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Stop Companies from Tracking You with the Disconnect Chrome Extension

Most browsers provide a “Private” or “Anonymous” mode, but as some users have found out even in those modes browsers are still allowing companies to set Cookies that are used to track your location online. Some of the biggest offenders of location-tracking are Facebook, Google, Twitter and other mega-social news sites like Digg who’s socialization […]

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NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 (XAVB2001) Ethernet Adapter Kit Review

NETGEAR’s Powerline AV 200 (XAV2001) adapters turns in strong numbers for a home network when compared to an existing Wireless-N solution; particularly over long, multi-room spans, even with noisy appliances in the way. In this review we measure the performance of the NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 adapters in increasing distances from our base station and compare […]

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Verified by Visa is Useless

I was just shopping on Newegg and decided to purchase some more RAM for my computer. I added the item to my shopping card, hit purchase, entered my Credit Card info and hit Finish. I had forgotten that I had enabled the frustratingly stupid “Verified by Visa” check-out security process in the past… I somehow […]

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Software Algorithm to Recreate Keys from Photo Only

John Hering sent in a link to a story about UC Sand Diego computer programmers that have developed an image-recognition software algorithm that can reproduce a physical key only from a picture of the key. Maybe not the most surprising thing in the face of recently announced 2D-to-3D image generation technology, but leads to an […]

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Vodafone Study Confirms 25% of Security Breaches are due to Mobile Devices

Interesting tid-bit from Vodafone UK this morning, looks like after a long-winded study they found that: 25% of companies experience a security breach due to mobile device (notebook, cell phone) use in unapproved ways. 50% of employees have no idea their companies have mobile device use-policies in place. Sounds to me like the companies are […]

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Android's Unlock Screen is a Level of Security

Google’s Android mobile platform has a pretty interesting approach to the unlock screen that makes it more than just a simple way to avoid hitting buttons in your pocket. Android’s unlock screen actually introduces a new level of security to the device that didn’t previously exist on mobile phones without introducing an annoying new system […]

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US Govt. Thinks Citizens Are a Constant Threat

The Washington Times is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expressed “great interest” in a “safety bracelet” that all air-travelers would be forced to wear if implemented. This information was from a promotional video (Link Dead, they have removed the movie after all the attention it got) over at the Lamperd Less Lethal […]

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Securely Formatting / Erasing an iPhone

With the news getting around that pre-owned iPhones are actually shipping with previous-owner personal information on them, cops recovering data off of iPhones and word that AT&T is ramping up their pre-owned iPhone plan, learning how to correctly wipe your iPhone so all traces of personal information are gone is important. Luckily Securosis put together […]

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