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Reposted from nerdmobile.wordpress.com (here) I’m not wholly impressed with 3D technology, and I haven’t ever been. Not when they tried it the first time, and not every time they’ve tried it since. It’s a gimmick, a piece of slightly stale candy that gets thrown out at the public every so often to make people think […]

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E3 2012-Videos and Nintendo Press Conference

By now, people generally know about the Nintendo Press Conference and what went on there. I gave my take in the daily summary pretty much. There are some things about the Wii U that look interesting and some things that look terrible. There are better videos out there of the press conference, certainly more complete […]

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E3 2012 Day One Summary

I apologize that this is late but when I sat down to write it last night I believe god must have noticed I was awake in defiance of all his laws and put me down hard. In all honesty I did attempt the update but I forgot my email password, email, and, I think, everything […]

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The Buzz Media at E3 2012

It is that time of year again! I am going to be heading to E3 next week to give you the Buzz Media brand of ground level coverage you’ve come to expect. This year I have more appointments than we’ve ever had and will get access to even more great games and peripherals than previous […]

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E3 2011 Post Mortem

So now that E3 has been over for a few weeks and the coverage is winding down, it is time to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned this year. There were a few surprises here and there although not so much on the game announcement front and there seems to be some shifts […]

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Nintendo 3DS Has Some Decent 3D Chops

Nintendo recently leaked some 3DS screenshots to Japanese media in preparation for the upcoming launch of the 3DS in Japan (in the US we will have to wait until likely March timeframe). While you cannot experience any of the awesomeness that is the 3D effect on the 3DS, you can get an idea of the […]

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E3 DAY THREE Summary

Okay so this is a little later tonight because I had to fly home and all. Then wash a day’s worth of convention stink off and upload a bunch of pictures. As I mentioned last night, I am going to do the same summary tonight I’ve been doing and then tomorrow and Saturday I am […]

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Just Dance (Wii) Review

Introduction [10 out of 10] Now, I feel it incumbent upon me to emphasize straight outta the gate that I would never even attempt *pauses briefly to watch commercial for Glee!* to label myself as a “gamer” or even a person that knows anything about what the general gaming community consensus constitutes as a good […]

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PS3 May Win… Years From Now with 3D and Motion Control

Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were first announced, we aren’t ashamed to say that we were avid fans of the PS3 platform… much more so than the self-aborting Xbox 360. It was a much higher build quality, the technical achievement of the Cell Processor was ridiculously complex and therefore impressive, it played Blu-ray […]

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Xbox 360 Broken, but Original Nintendo Still Working

Marc Chung just sent this one in, got a kick out of it:

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Wii MotionPlus + Grand Slam Tennis = Garbage

Ok so I bought into the hype-machine that is everything-Nintendo and plopped down my $19.99 for a Wii MotionPlus when it came out and along with the only other highly rated Wii MotionPlus-enabled game that launched with it: Grand Slam Tennis. Here’s my single sentence description of the experience for everyone that was curious “Was […]

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Red Steel 2 + Wii MotionPlus = Freaking Awesome

Do you remember when the Wii debuted with Red Steel and all the trailers made us think we were actually going to sword-fighting dudes with our actual hand motion… and then we all got the Wii and realized that wasn’t the case at all and the game was garbage? Looks like Ubisoft is taking another […]

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Nintendo Punch-Out Wii Debut Trailer

Having just got done playing through a few matches of Wii Boxing and dying for some true 1:1 motion mapping instead of the insanely confusing “flick” mechanics in said title, I just got really excited stumbling across the debut trailer for the remake of Punch-Out for the Wii: I have no idea yet if this […]

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Computer Mouse to be Extinct in 5 Years… Again

Remember 10 years ago when voice-recognition and Dragon Naturally Typing was going to replace the keyboard? Yea that didn’t quite pan out how we all thought… I think at some point we were going to replace the mouse with eye-tracking lasers on the monitor and then some sort of brain-tie-in that would tell when you […]

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E3: Mature MadWorld Gameplay Video (Nintendo Wii)

How is Manhunt 2 forced to revise the gore and violence on their game, but this is all good and well… especially on the Wii? Maybe it’s because it’s presented as a gameshow in this game and in Manhunt 2… it was in a hospital… but Manhunt #1 was a gameshow too so I guess […]

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Nintendo Wii MotionPlus – True 3D Space Movement

Damn, it seems that Nintendo has some bombs to drop at E3 this year, leading up with a new “true 3D motion accessory” that adds on to the existing Wiimote. Apparently the new addon, combined with all the existing measurment facilities of the Wiimote, can completely accurately, with a 1:1 accuracy, map your physical motion […]

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I Finally Figured Out What the Nintendo Wii is For

I have owned a Nintendo Wii since it was launched… actually I got one 2 days after the launch or something. I own all the “must have” games for it (Zelda, Mario, Resident Evil 4, etc.). I have two Wiimotes. I have tried… jesus I have tried to like the Wii, but for all my […]

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Guitar Hero III (Wii) Standalone Guitars: $69

Chris Hunkele sends in the scoop that Red Octane has the Wii Guitar Hero III standalone guitars up for sale, grab one if you need it!

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Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offer

Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offered

Brad Agdern sent in news that Activision has offered a complete $132 refund for Guitar Hero III for the Wii or a remastered replacement disk for folks that were put out by the audio on the Guitar Hero III not being Dolby Surround even though it was advertised as such. A pretty nice move considering […]

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NEO GEO Arcade Stick Coming to Wii

Suh-weet. For the folks out there <cough>me</cough> that had a NEO GEO and fell in love with the arcade stick that it had, you can rejoice in knowing it will be coming to the Wii shortly. I’m not sure there are fighters on the Wii and VC that are so badass that the NEO GEO […]

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Interactive White Board with a Nintendo Wii

Johnny Lee is at it again. We blogged about his first invention (using the IR-sensing capabilities of the Bluetooth Nintendo Wii controller), which was a Minority Report-esque multi-touch display that you could manipulate with your fingers. Now it looks like he’s refined his ideas a bit further. Modifying a typical Bic Pen to include a […]

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Minority Report-esque Control with Nintendo Wii

Johnny Lee is hardcore. Using the LED-detecting ability of the Wiimote, combined with some reflective tape on his fingertips along with a LED panel, he was able to create an interactive field that he can manipulate with his two fingers. It’s simple, but really damn smart and could lead to some interesting commercialized applications (e.g. […]

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Rockstar’s Manhunt Wii

Rockstar's Manhunt Wii

Rockstar is using the above, custom-styled Wii to try and entice folks to enter their Radio Rebellion Sweepstakes. A limited time offering that includes the above Wii along with a 50″ Plasma for the winner. The official Radio Rebellion page is here, but it looks like you signup at the previous link page after making […]

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Prince Wii Racquet

Prince Makes Real Wii Racquet

Looks like Prince, long-time manufacturer of real tennis racquets has gotten in the Wii accessory game. These new Wii racquets will go on sale come November and be around $15. Not too shabby for a plastic frame.

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