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The Growing Divide in Ubuntu - Apple's Methods meets Linux Community

The Growing Divide in Ubuntu – Apple’s Methods meets Linux Community

This article is my opinion. Mark Shuttleworth is dragging Ubuntu (and by extension) Linux, kicking and screaming into the “design-first” world of computing lead by Apple. This progress requires that he, to some extent, ignore an entire community that has never prided itself on or been particularly good at design aesthetics. Ignoring such a community has… it’s […]

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Amazon AWS Team Announces Official “Amazon Linux” AMIs

The Amazon Web Services team has announced the release of the first officially maintained “Amazon Linux” OS images (AMI) for their EC2 virtual compute platform. The images are actively maintained by the Amazon AWS team and are modified versions a CentOS or Fedora core (unspecified) that are bare-bones and specifically optimized to run on AWS. […]

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Optimizing WordPress Page-Load Pauses with PHP-CGI

For the last 6-months I’ve been trying to deal with mysterious “page load pause” issues with WordPress on my Apache/prefork/mod_php setup. Server load was low, hardware was a 4GB 2-core machine, spent 4 months of that time tweaking MaxClients and other Apache prefork settings until I finally gave up. The behavior I was seeing is hitting […]

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Google Chrome OS Based on Ubuntu

As we type this Google is in the process of announcing their new Chrome OS operating system at a Google Event (TechCrunch Live Coverage). Just like the Chrome browser is based on the Chromium OS project, Chrome OS will be based on the Chromium OS project. Glancing around the source repository for Chromium OS it […]

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Microsoft Games the Bing Search Results

Saw this on Digg, they are search result comparisons between Google and Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine with an $80 million ad campaign behind it: Given those results, I have to imagine Microsoft is going to allow advertisers to pay for higher search result placement — which, like this, will give us more helpful and […]

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Sneak Peak at KDE 4.2

polishlinux.org has put together a great sneak-peak at the current incarnation of what will become KDE 4.2 directly from the SVN repo. Overall 4.2 is looking to be a natural evolution to 4.1, which was a surprising leap over 4.0 from a user’s perspective given how disappointingly 4.0 was received from the end-user community (4.0 […]

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NVIDIA's Linux Performance Woes… Especially on KDE 4.x

Reading through phoronix I ran across an article about NVIDIA’s updated driver release and some links to some forum posts about how NVIDIA’s 2D rendering performance has progressively gotten so bad as the Linux desktop had migrated towards more advanced rendering solutions like XRender (used a lot in KDE 4.x). Some members have said that […]

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KDE 4 Dolphin File Manager Grouping

KDE 4.0 Released

KDE 4 has been released. This release includes… well… a rewrite of KDE. The entirely new desktop shell is called Plasma and includes Mac-esque additions with includes the 3D desktop effects that have been around as well as widgets for the desktop: The file manager was rewritten as well and is now known as Dolphin. […]

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OLPC Being Used by Marc

OLPC Isn't For Giant-Handed People

Preston Lee blogs about Marc Chung’s newest toy: An OLPC. Notice from the picture above that Marc has been cursed with a disease that makes his hands roughly the size of Christmas hams… or the OLPC might just be a lot smaller than I expected (more shots here of Marc’s OLPC, thanks Preston!) Below is […]

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FlyBack Screenshot

Linux "Time Machine" Clone: FlyBack

For the folks on Linux that are hankering for the Time Machine functionality in Leopard FlyBack might be what you were looking for. FlyBack works by creating snapshots of the filesystem using rsync and provides a UI to manage those snapshots and optimizes disk space usage by linking unchanged files back to the last known […]

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Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Theme

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Theme: Gelatin

The snapshot above is of the new “Geltin” mockup theme that is being proposed as the default theme for Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and all releases after that until the next LTS (long term support) release (I believe they are on a 18 month or 2 year cycle for every LTS release. I don’t think […]

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GNOME Murrine Glass Theme

GNOME Murrine Theme Gets Transparent Widgets

Andrea Cimitan, GNOME theme designer and author of the Murrine GTK theme engine, has implement transparent widget support to GTK, allowing for Vista-like transparencies for windows, buttons, etc. Ars explains that the implementation was done by adding RGBA maps to the theme engine and Andrea asserts that similar support for transparency can be added to […]

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Ubuntu “Hardy Heron” Theme Palette

Ubuntu Hardy Heron Theme Work Begins

Work has begun on designing and developing the new theme for Ubuntu’s next release: Hardy Heron. The Ubuntu desktop has used the “Human” theme for quite a while now, and while it’s been quiet attractive, there is work to use a redesigned theme with the upcoming release to really mark the next LTS version (long […]

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3D Compiz Fusion Desktop Plugin

"Real" 3D Desktop with Compiz Fusion

This is pretty slick, it looks like Wondor hacked up an anaglyph plugin for Compiz Fusion to actually re-render the desktop pulling apart R/G/B to give it that 3D effect. The trick is you have to have a pair of 3D glasses laying around to see it in action. And yes, Compiz Fusion is what […]

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Ubuntu Power Saver Settings Could Damage Hard Drive

It seems that the default ACPI (power saving) settings for hard drives while running on battery power mode could be causing your hard drive to run an insane amount of load cycles, manifesting itself in “clicking” sounds and also the hard drive’s mechanical portions to be stressed quite a bit more than normal and life […]

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