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Dell 3008 WFP 30" LCD Review

Grant Gochnauer, co-founder of Vodori, was kind enough to send in a review of a new addition to his family: The Dell 3008 WFP (yes, the $2000 30″ Dell LCD that has the amazing 117% color gamut). Above is a shot of the 3008 sitting next to an old school Dell 2001FP (20″ LCD), because […]

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CES: Alienware Wrap-Around Gaming Monitor

Grant Gochnauer just sent in this goodie. It’s the new Alienware curved gaming monitor: And yes, for the astute folks out there, it is a DLP-based monitor (just as the tech is dying in HDTVs, gaming monitor folks pick it up… why?) and has a response time of 0.02ms, so more or less instant. The […]

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22" Dell Crystal LCD Debuts

CES is coming up, get ready for a metric shit-fuck of electronics news. Above is the long-taunted Crystal LCD from Dell that is finally going to go on sale shortly, specs are: 22″ 1680×1050 Resolution $1200 2ms Response Time 98% Color Gamut Glass surround is 4mm thick Sexy, but I’ll be skipping this and buying […]

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