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The Last of Us (PS3) Review

Summary [9.5 out of 10] A stark departure from the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog brings its gorgeous graphics, tight controls, engaging story, versatile gameplay and cinematic presentation to a brutal survival horror game with most of the emphasis on survival while the characters get under your skin in a way that is almost unprecedented in […]

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E3 2013 Preview Batman Arkham Origins

Another game at this year’s E3 that had us cautiously optimistic, the theater experience for Arkham Origins made us feel even more optimistic and a bit less cautious. Handled by WB Montreal this time around and set as a prequel to the other games in the series taking place early in Batman’s career , there […]

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E3 2013 Preview-Payday 2

Payday 2 is the follow up to the original which appeared on Steam and PS3, this title is going to be on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 13th 2013. We got a chance to get a bit handsy with some guns and loot at E3 and I am happy to say this game plays […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 56: Gentlemen of Steel

Greetings gentlemenites, apologies in advance for another mobile podcast (now with 100% more bar effects included pool!) this week we bring you a movie round up: Man of Steel, This is the End, Much Ado About Nothing, World War Z. Mostly a lot of Man of Steel and bit of information on the others. Shailene Woodley being […]

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Mass Effect 3 (XBox 360) Review

Summary [ 9.5 out of 10]: Mass Effect 3 is the final chapter in the series and opens as Commander Shepard is in the midst of a hearing for his actions after being grounded following the events of Mass Effect 2′s Arrival downloadable content when the Reapers attack Earth. Shepard escapes to the Normandy and […]

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Patrick’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games of 2010

Okay so here is my top 10 list of video games for 2010. As ever, this is my list of favorites and my particular order of preference. Given that many people’s egos seem to be tied into the validation of their favorite games through other people’s acknowledgements it seems prudent to mention up front that […]

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PlayStation Move Review (including Video Review)

Introduction The PlayStation Move is Sony’s move in the “motion controller” arena going up against the entrenched Nintendo Wii and the upcoming camera-only based Kinect from Microsoft for the Xbox 360. We’ve put the PlayStation Move through it’s paces, making sure to try and focus on the controller’s functionality and not so much the video […]

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Gran Turismo 5 Damage Model Details

For those of you familiar with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, the for-pay demo for the incredible long-dev-cycle Gran Turismo 5, you remember that there was no damage model in that snapshot of the game; as beautiful as it was. Fortunately, Polyphony Digital never intended to leave out an extensive damage model from the Gran Turismo […]

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Looks Excellent

With a God of War heritage and MercurySteam’s unexpected talent at creating graphical marvels, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is shaping up to look like a beautiful launch for October. My first interaction with MercurySteam’s was their work on developing Clive Barker’s Jericho. As much as I liked the story (I’m a horror fan) and was […]

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Fanboys: A Growing Epidemic or Really? Are We Doing This?

So today at Gamescom Bioware revealed that Mass Effect 2 would be coming to the PS3 in January and reading articles about it at IGN and elsewhere I keep coming across comments in the talk-backs  like ‘RIP Xbox 360′ and all of this ridiculous sort of smack talk back and forth from fanboys on either […]

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Streaming Video on PS3 Slim Stutters and is Jerky

2 years ago I made a post about how video streaming on my original 60GB PS3 was stuttering and jerky. Years of comments, comparisons, 131 replies and the “PS3 Slim” later and it seems the problem has boiled down to: Jerky video playback on the original “fat” PS3s can, in most cases, be fixed by […]

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How I Met Your Mother Season 4 Disk 1 Blu-ray Won’t Play in 60GB PS3 Fix

Update #2: Success! After continuing to mess with this problem and the workaround below not doing the trick, I kept reading online and finally found a solution that works. I love you misio121! When your disk gets to the “Upgrade your firmware” notice screen on the disk Start randomly pressing R1/R2 and X all together […]

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GDC: Sony Announces ‘Move’ EyeToy-based Motion Controller for PS3

