Consumer JRE work (now called Update N or something). The changes include: Improved scripting support (java/javascript integration is better) Improved reliability Supports more powerful applets (applets can ask for more memory) Better windows […]

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Sun Interview on Consumer JRE

I know the Consumer JRE has been talked to death , but I’ve been sitting and listening to the interview by ITConversations with Chet Haase and Ben (Galbraith, I didn’t see his last name given but I’m assuming who that was) and thought it was an excellent interview. Besides all the features coming in the […]

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Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) using ZFS

This is very slick news… looks like Sun’s drool-worthy ZFS file-system is going to become the default for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). I know very little about ZFS, but the bits I’ve read about it are impressive to say the least… more like “How does it do that?!”. It’s an extremely slick file system, […]

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