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UBS Exec Blows Whistle on Tax-Evading, American Plutocrats and Goes to Prison

Long story short: UBS (Swiss Bank) executive, Bradley Birkenfeld, blew the whistle on 19,000 American million and billionaires to the US Justice Department that were hiding roughly $19 billion in assets from the IRS and was promptly thrown in federal prison. (Full story) Birkenfeld points out that the head of UBS regularly golfs with President […]

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IMDB, What’s Going on With Your Scores?

This post has been brewing in me for 3 years; the first time I noticed a guaranteed-bad movie on release weekend with an above-8.0 score on IMDB and hundreds of votes. I thought to myself at first “No way… how is that possible?” then I thought “Shit… I guess that movie is better than I […]

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Why You Can’t Trust Social News Sites

I’ve written many times before about why I hate Digg, it’s weak content that gets to the front page, and why social news sites in general frustrate me. Last week AlterNet broke a huge story on a fairly large group of ultra right-win conservatives that have formed a group with the exclusive goal of gaming […]

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Why I Hate Social News Sites

NOTE: This is an anti-social-news site venting post. If that will upset you, please click away. I have posted before about why I hate Digg, but to be fair, I hate all social news sites that rely exclusively on users up-voting stories. I recently had my account at reddit banned out of thin air, so […]

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AT&T Announces No More Unlimited Data Plan for iPad

PRNewswire is reporting (more here) that today AT&T (the 3G carrier everyone loves) has announced that the $30/month, iPad unlimited data plan is no more for new customers. Instead the best you can get is a $25/month 2GB data plan. Customers with existing unlimited data plans will be grandfathered in, but new iPad customers coming […]

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Dealing with Facebook Privacy Issues

If you are on Facebook (that was addressed to all 130 million of you) and you aren’t happy with the changes Facebook has been making to the privacy settings in order to best expose your information to advertisers, don’t worry, they are on your side… sort of. I got a kick out of this: (Click […]

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Lost... so Lost...

Lost… so Lost…

Update #2: There is an excellent description of what the show was all about in Update #2 Cont below… NOTE: This post contains Lost spoilers. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, please be aware of that and continue reading at your own risk. NOTE #2: I’m super-cereal guys, this post contains spoilers about […]

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Ubisoft's New Draconian DRM Kills Gaming all Weekend

Previously we’ve written about the new DRM that Ubisoft has developed in-house that requires a 24/7, uninterrupted internet connection (not even for a modem reboot or lost sync) to the master Ubisoft DRM servers. At the time there was a lot of speculation about “What if your modem reboots?” or “What if Ubisoft’s DRM server […]

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Black Box Car Data Belongs to Insurance Co. in "Total Loss" Settlement

This is one of those posts that touches on 1 topic, but is really about another. The data-processing super-computer that is Marc Chung recently sent along an email thread to me that contained a link about how Toyota is stone-walling investigators questioning about the black-box data retrieved from cars involved in recent “unintended acceleration” crashes. […]

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