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QN: imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of the imgscalr Java image-scaling library has been released. This release makes the library easier to use, accessible from the new The Buzz Media Maven repository and improved the logic used to determine the proportionally-scaled width and height for images depending on their orientation (LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT). For download links, Javadoc, source code […]

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imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library Released

If you have ever wanted to quickly rescale an image in Java you have probably noticed the following confusing things: There seem to be something like 9 different ways to do this: Image.getScaledInstance(), Graphics.drawImage(), Graphics2D.drawImage(…), BufferImageOps, AffineTransforms and don’t forget Java Advanced Imaging API. Which one are you suppose to use? Which one performs the […]

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PickFu – A Great Way to Get Instant Feedback for Simple Questions

Opinions are like… well you know the saying. That is why you’d never think getting opinions on an idea on the internet would be a problem; believe it or not, it actually is. Getting people to throw racial slurs at you or tell you that they hate you is pretty easy, but getting valuable, focused […]

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