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E3 2011 DAY THREE Summary

Alright so sorry that this wasn’t up last night but delays in flights got us home after midnight and sleepiness was having its way with me whether I liked it or not. Here we go. We were running a little late (read: right on time) to the show due to hotel check out and baggage […]

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E3 2011-Day TWO Summary

Getting right into it, here is the summary of Day Two. The first thing on our agenda was Batman Arkham City. They were offering 20 minutes of hands on time with the game and a 15 minute exclusive demo in two separate lines. Because we were separated when the doors opened, Riyad went to the […]

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Bullies Suck. Let's Hate Them.

I have been thinking an awful lot about bullies and the general process of bullying, lately.  They’re everywhere, really.  They are the ones cutting you off in traffic and then giving you the finger.  They are the ones that cut in front of you in line at the grocery store and act like they didn’t […]

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pissed off

What, You Mean You Can't Fit BOTH Fists in My Ass?

I woke up pissed off today. There have been many things recently that have been carving my brainwaves like little razor balls and I feel that now is a good time to shove my finger down my throat and dislodge the emotional emesis. The crux of my ire is rooted in the fertile soil of […]

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