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Animals are Smarter Than We Realize

The world is an incredible place. @frank06 tweeted this video, and I thought “Oh great, a monkey figuring out a puzzle. Who cares.” – Then I watched the 1min video and realized it was a monkey figuring out a puzzle that would have stumped me. I didn’t feel great about myself after watching that video, […]

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Google Adsense is Hilarious Sometimes

If you are familiar with our “Monkey has Way with Frog” post then you know what happens… and it’s not so good for the frog. What is funny though, is when Google Adsense picks up the context of the post and displays unintentionally funny ads, like so: Romantic get-away indeed! For what it’s worth, I […]

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CareerBuilder Thinks Racism Helps You Vote

What happens when you take an audio-syncing e-Card service from CareerBuilder and then get a black women to call in and leave a message that is synced to the monkey? A self-imposed insanely racist e-Card! Just for future reference, since people obviously like insulting themselves… I’d pick a completely neutral animal… like a South African […]

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Crazy Fire Monkey

India vs Monkeys: Round 37

*(Things turned sour in India when beloved monkey-hero Johnny Bananas burned down the house of his owner) **(That’s crap, I just made that up) We’ve blogged before about the on-going problems in Delhi with regard to the rampant bands of monkey’s that live in the city, steal food and harass people, but aren’t stopped because […]

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Langur Monkey

India: Monkey Battle Royale

If you read this blog regularly, you may have caught our story from a few months back about the Kenyan village that was overrun by vervet monkeys who attacked and harassed the inhabitants but couldn’t be attacked themselves because it was against Kenyan law? Well now a loyal reader has sent in a story of […]

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