Sony has announced the PlayStation Move – also know as “Sony’s Wiimote” or “PlayStation Ice Cream Cone” as I like to call it. This new motion control for the PS3 from Sony is a hybrid between Microsoft’s Project Natal and Nintendo’s Wiimote. The physical design and layout of the controller duplicates what is essentially the […]

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Many Original PS3s Are Broken – Thought to be a Leap-Year Date Bug

Update #2: It appears that turning on your original “fat” PS3 can cause the data to become corrupted and potentially loose trophies or at least it appears you have lost trophies. Sony strongly recommends keeping those PS3s turned off until tomorrow. Still no telling if that stuff is really corrupted or data is really lost […]

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Splatterhouse PS3 Screenshots

GameInfoWire got the dump of recent Splatterhouse PS3 screenshots and we are loving it – gore everywhere. It looks like Rick (the hulking main character) shows damage real-time in the form of actual crippling injuries to his body that we have to assume regenerate by some means or else he dies. Above you see Rick […]

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Pelican PS3 Dual Triggers Review

Introduction [10 out of 10] I purchased the PS3 Dual Triggers a month or so ago from Amazon for $5 with the hope that they would fix one of my major complaints with the PS3 controller: The convex buttons get slippery and your fingers slide off them while playing. There are actually 3 things I […]

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PS3 3D Firmware Update Coming this Summer

We postulated a few months ago that the PS3 would eventually win the console war with 3D and Motion Control while Microsoft was forced, earlier than 2015, to do another hardware cycle to stay caught up with the powerful PS3 platform. Not more than 2 months later some slides with 2010 3D plans for the […]

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) Review

Summary [9.8 out of 10] The long awaited sequel to (in my estimation) the best Playstation 3 game of all time, Uncharted 2 picks up with Nathan Drake about a year after the events of the first game and finds him embroiled in a search for Marco Polo’s lost treasure. The story takes you across […]

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Sony PS3 Will Deliver 3D Experience After All

We speculated back in August that the stars were starting to align for Sony around a Motion-controlled/3D future for the PS3. Our confidence in this fact centered around the recent motion-controlled demonstration that Sony gave for the PS3 at E3. Combined with the never-used EyeToy camera, what Sony was showing off looked comparable, if not […]

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PS3 May Win… Years From Now with 3D and Motion Control

Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were first announced, we aren’t ashamed to say that we were avid fans of the PS3 platform… much more so than the self-aborting Xbox 360. It was a much higher build quality, the technical achievement of the Cell Processor was ridiculously complex and therefore impressive, it played Blu-ray […]

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CryEngine 3 PS3 Tech Demo

This is more of an aside, but Crytek’s Cevat Yerli shows off a demonstration of the upcoming (September ’09 release) CryEngine 3 and I’m floored. The enhancements that Crytek have gotten into CryEngine 3 are nothing short of amazing, specifically on the PS3. Cevat explains that over the years they have had two R&D engine […]

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Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 – The PS3 Starts to Show Its Power

It’s about flipping time, but given the new trailers out for Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 from the VGA’s, I’d have to say that the PS3 is started to show it’s legs. Give them a peek: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Trailer God of War 3 Trailer

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Sony's Poor Playstation 3 Sales and Marketing Isn't Sabotage – It's Just Sony

The Washington Times’s Sonny Bunch wrote an article recently that raked Sony over the coals for: No price cut this holiday season — instead they actually released a more expensive bundle Not properly promoting DVD-upscaling capabilities of the PS3 No Netflix (or other 3rd party) streaming movie support This is all in the wake of […]

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New Releases for the Week of 10/23 – 10/29

Xbox 360 Banjo-Kazooie (Nov 26th) NPPL Championship Paintball Breakout 2009 (Nov 25th) Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix(Nov 26th) PC Band Manager (Nov 25th) Bolt (Nov 27th) Call of Atlantis (Nov 26th) Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual (Nov 27th) Puzzlegeddon (Nov 27th) The Chronicles of Spellborn (Nov 27th) Wii AMF Bowling World Lanes […]

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