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Why Does the Steam “Hardware Survey” Include a List of All Installed Software?

You are going to be prompted soon to agree to fill out the yearly Steam “Hardware Survey” and I would urge you to ask Valve first, why the hardware survey (a great idea in its own right) needs to include a list of all the installed software on your PC? The purpose of the hardware […]

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Microsoft Gets it, Sony Just F-ing Hates You

I can’t believe I’m typing this… maybe Hell is a snowy paradise, but: Microsoft gets it. Hackers, as insignificant and unimportant as most corporations make them out to be, do drive interest in things. That interest starts down low, with the individual hackers and it bubbles up in the form of words and actions. “Console […]

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Mac App Store DRM Broken – Use Any App for Free

Wow, that was like 11 minutes. About a day after the Mac App Store was launched as part of the 10.6.6 OS X Update, hacking group “Hackulous” announced that they have already cracked the DRM used by the App Store – making all apps unprotected and freely available. The crack is called “kickback” and the […]

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This is Why People Pirate Movies

The graphic above is a chart showing the different experience between a person who pirated a movie and a person who purchased it. It’s one of the best visualizations I’ve seen of why people pirate movies in a long time. Beyond that, I would add that accessibility of the media is the most-common reason for piracy. […]

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Anti-Piracy Chip to Stop PC Piracy

Atari’s Nolan Bushnell give’s a blurb: Speaking at yesterday’s Wedbush Morgan Securities annual Management Access Conference, the Atari founder suggested that game piracy will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new chip. “There is a stealth encryption chip called a TPM that is going on the motherboards of most of the […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked

Damn… so Kotaku has the scoop that iCON (a ripping group) has gotten their hands on a stolen GTA4 game disk for the Xbox 360, ripped it and leak it onto the net. Apparently folks were posting gameplay movies to GameTrailers and YouTube this morning, I found a few, but they are getting ripped down […]

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4 Indicted from The Pirate Bay

The Local reports that 4 leaders from The Pirate Bay site have been indicted on charges of being accessories to breaking copyright law: Hans Fredrik Neij Per Svartholm Warg Peter Kolmisoppi Carl Lundström While I certainly understand why the US is pressuring Sweden to go after these guys (now that TPB is the biggest BT […]

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