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Toy Story 3 Mini Review

I just got back from Toy Story 3 in 3D and I have a few thoughts on the film that I’d like to share with the readers and get your feedback on this: This was about half as funny as Toy Story 2 – at least I found myself laughing about half as much during […]

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Alpha Protocol Review Summary

If you have been waiting for the next time-sync RPG to come out and thought Alpha Protocol would be it, it looks like “sorta, maybe, not really”. More specifically: Great story Great characters & voice acting Weak shooting mechanics Mild bugs here and there (like AI) that detract So if you can get beyond some […]

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Lost... so Lost...

Lost… so Lost…

Update #2: There is an excellent description of what the show was all about in Update #2 Cont below… NOTE: This post contains Lost spoilers. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, please be aware of that and continue reading at your own risk. NOTE #2: I’m super-cereal guys, this post contains spoilers about […]

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Dante's Inferno: Animated Movie Review

Summary [6.5 out of 10] Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is an excellent adaptation of the story behind the video game of the same name, but in the grand scheme of anime, feels like an average attempt. For a new IP from EA, putting all the money behind the game and the animated movie is […]

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Pelican PS3 Dual Triggers Review

Introduction [10 out of 10] I purchased the PS3 Dual Triggers a month or so ago from Amazon for $5 with the hope that they would fix one of my major complaints with the PS3 controller: The convex buttons get slippery and your fingers slide off them while playing. There are actually 3 things I […]

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BioShock 2 (PC) Review

Summary [8 out of 10] True-to-form I ran through BioShock 1 for the first time in preparation for BioShock 2, and last night I finally wrapped up BioShock 2 (fighting through the keybinding bugs on the PC) and found it to be an excellent continuation of the BioShock story, feeling very much like the first one […]

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Completed BioShock, Thoughts on the Sequel

Update #1: Reviews are trickling in for BioShock 2 and IGN’s in particular specifically address the much better story telling experience and a lot of my gripes mentioned below. Hurrah! I recently got re-interested in the BioShock universe when I decided to read up a bit more about the world of Rapture and the characters […]

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Terminator Salvation (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [5.5 out of 10] Terminator Salvation is a terrible game whose unfinished feel, technical hickups and terribly scripted sequences all punish the player for trying to play it. Terminator Salvation has the feel of a game that only had 8 months of development time in order to make it’s launch along-side the movie. I […]

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Wii MotionPlus + Grand Slam Tennis = Garbage

Ok so I bought into the hype-machine that is everything-Nintendo and plopped down my $19.99 for a Wii MotionPlus when it came out and along with the only other highly rated Wii MotionPlus-enabled game that launched with it: Grand Slam Tennis. Here’s my single sentence description of the experience for everyone that was curious “Was […]

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Thoughts on Windows 7 After 3 Days

Introduction It is no mystery that I’ve been part of the parade yelling “Vista Sucks!” since it’s inception – I’ve even taken the time to review Vista’s shortcomings for everyone willing to read it by only taking a look at changes in one program as an example of the half-assed decisions made throughout the entire […]

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Vizio VP505XVT 50″ Plasma TV – King of Value, PC Mag Editor’s Choice

Some quick background, Vizio broke out onto the scene with the most value-minded (read: cheapest) televisions at Costco and eventually other major retailers, servicing the middle to low end crowd with affordible HDTVs that performed OK. Since then Vizio’s business and ability to execute at delivering increasingly better panels, still targeted to the mid-range, have […]

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Pure (PS3) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Pure is a polished, accessible, technically savvy, beautiful offroad racing game that fans of the genre should pickup without hesitation and folks that enjoy racing should absolutely check out. The Great The graphics are excellent. Very polished and complete, clearly coming out of a high-end study as there were not […]

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T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Video Review

As a compliment to our in-depth review of the T-Mobile G1, the Break it Down Blog has also put together an extensive, 4-part video review of the T-Mobile G1 for you as well. The reason we complimented the original review of the G1 with a video review is because buying a cell phone is hard, […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Review

Update #1: We have also put up a 4-part T-Mobile G1 video review for readers as well. Summary [7.5 out of 10] The T-Mobile G1 is an excellent “first-mover” Android-based phone from T-Mobile and is truly a “Google Phone”. If you are already have most of your life on Google through one of their many […]

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Review (PS3)

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Silent Hill: Homecoming is a perfect fit in the existing Silent Hill lineage. Fans of the series will look past some slightly weak graphics and directly at the surreal dream-like settings the series is so good at like the Silent Hill sound track, well-executed characters and getting a great story […]

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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Review

Laurence Hartje just sent in a mini-review of the BlackBerry Storm on the Vodafone network, here it is in it’s entirety: I’ve been lusting after a Storm, and since it launched in England before the US (and I’m over here at the moment) I thought I’d swing by a Vodaphone store to play with one. […]

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