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Toy Story 3 Mini Review

I just got back from Toy Story 3 in 3D and I have a few thoughts on the film that I’d like to share with the readers and get your feedback on this: This was about half as funny as Toy Story 2 – at least I found myself laughing about half as much during […]

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John Goodman Could Play The Godfather

Was just looking through DListed and saw that John Goodman has lost like 150 lbs recently… and the first thing, for whatever reason, that dawned on me was: “Goodman could be The Godfather if they ever did a remake”. See what you think, here he is now: and here is Marlon Brando: That shit is […]

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Dante's Inferno: Animated Movie Review

Summary [6.5 out of 10] Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic is an excellent adaptation of the story behind the video game of the same name, but in the grand scheme of anime, feels like an average attempt. For a new IP from EA, putting all the money behind the game and the animated movie is […]

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Universal to Make 'Army of Two' Movie

Electronics Arts has announced plans to bring Army of Two to the big screen. Scott Stuber will produce the film through Stuber Productions. Scott Z. Burns has also signed on to adapt the game for the silver screen.  Scott Z. Burns is most notably known for his work on The Bourne Ultimatum, which he co-wrote […]

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Summer of Tears Redoes: Teen Wolf

Going into this, I had no idea what it was, but god… I’d really suggest you give it a watch. It looks like Summer of Tears is a group of folks that re-edit and green-screen themselves (pretty damn well) back into some original scenes of classic movies, adding some awesome lines and cut-aways as if […]

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Tokyo Gore Police is a Family Movie

The “Break it Down” Blog introduced us to the upcoming Oscar-winning family movie: Tokyo Gore Police back in April with the first teaser trailer, but it seems that a new trailer and more gooder trailer has come out for the movie, really going into depth and showing how the characters are developed. For film fans […]

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Max Payne Trailer – Not Too Shabby

In lighter news, the trailer for the Max Payne movie with Mark Wahlberg has come out… doesn’t look too bad, looks about a 6 out of 10 just because of the implied cheese factor; little things you notice, like how his gritty, world-trodden trench coat is brand new and pristine or the snow-covered Glock… cause […]

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BioShock Movie Coming

You probably already knew that, but the part of this news that should blow your skirt up is: Director: Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) Writer: John Logan (Academy Award-nominated writer of Gladiator, The Aviator and Sweeney Todd) For the folks that aren’t familiar with the game, it takes place in the 1950s/1960s alternate future […]

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Tokyo Gore Police Trailer… or something

Saw this over on I Watch Stuff, it’s the “trailer” for Tokyo Gore Police, which is a ridiculously over the top 80/90s-style cheesy Japanese gore-fest… sort of like Riki-Oh, if you ever saw that or to a lesser extend the original Toxic Avenger from Troma. So if you like movies like that cause you are […]

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Ghost in the Shell Poster

DreamWorks Snags Ghost in the Shell

It seems that DreamWorks has snagged the rights to the Ghost in the Shell movie… one of the best animes out there. They described the movie as a 3D (yay!) live-action (booo!) hybrid and said that GITS provided the perfect story to be delivered on that platform. Having just watched Appleseed: Ex Machina, and thinking […]

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Trigun Movie In the Works (for 2009)

Trigun Movie In the Works (for 2009)

I ran across this new somewhat by accident… but then again I tend to do awesome things by accident. One time I accidentally grew 3″ taller… and another time I accidentally smashed a tiger and a lion together so hard that I made a Liger. Anyway, if you are an anime fan or even have […]

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Dune Cat: The Spice Must Flow

New Dune Movie In The Works

This post is for all the Dune fans out there (tdod!), looks like a new Dune movie is in the works (IMDB Link): the producers have secured the rights to the Dune novel from Frank Herbert’s estate and are looking for writers to provide a screenplay that is true to the original text. So yea… […]

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Gears of War Movie, Confirmed 2010

Gears of War Movie, Confirmed 2010

Well it’s official, looks like New Line (now Warner Bros) is going to go forward with the Gears of War movie: “We’ve got our script on and a director we’re about to attach. We’ll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010,” said Godfrey. If you haven’t caught it already, there has […]

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Akira Movie Poster

Akira: The Movie (Live Action)

Interesting… it looks like there is going to be a Live Action remake of Akira in 2009. So far the two rumored roles for the leads (for the main guy and his friend that gets sucked into the government experiment) are: Leonardo DiCaprio: Joseph Gordon-Levitt: both actors I love (DiCaprio after The Aviator and The […]

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Blu-ray Logo

PS3 2.20 Firmware Released

Ted Regulski sends in the scoop that Firmware 2.20 is released, this is the one that includes the BD-Live support that is part of the Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0. Some of the other stuff in this release: The ability to copy PS3 Music and Photo playlists to a PSP system. We introduced the ability to […]

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Creative Zen Vision:W

Portable Video Player Comparison Matrix

So I was in the market recently for a portable media player that I wanted to not only use for music but primarily for playing video when I was bored at the gym or traveling on a long domestic flight. After a lot of searching I eventually found a pretty nice Wikipedia page that has […]

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