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NETGEAR ReadyNAS RAIDiator 4.1.5 Released

NETGEAR has made available the 4.1.5 release of the RAIDiator firmware (operating system) that their ReadyNAS line of personal NAS devices run. For those that aren’t familiar with the ReadyNAS line, they originally started as personal servers from a company named Infrant that provided more than just dumb network-attached disk space (like the Drobo), they […]

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Streaming Playback of 720p Media to PS3 Stutters or is Jerky

TIP: This post has garnered a lot of discussion, tips and workarounds. I tried to compile the most successful ones down in Update #3 and #4 below. If you are like me, you probably use your PS3 to stream media from a NAS at home or something; either from the NAS directly or via a […]

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Netflix Releases Set Top Player

It’s official, Netflix has announced the first of 3 stand-alone set top boxes that integrate directly into their Watch it Now service to stream content directly to your TV. The first STB out of the gate is the Roku, and from the word on the street, sounds like a bare-bones $100 player. My guess is […]

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Netflix Streaming to Xbox 360

A while ago Chris Hunkele gave us a heads up on a Windows Media Center plugin that allowed you to watch the Netflix “Watch it Now” or “Instant” streaming movies on your Xbox 360 by streaming the content to it. Hacking Netflix has an update on that vmcNetflix plugin with a movie showing it in […]

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TVersity 1.0 Includes BlackBerry Support

Laurence Hartje sends in some killer (albeit surprising) news that TVersity (everyone’s favorite transcoding/streaming software) version 1.0 will include BlackBerry support! Having used TVersity before to stream content off my PC onto a 360 and PS3 I was really impressed with the software namely because the on-the-fly transcoding which allows you to stream to most […]

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Watching Live TV on iPhone / iPod Touch

Grant Gochnauer sends in a heads up that Orb, makers of some badass media-streaming software from your PC to your mobile devices, has released Orb Live. Orb Live is an installable piece of software for Jailbroken iPhones or iPod Touches that allows you to watch media and Live TV from your Orb-enabled PC. You can […]

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Netflix "Watch it Now" Unlimited Streaming

Chris Hunkele sends in news that it looks like (in response to rumors that Apple will drop a Movie-rental bomb tomorrow at MacWorld) Netflix will be uncapping the already generous limits for it’s “Watch it Now” or “Watch Instantly” or now “Instant” media streaming service. Update #1: It’s official, on the “Watch it Instantly Activity” […]

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CES: XstreamHD Promises the World

I had never heard of XstreamHD before, but saw a quick note on EngadgetHD that the press event is scheduled to start at 11am PST today. It was then that I suddenly became painfully aware of what XstreamHD is promising to deliver… and how crazy it would be if they succeed, give it a glance: […]

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Netflix Set-Top-Box Coming Soon

For the folks out there that went ape-shit when Netflix first launched its “Watch it Now” service (now called “Watch Instantly”), and were getting ready to build their own home-theater-PCs (HTPC) to connect directly to their TV to stream the movies, here is your salvation. EngadgetHD reports that the rumors from a while back about […]

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