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DeviceAnywhere Brings the iPhone(tm) 3G To Life for Mobile Application

For the developers out there, DeviceAnywhere has launched mobile device support in it’s DeviceAnywhere Studio product for the iPhone 3G, full announcement after the jump.

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Tracing JavaScript Engine Coming in Firefox 3 Could Give 20-40x Performance Boost in Some Scenarios

Ars has a piece up about the Tracemonkey JavaScript engine work that we will first see in Firefox 3.1 (currently in nightlies) but is the first part of major JavaScript work known as Tamarin that won’t be seen until Firefox 4.0. Apparently the Mozilla JavaScript engine is getting worked over from the ground up with […]

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RedHat Pushes Up Sun Schedule, Java Fragmentation Begins

If you didn’t see it, RedHat announced earlier this week that their completely Open Source Java implementation (IcedTea) had finally passed the Java Test Compatability Kit (TCK). While most folks rejoiced, I think there were a fair number of us that sighed and thought: Goddamnit, here’s the beginning of the Java fragmentation. Or if that […]

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Visualization of Eclipse Project Source Code Commits

Grant Gochnauer sent in a cool visualization to the source code history, starting in 2001 with the initial code drop, of the Eclipse source code repository (including the extra projects). If you are a coder or just like to see visually how huge collaborative projects grow, check it out: code_swarm – Eclipse (short ver.) from […]

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Which is the Hottest Java Web Framework? Or Maybe Not Java?

I haven’t sat down in a long time and actually tried to determine a trend in the Java web framework arena. The uncountable number of “easy to use” Java web frameworks that are out now adays is too many to even start to pay attention to. Struts 1 came out at a perfect time in […]

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LinkedIn Is Written in 99% Java

This is actually pretty awesome for any of the Java devs out there that are concerned that Java is dying and Ruby/Rails/Flavor-of-the-Month is rising up to replace it… it seems that the huge professional social networking site (no, not MySpace) LinkedIn is actually written in 99% Java except for some in-memory C++ caches that they […]

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Google Offering (Cachable) AJAX Library Hosting

Looks like Google has announced that they will be providing hosting for the following 5 (most popular) AJAX Libraries: jQuery prototype script.aculo.us MooTools dojo in the form of their AJAX Libraries API project, described as: Google works directly with the key stake holders for each library effort and accept the latest stable versions as they […]

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Enabling Comments on Every WordPress Page

Updated August 2010 Ok this might seem trivial to the smarter WordPress folks out there, but I’m dumb… dumb like a sack of rocks and didn’t just figure this out until now. If you’ve been using WordPress for years and always wondered why the ‘Add a Comments’ section only show up on the front page […]

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kallasoft SmugMug Java API – Beta 3 Released

Great news, Beta 3 of the SmugMug Java API has been released. This release includes support for all the API changes made in the last few months including the new security changes SmugMug has made in order to better secure the API calls. Because of this security change you should double-check the announcement and changelog […]

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POV-Ray 512-Byte Code Contest Winners

This is pretty phenomenal. For the people reading this that used to follow the demo scene from the 90s (Future Crew anyone?), I guess there is a contest out there called the “POVRay Short Code Contest“. In the past contestants would submit pictures for the contest and see who could create the most technically compelling […]

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Microsoft Forge Superhero

Microsoft "Forge" Superheros

Chris Hunkele sent over a link from TechCrunch that discusses the new buzz-bunny from Scoble… I’ll call it “Microsoft Forge”… or “Microsoft Superhero”… or something. The rumor is that on February 27th Microsoft is releasing a new technology/platform to the open source community. The teaser page is: http://www.microsoft.com/opensource/heroes/default.mspx What we do know so far is: […]

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Android Cop

Google Android to Get Significant Changes

Jumping out of the gate to a rocky start, Google’s Android was reported as being a “good start” but garnered plenty of complaints from folks that wanted to dive in head first and expected to fine a fully mature product. Most of the complaints centered around the lack of public issue tracking and feedback loop […]

