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SteelSeries Spectrum Preview

As I mentioned in yesterday’s summary, I sat down with the SteelSeries people about their new line of Xbox 360 audio peripherals. SteelSeries is mostly known for PC products designed with professional competitive gamers in mind. When they decided to get into the console market they went to the 360 and they brought the experience […]

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E3 DAY THREE Summary

Okay so this is a little later tonight because I had to fly home and all. Then wash a day’s worth of convention stink off and upload a bunch of pictures. As I mentioned last night, I am going to do the same summary tonight I’ve been doing and then tomorrow and Saturday I am […]

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Karate Kid (2010) Review

I’ve made no secret of my trepidation with the remake going in and having now seen it I can say that at the very least it didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. But it wasn’t great either.For every thing it does right it does something else wrong and the result is a […]

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Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.8 out of 10] A spiritual sequel to Red Dead Revolver (Xbox/PS2), Red Dead Redemption tells the story of John Marston, a former outlaw who has settled down with a wife, a son and a ranch in an effort to change his violent ways. Unfortunately for Marston and his dreams of leaving it all […]

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Get Him to the Greek Movie Review

I don’t really like writing reviews of comedies if only because in a subjective medium comedies are double or triple subjective. Everyone likes something different and some people make some distinction between laughing at a comedy and truly finding it funny. An ex of mine went with me to see Zoolander and I thought she […]

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Alpha Protocol Review Summary

If you have been waiting for the next time-sync RPG to come out and thought Alpha Protocol would be it, it looks like “sorta, maybe, not really”. More specifically: Great story Great characters & voice acting Weak shooting mechanics Mild bugs here and there (like AI) that detract So if you can get beyond some […]

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It’s a Dead Man’s Party!

Who could ask for more? I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.  It is also a fair and arguable point that my interest in human beings primarily relates to the intricacies that make up the sum total of the person and how one’s consciousness might survive physical death.  Ghosts, remember?  […]

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Lost… so Lost…

Update #2: There is an excellent description of what the show was all about in Update #2 Cont below… NOTE: This post contains Lost spoilers. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, please be aware of that and continue reading at your own risk. NOTE #2: I’m super-cereal guys, this post contains spoilers about […]

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MacGruber Movie Review

You aren’t supposed to think movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches are funny. Particularly not when that sketch is 90 seconds worth of an inept MacGyver parody who gets distracted while disarming a bomb and blows up. This was made even clearer to me when I posted to my Facebook that I was going […]

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Super Street Fighter IV (XBOX 360) Review

Summary [9.8 out of 10] A year after the initial release of Street Fighter IV Capcom offers up a new edition with 10 new fighters, new online modes, extra Ultra Combos and some tweaks and balancing. If you are serious enough about Street Fighter to want the new hotness or you never bought last year’s […]

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Iron Man 2 Movie Review

Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: The defense rests: 9 out of 10 Okay so even if Scarlett Johansson weren’t in this and weren’t just as hot as the day is long, Iron Man 2 kicks ass. It throws a lot at the audience but the majority hits the target. You couple that with terrific […]

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Review

When I was a kid just seeing the posters and cover boxes for the first two Nightmare on Elm Street movies was enough to scare the absolute crap out of me. My cousin rented both of them one Easter weekend and my mom let me watch them in the very misguided hope that if I […]

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Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [7.5 out of 10] Continuing the Grey Wardens’ struggle against the Darkspawn comes  Awakening, the first full expansion for last year’s Dragon Age: Origins. In Awakening you can choose to import your previous character or start up a new generic Grey Warden tasked with rebuilding the order by rehabilitating  Vigil’s Keep near the city […]

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Clash of the Titans Movie Review

I am a huge fan of the original Clash of the Titans and I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology. I may be a huge fan of Greek Mythology because of the original Clash of the Titans. When I saw this new one was going to come out I was excited because if ever […]

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Just Dance (Wii) Review

Introduction [10 out of 10] Now, I feel it incumbent upon me to emphasize straight outta the gate that I would never even attempt *pauses briefly to watch commercial for Glee!* to label myself as a “gamer” or even a person that knows anything about what the general gaming community consensus constitutes as a good […]

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God of War III (PS3) Review

Summary [9.8 out of 10] Picking up right where part 2 left off, God of War 3 brings the trilogy to a close in the best way possible. Carving his way through what is left of Greek mythology has never been this good. God of War 3 is epic from start to finish and never […]

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Vizio VF551XVT HDTV Mini-Review

Introduction Below are my thoughts, opinions and observations of 3 solid days with the Vizio VF551XVT 55″ LED-LCD HDTV purchased from Costco.

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Dante's Inferno: Animated Movie Review

Summary [6.5 out of 10] Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is an excellent adaptation of the story behind the video game of the same name, but in the grand scheme of anime, feels like an average attempt. For a new IP from EA, putting all the money behind the game and the animated movie is […]

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Pelican PS3 Dual Triggers Review

Introduction [10 out of 10] I purchased the PS3 Dual Triggers a month or so ago from Amazon for $5 with the hope that they would fix one of my major complaints with the PS3 controller: The convex buttons get slippery and your fingers slide off them while playing. There are actually 3 things I […]

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BioShock 2 (PC) Review

Summary [8 out of 10] True-to-form I ran through BioShock 1 for the first time in preparation for BioShock 2, and last night I finally wrapped up BioShock 2 (fighting through the keybinding bugs on the PC) and found it to be an excellent continuation of the BioShock story, feeling very much like the first one […]

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Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.9 out of 10] Delivering yet another stunning RPG experience, Bioware is back with Mass Effect 2. Players once again assume the role of Commander Shepard to save the universe from another massive threat. This time, humans are disappearing from settlements all over the Terminus system thanks to a new galactic menace colloquially known […]

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Completed BioShock, Thoughts on the Sequel

Update #1: Reviews are trickling in for BioShock 2 and IGN’s in particular specifically address the much better story telling experience and a lot of my gripes mentioned below. Hurrah! I recently got re-interested in the BioShock universe when I decided to read up a bit more about the world of Rapture and the characters […]

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Assassin’s Creed II (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8.5 out of 10] Sequel to the 2007 original, Assassin’s Creed II again follows Desmond Miles’s adventures in the mind bending Animus as he escapes the evil Abstergo Industries and once again plunges into his genetic memory. Instead of heading to the Holy Land of 1149,  Desmond jaunts to Italy during the Renaissance taking […]

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Slicehost Review – Excellent VPS Hosting Experience

We are currently in the process of building out a farm of upgradeable virtual servers that will comprise Break it Down blog and the rest of The Buzz Media’s blog network. RimuHosting has been a top-tier host for 3 years now for our member sites, but the beauty of RimuHosting and it’s well-deserved reputation as having some […]

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