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myTouch 4G (Android 2.2.1) Resends Old SMS

The picture above is of a confusing conversation I had with a buddy tonight after canceling Super Bowl plans earlier in the day. My myTouch 4G randomly decided to resend an SMS at 6:14pm from approximately 1 week prior where I was making plans with this same friend. My issue was easy enough to rectify, […]

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When Parents Text

Let’s face it, it is Christmas week and if you are still in the office you are probably just browsing the web until Christmas Eve. I am. Anyway, Kris Morton wants you to be happy and sent in a link to a great time-wasting humor site that seems to be the new fad of collecting […]

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How to Enable MMS on 2G iPhone with 3.1.2 Firmware and Native MMS

If you have the original “2G” iPhone (EDGE-only) and have the 3.1.2 firmware installed on it and want to get MMS working, this is the guide for you. Alternatively, if you have the original 2G iPhone and don’t have the iPhone 3.1.2 firmware on it yet, but want to know how to get it on […]

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True Cost of 3G iPhone: $6.66/mo More

Gizmodo put up a 3G iPhone True Cost comparison that I found interesting, especially given the shenanigans surrounding the 3G iPhone upcoming release (pertaining to AT&T’s lockdown). It looks like when you consider the SMS fee and 3G fee, the new 3G iPhone will cost you a total of $160 more dollars in a 2 […]

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SMS Data Costs $732.95 per MB

We covered the “True Cost of SMS” a while ago, but data is surfacing again at the absolutely ridiculous rates that SMS demand. Latest estimations put the “true” cost of SMS messages to be roughly 4x that of the most pessimistic rates estimated to be the cost of transmitting data to/from the Hubble Space telescope. […]

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Cell Phone SMS Spam

The True Cost of SMS Messaging

(Congratulations, that just cost you $0.20) The gthing science blog put together a rather eye-opening analysis of just exactly how much SMS costs you and/or how goddamn rich it’s making the phone companies. Even more offensive than the $8000 per gallon that HP and other vendors charge for black ink, gthing deduces that if you […]

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