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imgscalr 4.0 released - Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr 4.0 released – Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr is an optimized, fault-tolerant and simple Java library used to resize, rotate, filter, crop or pad images. imgscalr implements the most optimal code-paths for these tasks as recommended by the Java2D team and internally works around a number of hidden JDK and even JVM bugs pertaining to image operations via the Java2D pipeline. imgscalr […]

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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.1 Released

Hot on the heals of the 2.0 release, SJXP 2.1 was released with the following changes: Fixed bug where isStartTag was always true for TAG type rules https://github.com/thebuzzmedia/simple-java-xml-parser/issues/closed#issue/6 Removed use of enhanced for-loop in code base because it caused a large number of AbstractList$Itr classes to be created for no great reason. https://github.com/thebuzzmedia/simple-java-xml-parser/issues/closed#issue/5 As always, head […]

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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 Released

I am proud to scream from the top of my desk, directly at my closet, that Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 has just been released. The 2.0 release brings a huge performance boost over the 1.x series that decreases memory and CPU usage by an order of magnitude. Additionally, user object pass-through support was […]

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QN: imgscalr Java Image-Scaling Library 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of the imgscalr Java image-scaling library has been released. This release makes the library easier to use, accessible from the new The Buzz Media Maven repository and improved the logic used to determine the proportionally-scaled width and height for images depending on their orientation (LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT). For download links, Javadoc, source code […]

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QN: OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs – 500 MB/sec Speed

OCZ has just announced the release of their Vertex 3 lineup of SSDs for consumers and enterprise customers. The specs you see above are from the Vertex 3 Pro which is their consumer SSD based on the SandForce SF-2000 series controller. Many have been waiting for SF-2000 series based drives since the controller was announced […]

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imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library Released

imgscalr – Java Image Scaling Library Released

If you have ever wanted to quickly rescale an image in Java you have probably noticed the following confusing things: There seem to be something like 9 different ways to do this: Image.getScaledInstance(), Graphics.drawImage(), Graphics2D.drawImage(…), BufferImageOps, AffineTransforms and don’t forget Java Advanced Imaging API. Which one are you suppose to use? Which one performs the […]

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Nintendo 3DS Has Some Decent 3D Chops

Nintendo recently leaked some 3DS screenshots to Japanese media in preparation for the upcoming launch of the 3DS in Japan (in the US we will have to wait until likely March timeframe). While you cannot experience any of the awesomeness that is the 3D effect on the 3DS, you can get an idea of the […]

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AreWeFastYet – Popular JavaScript Engine Performance Compared

I recently became aware of the site AreWeFastYet via a tweet from jQuery’s creator, John Resig. The site is a Mozilla-maintained property that benchmarks the most popular JavaScript engines against each other using both the WebKit SunSpider and Google’s v8bench JavaScript benchmarks every day. The JavaScript engines benchmarked are: Mozilla’s JavaScript Engine (black – labelled “moz […]

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NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 (XAVB2001) Ethernet Adapter Kit Review

NETGEAR’s Powerline AV 200 (XAV2001) adapters turns in strong numbers for a home network when compared to an existing Wireless-N solution; particularly over long, multi-room spans, even with noisy appliances in the way. In this review we measure the performance of the NETGEAR Powerline AV 200 adapters in increasing distances from our base station and compare […]

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Firefox 4 Adding GPU-Accelerated Graphics Rendering

Firefox 4 will be delivering GPU-accelerated rendering for graphical elements via the Direct2D APIs on Windows, among many other new features like a new tab layout, new look and feel for Windows and new privacy features. Currently at Beta 4, Firefox 4 has had GPU-acceleration in the code-base, but it has always been disabled by […]

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Java IO Faster Than NIO – Old is New Again!

Alex Blewitt tweeted an article by Paul Tyma titled: Thousands of Threads and Blocking I/O: The old way to write Java servers is new again. Paul is the Founder/CEO of ManyBrain, the creator of Mailinator. Paul’s 65-slide presentation is a fast read for anyone interested in Java I/O, especially in a client/server setup. What makes […]

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FFmpeg’s VP8 Decoder 62% Faster Than Google’s

The FFmpeg team has completed the initial implementation of their new VP8 decoder and early benchmarks are showing it up to 62% faster than Google’s own VP8 decoder: libvpx. A few weeks ago we covered the announcement that the FFmpeg video-codec team had decided to build their own VP8 decoder and did an initial implementation […]

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Chinese Version of Cirque du Soleil

This is an unbelievably talented troop of Chinese gymnasts performing a routine that I can only imagine Jesus might attempt: Yes, yes you just saw a 4-man pole formed by people front-flipping inside of the pole to make it taller… I’m going to start learning Chinese so when they take us over, I can be assimilated easier.

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Funny Opera Browser Speed Test

I suppose Google put together a Rube-Goldberg “speed test” of the Chrome browser and Opera decided to 1-up them with what I found a hugely entertaining and funny “Opera Browser vs a Potato” speed test video. A lot of what I found to be gold about this video was that it’s more like an SNL […]

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Optimizing WordPress Page-Load Pauses with PHP-CGI

For the last 6-months I’ve been trying to deal with mysterious “page load pause” issues with WordPress on my Apache/prefork/mod_php setup. Server load was low, hardware was a 4GB 2-core machine, spent 4 months of that time tweaking MaxClients and other Apache prefork settings until I finally gave up. The behavior I was seeing is hitting […]

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