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Red Riding Hood Movie Review

Holy fucking shit. Sometimes there are movies so bad that it is honestly hard to know what exactly to write about. Things are so terrible that you don’t know where to start and the poor quality or abject lack of any quality at all can make it difficult to even describe. Red Riding Hood is […]

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Why Do Security Professionals Think Criminals are So Dumb?

I read a story today on Slashdot about an officer working for the Maryland Department of Corrections that was told his Facebook username and password must be provided to his employer so they can read his private messages in order to vet him for his re-certification… for national security reasons. What bothers me the most […]

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Halo Reach (XBox 360) Review

Summary [ If you are a Halo fan: 9.0 out of 10. If you are a fan of Shooters: 6.5 out of 10. If you like Good Games : 5.5 out of 10] Halo Reach is the final Bungie effort in the series that put the Xbox on the map. People were looking to this […]

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Review

As far as the Resident Evil games are concerned, I am a huge fan. Movies? Not so much. I liked the first one despite its flaws and the second half of the second movie was okay. The last one blew. The trailers for Resident Evil: Afterlife looked kind of promising with the addition of Chris […]

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Halo Reach Leaked Online – Live Stream Available

CVG is reporting that as of this evening Halo Reach, the entire game, has been leaked online about 3 weeks before the official release date; September 14th. Apparently NeoGAF’ers were some of the first to notice the leak when hackers (modders from the GameTuts community) circumvented the press access-wall that Microsoft had setup on Xbox.com for […]

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Leo Laporte is Done With Social Media

Leo Laporte recently wrote on his blog about how a technical hickup with Google Buzz not reposting his info to Twitter for a month and no one noticing made him realize that this torrent of “social” apps that we are buried in are a complete waste of time. I should have been posting it here […]

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Foursquare and Gowalla iPhone Apps Sending Passwords in Plaintext

Martin Kou did some Wireshark’ing this morning on the Foursquare iPhone application and found out it is logging you in to Foursquare by sending your password in plaintext over the wire. Foursquare replied and said they are rolling out an HTTPS authentication-based login today which is good news, but seriously, 1 million users later and […]

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A Compelling Message From a Diehard GHOST HUNTERS Fan!

You’ve all read my posts.  I’m not hiding any big secrets about thinking that PERHAPS certain shows pad, recreate, or even weave from whole cloth their “results.”  Understandably, such a forward-thinking, against-the-grain set of opinions are bound to get you locked into many a pissing contest and, judging by the nearly 400 responses on my original […]

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You’re Ugly and Your Drama Dresses You Funny.

Of course, I am talking about PARA drama. For the uninitiated, para drama is a stupid term invented to define an even stupider thing.  That stupid thing being the ridiculously disproportionate amount of infighting, backstabbing, trickery, chicanery, and downright lying that members of a so-called “paranormal community” commit towards each other with more regularity than […]

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Citi Announces "No Balance" Penalty for Card Holders

Thanks to Todd Swarthout for the heads up on this one. In a world where logic is dictated by the guy with the biggest bank account balance, Citi has started notifying card-holders that if they spend less than $2400/year they will be charged a $60 yearly “service fee” in order for Citi to cover it’s “rising […]

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Google Throws Privacy Out the Window by Default with Buzz

Update #1: Today Google rolled out the first of what we hope is many of the Buzz privacy controls that were lacking at launch. The changes include: More visible option to not show followers/people you follow on your public profile Ability to block anyone who starts following you More clarity on which of your followers/people […]

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My Experience with HTC Nexus One Support was Mediocre

Disclaimer: This is a re-telling of my experience with HTC Nexus One support on February 8, 2010 from 9am through 10:30am. I wanted to relay my experience so any potential Nexus One shoppers out there may get an idea of their own experience-to-be if they run into trouble. I bought a Nexus One 2 weeks […]

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Goodwill Hunting

One of the best parts of thrifting, aside from finding fabulously valuable merchandise that you can flip on Ebay, are the small windows that open, allowing a deliciously voyeuristic glimpse into humanity.  Take Cynthia, for example, who probably didn’t even realize that she tucked these important papers into the book she was reading in the […]

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Thus Concludes Another Year…

And I have absolutely nothing to write about.   I have no lists to compile, I have no great sense of accomplishment or closure, I am just going to wake up tomorrow and it will be January, 2010. Why this overwhelming sense of ennui?  I have no idea.  Maybe it’s because of all the drama in […]

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Costco Wants You to See in HD This Holiday Season

I was at Costco today doing some shopping and came across the gem pictured above — what they were missing was a “Stop seeing your life in standard def!” This is what happens when you give marketing people carte-blanche and they decide they are going to rape everyone that is 50 and older with a […]

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More Proof Women Like Assholes or Edward Cullen Is a Douche

Before we get to this I have to issue a disclaimer/warning. The following article will feature spoilers of major plot points in the Twilight Series and will do so with a level of contempt previously unheard of outside of the average review for a Michael Bay film. If you don’t want to have things spoiled […]

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Even South Park Thinks T.A.P.S. is Full of Shit

It’s no mystery that some of the writers here show no love for T.A.P.S. or the Ghost Hunters show — in fact there are quite a few readers who agree, that’s why I got such a big kick out of last-nights South Park episode. In true South Park fashion, they rip into Ghost Hunters as […]

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Inky Stinky.

I love tattoos.  I love everything about getting a tattoo.  I love the anticipation of the tattoo, the tawdry feeling of subversiveness that comes with hanging out in the tattoo parlor, the knowledge that you are going to leave looking a little more badass than when you walked in, and ESPECIALLY the searing sting and deafening […]

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Happy Have-Sex-With-Your-Ex-Day!

While visiting 1-800-Flowers.com today, I was surprised, as I’m sure you’ll be as well, to discover that it today is Ex-Day. What is Ex-Day? Let’s see what 1-800-Flowers.com says: Inspired by CBS’ new series, THE EX LIST, “Ex Day” on October 16th is the perfect day to reconnect with your “Ex” and who knows…sparks could […]

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Let's All Pray for the Stupid People…

Seriously.  Why is there so much of it in the world?  Isn’t there a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of stupidity? I have been looking forward to a specific rummage sale for several weeks now.  I had my strategy in place, my stockpile of cash, I was SET to do a little transacting.  The […]

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Redneck Woman Clarified Why Obama Would be a Bad President

… that title is a bit misleading, let’s try this one: Redneck woman, barely able to speak, tried to explain that Obama is an unsuitable president because of his name… because aye-rabs are cutting soldiers heads off in Iraq. It’s pretty much iron-clad, I get that, what I also appreciate is how these redneck’s accents […]

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Please Write Your State Representa… PSYCHE! Just Kidding

With the country up in arms over the $700bn bailout vote through the house but now getting ready to be voted on in the Senate, a lot of Americans want their voices heard on the issue… and heard immediately! Fortunately for us, visiting House.gov and writing to our representative is as easy as clicking the […]

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Commentary: Stop Bringing Babies to R-Rated Movies

You know who you are… and you can just go straight to hell. The different between a parent that stays home and misses movies, or gets a sitter and goes to one every few months versus the one that drags their infant, stroller and all, into an R-Rated movie on opening weekend is that one […]

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Apple Hands Out Account Login Because Someone Asked

They say that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link… unfortunately for you, if that weakest link is a retarded Customer Service Rep at Apple and he’s reading an email that says: am forget my password of mac,did you give me password on new email marko.[redacted]@yahoo.com And decides “Heck, I should probably […]

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