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Halo Reach Leaked Online – Live Stream Available

CVG is reporting that as of this evening Halo Reach, the entire game, has been leaked online about 3 weeks before the official release date; September 14th. Apparently NeoGAF’ers were some of the first to notice the leak when hackers (modders from the GameTuts community) circumvented the press access-wall that Microsoft had setup on Xbox.com for […]

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Happy Have-Sex-With-Your-Ex-Day!

While visiting 1-800-Flowers.com today, I was surprised, as I’m sure you’ll be as well, to discover that it today is Ex-Day. What is Ex-Day? Let’s see what 1-800-Flowers.com says: Inspired by CBS’ new series, THE EX LIST, “Ex Day” on October 16th is the perfect day to reconnect with your “Ex” and who knows…sparks could […]

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MySpace Gangster Thug

The Internet Makes Awesome People

This is why the internet is fucking awesome… cause of the people it gives birth to: What? Not that awesome? Then how about these super-badasses? You really have to appreciate the puckered girl-libs and overtanning… oh and the way-too-open-shirts. For some celebrity awesome, check out some other good ones: Paris Hilton’s Never-Changing Expression Lindsay Lohan’s […]

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Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Poster

Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review

Summary [4 out of 10] Resident Evil: Extinction is a terrible, terrible movie. For fans of the games or even of the 1st or 2nd movie, just turn and walk the other way. Hidden deep in this script are literally 2 good ideas that get 3 mins of screen time, while the remaining 87 mins […]

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It's Stupid Stupid

Florida Supports State-Funded Retardation

Slashdot reports that 12 counties in Florida just passed resolutions against teaching evolution in school… super duper… The best quote, that more or less sums it up was from Lisa Dizengoff, director of science curriculum at Pembroke Pines Charter School’s east campus <she> angrily reminded the crowd that after all the carping over evolution, no one […]

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The World Safe Again… For Now

Sleep easy tonight knowing that a 10-year-old girl from Marion County was arrested last Thursday and taken to Juvenile Assessment Center after she was found cutting her lunch with a knife. WHEW! That was close… too close. When other children were interviewed about the girl, they all said she had never threatened anyone with the […]

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Halo 3 Base Analyzed

Halo 3 Screenshots Analyzed

VE3D posted some screenshots from the new Halo 3 media blitz and I took a look… and had a series of reactions to them. Before you continue, ask yourself: “Did I love Halo 2?”, and the answer should be “No”. Did you think Halo 2 should win any graphics awards? Gameplay awards? Level design awards? […]

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Ultraviolet Movie Review (2/5)

Let’s start at the beginning. I like Milla Jovovich. I’ve always cut her slack in the movies she chooses (Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2) and usually end up liking them OK. For the Resident Evil series, I actually liked the premise of the stories (and bought all the books) so I cut that movie […]

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