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Apple Released Java 6 Preview 8 for Leopard

JavaLobby has the scoop on Apple finally releasing Preview 8 of Java 6 for Intel-Mac Leopard machines only. Turns out the new preview requires 64-bit machines and the hardware to support it for an “optimized experience”. An interesting point that Geertjan made in his post is: do people really care? Landon Fuller has already created […]

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Software Development with Android API

For the developers out there, Ars takes some time with the Android (gPhone) APIs to develop a quick Twitter application. Ryan points out that while was impressed with his app only requiring 130 lines of code to get off the ground, he found the tools available to make a nice looking UI were severely lacking. […]

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Google Releases Android (gPhone) SDK

Looks like Google has released the Android SDK for mass consumption. What comes in the SDK is mostly expected, but still cool to see: Linux Kernel FreeType OpenGL SQL Lite WebKit (as a web browser, anyone else surprised this wasn’t Firefox 3 platform?) Custom Java Bytecode interpreter that is “highly specialized for the CPU” Common […]

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Sun Rewrites Java Plugin

Grant Gochnauer sent in this kick-ass news; looks like Sun has completely rewritten the Java Browser Plugin as part of the new Consumer JRE work (now called Update N or something). The changes include: Improved scripting support (java/javascript integration is better) Improved reliability Supports more powerful applets (applets can ask for more memory) Better windows […]

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Official iPhone SDK Due 2008

Grant Gochnauer sends in the scoop that an official Apple iPhone SDK could be released in January 2008 at MacWorld. The rumored hold-up was Leopard itself. Those not familiar with why this is important, is that developers have been requesting an open SDK for the iPhone since it’s release, and hackers have been breaking and […]

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Google's "gPhone" an OS Play, not Hardware

A lot of folks, including me, was under the impression that the Google Phone (gPhone) was going to be a complete-solution-play like the iPhone, with custom hardware and software coming out of Google. As NY Times reports (TIP: Install BugMeNot plugin to get around registration) the gPhone is more of an operating system or software […]

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Supported Values for @SuppressWarnings

Update July 2011: This list has been reviewed and made current with the most recent Eclipse 3.7 release. If you are a Java developer and use the new @SuppressWarnings annotation in your code from time-to-time to suppress compiler warnings you, like me, have wondered probably about a million times already just exactly what are the […]

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Nimbus LNF Dark Color Scheme

Java 6 "Consumer JRE" Early Access Available

Our full review of what the “Consumer JRE” is was covered here in more detail, but to recap, the Consumer JRE is a collection of large changes to how the JRE and Java in general is distributed, installed, structured and run on client computers to create a much nicer end-user experience. Things like faster startup, […]

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Nimbus LNF "Almost Done"

I saw this post by Daniel Spiewak that is a great summary of what is going on with Nimbus LNF as well as the fact that the LNF is based on the new “painter” functionality introduced by the SwingX project. For those not in-the-know about Nimbus, it’s the new Look and Feel that will be […]

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Java Kernel Shipping with 6.0 Update 4

A while back we covered the new Consumer JRE coming from Sun to improve Java on the desktop in a myriad of ways (hit the link for summary and screenshots). The original goal was to have beta portions of this ready during the end of this year, but it looks like one of the core […]

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Sun Interview on Consumer JRE

I know the Consumer JRE has been talked to death , but I’ve been sitting and listening to the interview by ITConversations with Chet Haase and Ben (Galbraith, I didn’t see his last name given but I’m assuming who that was) and thought it was an excellent interview. Besides all the features coming in the […]

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Java Logo

Java "Consumer JRE" is Awesome

Wow, I was over on Chet Haase’s blog reading about the Consumer JRE… something that up until now I thought just some marketing idea for a JSR that would be filed and possibly make it into Java in 7.0 or later… it seems not only is that not the case, but it will be rolled […]

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