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Study Confirms that Politics is Emotional Bullshit

I don’t like discussing politics with people; I don’t have very firm political beliefs and make my decisions primarily from a position of being a decent human being; crazy, I know. NPR published a disturbing story based on studies from 2005 and 2006 that showed specifically in political discourse/debates/etc. providing facts to clarify misinformation does […]

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Google Voice Circumvents App Store with Native-esque HTML5 Web Application

TBG reports that Google has completely circumvented the issues with Apple blocking their apps from the App Store by launching a rebuild Google Voice application using HTML5 that provides an almost-native experience for iPhone and Palm Pre owners. Functionality includes: Make calls Text messages Read/Playback voicemails Account settings TBG also mentions that outgoing calls are […]

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Superfast 'Maglev' Trains Coming to the US

70 years after big oil and GM decided to kill light-rail in the United States, we are seeing a resurgence in demand and effort in deployment of the technology across the country. Wired has an excellent article covering the building interest and governmental funding building behind the efforts to deploy Maglev trains in the US. Magnetic levitation […]

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NBC, Conan, Leno Fiasco is all a Hoax

I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare the entire NBC/Conan/Leno fight a hoax engineered to save The Tonight Show and build a new fan-base that is loyal. What Has Happened? Deadline Hollywood has an excellent real-time writeup of what is happening with the fight yesterday through today and it was reading […]

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Leno Help with Fucking Conan Over

We’ve blogged previously over the entire Conan/Leno/NBC/The Tonight Show scandal that has been going on for the last month, but it looks like things are coming to a close. To sum it all up, it looks like Jay Leno helped to engineer the hostile-re-takeover of The Tonight Show to get it back from Conan, who […]

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Xbox Live Poll Shows Support for Obama

According to the data released by Microsoft’s gamerscore blog, Senator Barack Obama is the favorite among Xbox 360 owners in the race for the white house. The presidential hopeful and his running mate Joe Biden are leading the McCain/Palin camp by twenty percent. While this doesn’t reflect all of America, I do believe that this […]

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Iran Missile Launch Photo is a Fake

Did you see the above picture yesterday or did a friend forward it to you? I got it in my inbox and over IM a few times and it looks like it’s made it’s rounds online: We better be scared right? A story with the word “Iran” in it, and then the associated picture. If […]

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Underwater Internet Cable

3rd Undersea Cable Cut in 3 Days

… really? We are doing just fine for 20 years, a mistake here and there… and then woopsie… 3 cables cut in 3 days? Boat anchors! … seriously? Entire country economies, security and banking infrastructures rely on these things to stay intact, and you are telling me these fucking things aren’t marked on every maritime […]

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The Pirate Bay Logo

4 Indicted from The Pirate Bay

The Local reports that 4 leaders from The Pirate Bay site have been indicted on charges of being accessories to breaking copyright law: Hans Fredrik Neij Per Svartholm Warg Peter Kolmisoppi Carl Lundström While I certainly understand why the US is pressuring Sweden to go after these guys (now that TPB is the biggest BT […]

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Medical Marijuana Vending Machine Opens in L.A.

Robert Heron sent in news that L.A. has deployed it’s first and second medical marijuana vending machines that work in the following fashion (from article): Customers bring their prescriptions for approval at the AVMs, housed in enclosed room guarded 24/7. They are fingerprinted and photographed. They receive a pre-paid credit carded loaded with their individual […]

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Comcast G-Force Marketing

Congress to Investigate the FCC over Comcast Investigation

Confused about why Congress would investigate the FCC? No worries… let me explain: Comcast starts blocking and shaping user traffic quietly and denies it when asked about it. The block and shaping is independent confirmed by techies and researchers The Associated Press finally confirms it and publishes their findings The FCC takes notice, and announces […]

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