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Saints Row 2 is more inspired than The Third

I finished the original Saints Row and Saints Row 2 and remember them both very fondly; I was excited when the hub-bub around The Third started to get rolling as the game looked like more over-the-top, don’t-take-your-too-seriously shenanigans that made 1 and 2 so much fun in the first place. When it came time to […]

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Thoughts on Finishing Killzone 2

Whenever the sequel to a big-budget game comes out, and I haven’t played the original, I try and make the time to go back and play it just so I can figure out what is going on. That happened with Crysis this week (in preparation of Crysis 2) and Killzone 2 (in preparation for Killzone […]

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My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

SPOILER WARNING: I am discussing my thoughts on finishing Crysis (finally) so spoilers will be present. I bought Crysis a year or so after it came out via EA’s online store and as much media as I had consumed before the game’s release, I was still blown away by the graphics. I played the game […]

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SFW: Porn Reveals the Truth about Men and Women

This article is safe for work; I am just pointing you to another article over at The Atlantic that might be NSFW just because of language. The article is called “Hard Core” by Natasha Vargas-Cooper. It is a lengthy piece, looking at how pornography (in its infinitely distributed form since the internet-explosion) gives us a […]

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Why is Photography like Firearms?

I’ve been looking into getting into the DSLR game (possibly with a 60D, more on that later) and I’ve noticed a trend with photograph: it feels a lot like firearms. It started with the words first: shooting, e.g. “I shot some great pics at the event!” firing, e.g. “The flash didn’t fire on time.” blow, […]

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Lost... so Lost...

Lost… so Lost…

Update #2: There is an excellent description of what the show was all about in Update #2 Cont below… NOTE: This post contains Lost spoilers. If you haven’t watched the last episode yet, please be aware of that and continue reading at your own risk. NOTE #2: I’m super-cereal guys, this post contains spoilers about […]

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Completed BioShock, Thoughts on the Sequel

Update #1: Reviews are trickling in for BioShock 2 and IGN’s in particular specifically address the much better story telling experience and a lot of my gripes mentioned below. Hurrah! I recently got re-interested in the BioShock universe when I decided to read up a bit more about the world of Rapture and the characters […]

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Thoughts on Windows 7 After 3 Days

Introduction It is no mystery that I’ve been part of the parade yelling “Vista Sucks!” since it’s inception – I’ve even taken the time to review Vista’s shortcomings for everyone willing to read it by only taking a look at changes in one program as an example of the half-assed decisions made throughout the entire […]

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IGN Game Reviewers Love Everything

Reading through the Kotaku “Frankenreview” series over the last year or so I’ve unscientifically noticed a trend… IGN seems to love most everything. I noticed with high profile titles more time than not IGN tends to love them and in polarizing titles they also tend to lean towards the upper-end of the scale. There are […]

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Killzone 2 Gameplay Video Not Selling Me

I don’t know if I’m just worn out seeing shooters that are technically beautiful but lack the micro-bits of polish that are the difference between “meh” and “holy shit”… I think these bits of polish are video-games equivalent of getting over the Uncanny Valley. Not that the models have to look more and more real, […]

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Condemned 2 Screenshot

Condemned 2: Scary Fucking Game

Ok so I got a chance to download and play the Condemned 2 demo from PSN (I never played Condemned 1) and I have to say… that is a scary fucking game. Remember how Jericho was suppose to be super scary and it ended up just being a mindless shooter that didn’t do any 1 […]

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Comcast G-Force Marketing

Congress to Investigate the FCC over Comcast Investigation

Confused about why Congress would investigate the FCC? No worries… let me explain: Comcast starts blocking and shaping user traffic quietly and denies it when asked about it. The block and shaping is independent confirmed by techies and researchers The Associated Press finally confirms it and publishes their findings The FCC takes notice, and announces […]

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Florida Hanging Chad Recount

Get Depressed about Politics in the US Fast!

You having a good day today? Things are going along pretty well? Got some extra time on your hands and want to get depressed as hell over the political situation in the United States? Sweet, then read on… Scientists agree the US is “doomed” if a pro-creationist president is elected (e.g. Huckabee or any other […]

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RFID-Based Password

New RFID Passports: Staging for the NAU

We have blogged in the past about the desire of the international bankers to create the North American Union (Canada, United States, Mexico) along with a common currency: The Amero. Now you can watch for yourself as the first steps towards creating this reality are set into place, regardless of the outcry against it. First […]

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Mass Effect Mini: Some Glaring Annoyances

Chris Hunkele sent in a mini-review of his experience with Mass Effect so far and I thought it was important to share it with the group because it helped quelled the “I must have that!” fire in me. The Good Player conversation immersion very cool You select responses in conversation which ultimately effect the path […]

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