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US Govt Legalizes iPhone Jailbreak & Unlocking

Update #1: The world-famous Chris Hunkele has summarized the new rules for us: Allow owners of used cell phones to break access controls on their phones in order to switch wireless carriers. Allow people to break technical protections on video games to investigate or correct security flaws. Allow college professors, film students and documentary filmmakers […]

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30% of Surveyed Female Vets Report Being Raped

I don’t have anything intelligent to say about this other than trying to spread it’s visibility. In a 2003 survey, 30% of female veterans reported being raped during their time in the military with 71% reporting being sexually assaulted. A previous 1995 survey showed 90% of female personnel reporting sexual harassment. News Junkie Post added more details to the […]

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If Martial Law, Arizona Will Secede

If Martial Law, Arizona Will Secede

Update #1: After thinking this issue was dead and gone, it seems the bill is coming back up for voting again. The bill is SB1433 (read it here) and is an attempt at nullify federal law inside of Arizona. I am not yet aware of the motivation to do this, but fully aware of the […]

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New Net Neutrality Bill in the Works

If you were thinking of killing yourself with a hammer or moving to Sweden over the issue of Net Neutrality and the big ISPs inability to play fair when it came to traffic, don’t do it quite yet… there is some light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that US lawmakers are taking […]

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Blue Jeans Cable Pwns Monster Cable

Blue Jeans Cable Pwns Monster Cable

Grant Gochnauer send in this badass piece of news… it looks like Monster Cable company, the world champions of bullshit-priced cabling (that have no real-world performance edge), served Blue Jeans Cable with a cease-and-desist motion targeted at their Tartan line of cables (something having to do with the connectors being “confusingly similar” to what Monster […]

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Best Buy Logo

Best Buy Sucks: $54 Million Lawsuit

In a continued effort to continue sucking at everything except selling, Best Buy was slapped with a $54 million lawsuit after a DC woman Raelyn Campbell had her $1100 laptop lost during a routine warranty repair. Best Buy’s original response to loosing her $1100 machine and all the data on it was “Here’s a $900 […]

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Underwater Internet Cable

3rd Undersea Cable Cut in 3 Days

… really? We are doing just fine for 20 years, a mistake here and there… and then woopsie… 3 cables cut in 3 days? Boat anchors! … seriously? Entire country economies, security and banking infrastructures rely on these things to stay intact, and you are telling me these fucking things aren’t marked on every maritime […]

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The Pirate Bay Logo

4 Indicted from The Pirate Bay

The Local reports that 4 leaders from The Pirate Bay site have been indicted on charges of being accessories to breaking copyright law: Hans Fredrik Neij Per Svartholm Warg Peter Kolmisoppi Carl Lundström While I certainly understand why the US is pressuring Sweden to go after these guys (now that TPB is the biggest BT […]

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Medical Marijuana Vending Machine Opens in L.A.

Robert Heron sent in news that L.A. has deployed it’s first and second medical marijuana vending machines that work in the following fashion (from article): Customers bring their prescriptions for approval at the AVMs, housed in enclosed room guarded 24/7. They are fingerprinted and photographed. They receive a pre-paid credit carded loaded with their individual […]

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Comcast G-Force Marketing

Congress to Investigate the FCC over Comcast Investigation

Confused about why Congress would investigate the FCC? No worries… let me explain: Comcast starts blocking and shaping user traffic quietly and denies it when asked about it. The block and shaping is independent confirmed by techies and researchers The Associated Press finally confirms it and publishes their findings The FCC takes notice, and announces […]

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Florida Hanging Chad Recount

Get Depressed about Politics in the US Fast!

You having a good day today? Things are going along pretty well? Got some extra time on your hands and want to get depressed as hell over the political situation in the United States? Sweet, then read on… Scientists agree the US is “doomed” if a pro-creationist president is elected (e.g. Huckabee or any other […]

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RFID-Based Password

New RFID Passports: Staging for the NAU

We have blogged in the past about the desire of the international bankers to create the North American Union (Canada, United States, Mexico) along with a common currency: The Amero. Now you can watch for yourself as the first steps towards creating this reality are set into place, regardless of the outcry against it. First […]

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Electoral Compass Screenshot

Presidential Candidate Compass

Electoral Compass is a handy Flash-based tool that asks you 25 or so questions to determine where you fall on the compass of political positions with relation to the existing presidential candidates. Not knowing much about the politics of individual candidates, it was a handy  to use this tool to get an idea of where […]

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Super State Map of the World, North American Union, European Union, Pacific Union, African Union

The Bilderberg Group and World Domination

Buckle-up, this is a long one and it’s juicy! Tin-Foil-Hat Wednesday Presents… The Bilderberg Group and World Domination! I love conspiracies theories, and not just the theory itself, but tracking down pieces to it. Sort of like an Indiana Jones movie… except completely sedentary. So anyone I went on a recent internet adventure and had […]

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The World Safe Again… For Now

Sleep easy tonight knowing that a 10-year-old girl from Marion County was arrested last Thursday and taken to Juvenile Assessment Center after she was found cutting her lunch with a knife. WHEW! That was close… too close. When other children were interviewed about the girl, they all said she had never threatened anyone with the […]

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Austin Cop Tazes Driver, Austin Apologizes

This is a pretty cool turn of events. In this video, Cpl. Thomas O’Connor (white) stops Eugene Snelling (black) for going 70 in a 65. O’Connor approaches Snelling’s window and asks for a license and registration, when Snelling asks why he was stopped and then 1 other question, O’Connor begins yelling “LICENSE AND REGISTRATION!”. Snelling […]

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