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E3 2015 Xbox Press Briefing

    Well it is that time again when E3 is upon us and we kick things off with press conferences. In past years we have done a play by play recap but given that the press conferences were live streamed and you can see clips at will I decided that this year’s coverage of […]

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E3 2014 Press Conferences

Normally I do a post about wandering around the convention center before the show starts but given that I spent the vast majority of my day press conferences, I am going to write about that. I am sure most of you have already watched a stream of the conferences and are aware of what was […]

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The Buzz Media at E3 2014

It is that time of year again!  I am  going to be heading to E3 next week to give you the Buzz Media brand of ground level coverage you’ve come to expect. I have some pretty awesome appointments lined up and are poised to deliver a higher level of quality coverage than ever before. In […]

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Requiem for an XBox 360

Goodnight Sweet Prince. The Microsoft Xbox 360 was arguably the most successful of the seventh generation console systems. While not selling as many units as the Nintendo Wii or having the superior hardware of the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service helped drive a shift in online gaming utilizing consoles. Patrick’s comments […]

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E3 2013 Preview-Dead Rising 3

They had me at boomcannon. Shotgun, meet grenades. Dead Rising 3 is a continuation of the franchise with only rumors so far of a connection to the story of the previous games. This Xbox One exclusive launch title has vastly expanded the scope of gameplay by eliminating load times and allowing you to look out […]

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E3 2013 Preview-Project Spark

Project Spark is difficult to classify in a typical sense, from the gameplay video we might infer that it seemed like a straight forward god game ala Black and White and Dust but upon digging further into the engine and what players had been creating in beta testing it appeared this rabbit hole might be […]

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Pre E3 Conferences (Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sony)

Here we are with the day-before E3 festivities in which the biggest developers in the business hold their media briefings in the hope to sway some favor in their direction. We went to a couple of them in person and had to muddle through the other two on poorly streamed feeds thanks to terrible internet […]

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E3 2011 Post Mortem

So now that E3 has been over for a few weeks and the coverage is winding down, it is time to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned this year. There were a few surprises here and there although not so much on the game announcement front and there seems to be some shifts […]

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Microsoft Gets it, Sony Just F-ing Hates You

I can’t believe I’m typing this… maybe Hell is a snowy paradise, but: Microsoft gets it. Hackers, as insignificant and unimportant as most corporations make them out to be, do drive interest in things. That interest starts down low, with the individual hackers and it bubbles up in the form of words and actions. “Console […]

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Google Docs Drawings Snap-to Connectors Released!

It’s official, Google has released the update to Google Docs Drawing application that adds “snap to” or anchoring behavior to the connectors in their Visio-like diagramming tool (seen above). Without this functionality, connectors on a diagram made with the drawing tool were not connected (or “aware”) of any other shapes on the diagram. This meant […]

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Kinect + Hacking + openFrameworks = Predator Camouflage Effect

This is the result of Japanese hacker Takayuki Fukatsu messing around with the Microsoft Kinect hardware and the openFrameworks platform: While this certainly looks cool, we have no idea what the real-world application of this is besides waving around and looking cool for a few minutes before you decide you want to play an actual […]

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Updated Xbox 360 Controller (D-Pad) Coming Nov 9 – $65

It is getting expensive to be an Xbox 360 user. Days after Microsoft announced increased pricing for Xbox Live memberships, they announce a new Xbox 360 controller with a new and improved D-Pad (pictured above). Big ups to Chris Hunkele for the news on this one. Some of the changes you’ll notice: Colored buttons are […]

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Halo Reach Leaked Online – Live Stream Available

CVG is reporting that as of this evening Halo Reach, the entire game, has been leaked online about 3 weeks before the official release date; September 14th. Apparently NeoGAF’ers were some of the first to notice the leak when hackers (modders from the GameTuts community) circumvented the press access-wall that Microsoft had setup on Xbox.com for […]

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Windows 7 Window Size/Position Keyboard Shortcuts

I ran across this feature in Windows 7 totally by chance this morning even though we wrote about it a year ago (doh!) and wanted to share. In Windows 7 you can position and resize windows on your desktop in a few very slick ways. The most well-known ones are clicking on the title-bar and dragging the […]

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Walmart Taking $199 Preorders for Xbox 360 Kinect

Since E3 everyone has been speculating what the Microsoft Kinect (originally called Natal… the video-motion-control stuff) with most pundits agreeing that anything over $99 was going to back Microsoft into a nasty corner of “new tech that no one wants”. Well Gamasutra is reporting that Walmart has started accepting preorders for the Kinect at $199: Is this […]

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E3 Xbox Kinect VS Playstation Move: My Impressions

Going in to E3 2010 motion control was a big question mark. After three years of Waggleware from Nintendo’s Wii both Microsoft and Sony promised something better as they each jumped into the fray with their new tech. Both Microsoft’s controller free Kinect and Sony’s wand and navigation noreallythiswasn’tatallbasedonthewiiremoteandnunchuckatalldon’tyourememberwemade-funofthatgoofyshitwhenthePS3cameout based Move were covered in the […]

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E3 Day 2 Twitter Highlights

If you’ve been following Patrick at E3 you already know what is going on, even what he ate for lunch. But if you haven’t, here are the highlights from the last few hours (the dude is a machine): Dead Rising 2 is just like the first one only prettier. 3D on PS3? not impressed. Watching […]

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Free Motorola Droid on Verizon via Bing Cash-Back (2-year Contract Required)

Whenever we see deals online that make our ears perk up, we repost them here because we can’t be the only ones that think these are saucy. From Dealsea Click here to go to Microsoft Bing. Click on the Wirefly Bing Cashback link on the top. Your Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless is $49.99 – $50 […]

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85% of Windows 7 Machines Regularly Consume 90% of System Ram

Update #1: Big thanks to Chris Hunkele for pointing out this story was complete BS written by an author over at Computer World that got canned afterward. WOOPS! ComputerWorld is running a story about data collected from 22k Windows 7 machines via the exo.performance.net community that shows 85% of machines that are now running Windows […]

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Disable 'Indexing' in Windows 7 to Speed Up Deletion of Many Files

I’ve been on Windows 7 since the RC was released — that coupled with the fact that I’m a blogger makes me an expert, you should trust me and take my word on everything unconditionally — and while I’ve been overall pretty happy (20 tips and tricks, 8GB performance) there have been a few niggles […]

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Video and Pictures from Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Scottsdale

Many thanks to Chris Hunkele for the pics and video’s from the grand opening! If you live in Phoenix or Scottsdale you like saw the news that Microsoft has opened it’s first (new) Microsoft Store in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall and from the looks of things, it was a huge hit. With a few […]

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PS3 May Win… Years From Now with 3D and Motion Control

Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were first announced, we aren’t ashamed to say that we were avid fans of the PS3 platform… much more so than the self-aborting Xbox 360. It was a much higher build quality, the technical achievement of the Cell Processor was ridiculously complex and therefore impressive, it played Blu-ray […]

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Xbox 360 Broken, but Original Nintendo Still Working

Marc Chung just sent this one in, got a kick out of it:

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Windows 7 – It Just Works… As Long as You Don't Use It

I’ve been using Windows 7 since the RC was announced a few months ago and we’ve had quite a bit to say about it — mostly all good. Over the last month I’ve noticed a trend in my Windows 7 install (that I use as my primary desktop and work machine) that was feeling all […]

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