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Digg v4 Troubles are Symptom of a Bigger Problem

Digg v4 continues to hit bumps along the road after its launch. Technical glitches and software bugs in the system ran rampant at launch; the type of glitches that made you feel like the release was rushed or pushed out the door for some reason. Besides the hiccups I ran into, I saw a few […]

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Study Confirms that Politics is Emotional Bullshit

I don’t like discussing politics with people; I don’t have very firm political beliefs and make my decisions primarily from a position of being a decent human being; crazy, I know. NPR published a disturbing story based on studies from 2005 and 2006 that showed specifically in political discourse/debates/etc. providing facts to clarify misinformation does […]

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The Sky is Falling!!!

He signed the bill, folks.  Now get the f*ck over it. The best part about writing for this blog is that I have the freedom (within reasonable limits) to say whatever the hell I want, and since nobody on the opposing side of the bill seems to have any compunction about not trying to fear-monger […]

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Google Voice Circumvents App Store with Native-esque HTML5 Web Application

TBG reports that Google has completely circumvented the issues with Apple blocking their apps from the App Store by launching a rebuild Google Voice application using HTML5 that provides an almost-native experience for iPhone and Palm Pre owners. Functionality includes: Make calls Text messages Read/Playback voicemails Account settings TBG also mentions that outgoing calls are […]

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Superfast 'Maglev' Trains Coming to the US

70 years after big oil and GM decided to kill light-rail in the United States, we are seeing a resurgence in demand and effort in deployment of the technology across the country. Wired has an excellent article covering the building interest and governmental funding building behind the efforts to deploy Maglev trains in the US. Magnetic levitation […]

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NBC, Conan, Leno Fiasco is all a Hoax

I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare the entire NBC/Conan/Leno fight a hoax engineered to save The Tonight Show and build a new fan-base that is loyal. What Has Happened? Deadline Hollywood has an excellent real-time writeup of what is happening with the fight yesterday through today and it was reading […]

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Leno Help with Fucking Conan Over

We’ve blogged previously over the entire Conan/Leno/NBC/The Tonight Show scandal that has been going on for the last month, but it looks like things are coming to a close. To sum it all up, it looks like Jay Leno helped to engineer the hostile-re-takeover of The Tonight Show to get it back from Conan, who […]

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Obama Team Names Net Neutrality Advocates for FCC Review

Slashdot reports that the Obama-Biden transition team have named two long-time Net Neutrality supporters to head up it’s FCC Review team. The two chosen were Susan Crawford, a University of Michigan Law School professor, and Kevin Werbach, a former FCC member and Wharton professor. This choice by the Obama-Biden team sends a clear message that […]

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It's an Inspirational Time…

The election is past us now (thank GOD will you MORONpeople stop calling my CELLPHONE now and wasting my MINUTES!?), and I’ve been in a reflective mood since that fateful night. Like, why the hell did boyfriend and I just spend $14 on two shots of tequila and two chasers at the election night party, […]

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Pictures from Barack Obama Chicago Grant Park Election Rally

Our muscles-in-the-know, Grant Gochanuer, made it down to the Grant Part rally for the Obama Election Rally last night and snapped off some excellent shots. His full Flickr set is here. Here are some highlights: For anyone that missed Obama’s acceptance speech, it was really a moving speech. A lot of nice things said… obviously […]

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Xbox Live Poll Shows Support for Obama

According to the data released by Microsoft’s gamerscore blog, Senator Barack Obama is the favorite among Xbox 360 owners in the race for the white house. The presidential hopeful and his running mate Joe Biden are leading the McCain/Palin camp by twenty percent. While this doesn’t reflect all of America, I do believe that this […]

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John McCain President… According to the AOL.com Homepage Poll

Tom Robinson sent in a link to an interesting “general sampling” of the population as far as the presidential election goes, in the form of the AOL.com’s homepage presidential pole. The results are in and it looks like John McCain dominated the poll oddly enough. Assuming that the Flash-based poll wasn’t hacked, I was initially […]

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John McCain Run up to the Whitehouse Having a Hard Time

John McCain Accidentally Left on the Campaign Bus Overnight Cindy McCain Claims She’s “Just Like Any Other Female Human” Thanks goes to Preston Lee for sending these in.

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States to Vote on Incest and Bestiality

The religious right tried to warn us, but some of us – I’m looking at you Massachusetts and California (good thing I’m cross eyed) – didn’t listen. That slippery slope that everyone laughed at, the one about gay marriage leading to things like incest and bestiality, is now a serious possibility. Some states, probably New […]

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Obama Pledges Creation of US CTO – Job Creation Through Technology

BusinessWeek had a piece recently discussing Barack Obama’s plan to develop an office of CTO for the United States if he wins in November. Obama feels that the US is not making use of it’s inherent brain trust or resources to advance technology day-in and day-out to both improve our lives, education and existence but […]

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Philly Hockey Fans Boo Palin

Alaskan governor and actual VP candidate Sarah Palin dropped the ceremonial first puck at a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers last weekend and was not only booed by the Philly fans, but checked into the boards by several Flyers players. But the joke was on her anyway, as it wasn’t […]

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Economic Crisis, The Amero, North American Union and the New World Order

We first took a look at the shape of things to come last year with the review of the “How the Banking System Works” series of movies on YouTube (it’s an excellent series, must-watch if you haven’t already). The most perspective-shifting piece of information from that series is two things: How organized the world-wide banking […]

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Dow Down 700 Pts Again, After Bailout… Herald in the Amero and the North American Union

The first time the $700 billion buyout bailout was voted on, it failed, and the Dow dropped 770 pts. The next time it was voted on, and passed, the Dow dropped. The last time it was re-voted on it finally passed and what’s that? Yep, the Dow dropped another 700 pts just for good measure. […]

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Let the Handouts Begin, California Needs $7 Billion Bailout

If you haven’t seen the news, Todd Swarthout send in this tasty morsel: now that it looks like the $700 billion bail-out is going to pass the House, it looks like the hands are starting to get held out… now California needs a $7 billion bail-out as well. But don’t worry, this one isn’t for […]

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Redneck Woman Clarified Why Obama Would be a Bad President

… that title is a bit misleading, let’s try this one: Redneck woman, barely able to speak, tried to explain that Obama is an unsuitable president because of his name… because aye-rabs are cutting soldiers heads off in Iraq. It’s pretty much iron-clad, I get that, what I also appreciate is how these redneck’s accents […]

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U.S. Cities Preparing for the Obama Riots

Cities around the U.S. have begun taking precautions, including hiring extra law enforcement, to prepare for the inevitable riots after the presidential election on November 4. One official, who wished to remain anonymous, said that “those people” will riot and loot on a whim, and that it will happen regardless of the Election Day outcome. […]

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Iran Missile Launch Photo is a Fake

Did you see the above picture yesterday or did a friend forward it to you? I got it in my inbox and over IM a few times and it looks like it’s made it’s rounds online: We better be scared right? A story with the word “Iran” in it, and then the associated picture. If […]

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I'm Voting Republican

Getting ready to vote come November? Be sure to vote Republican, Bush was awesome!

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5th Underwater Internet Cable Faulting, Precursor to Iran War?

It started when the first 3 underwater internet cables were cut by “boat anchors” (even though that had never happened in the histories of the cables before… and now it happened 3x in 3 days) then reports came in about the 4th cable getting taken offline due to “power issues” and now Robert Heron sends […]

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