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Fuck the Earth Day

Robert Heron sent in an awesome link to Jack English’s “Fuck the Earth Day” promotional video, check it out: F*ck the Earth Day – Watch more free videos

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Cat Picture Thursday!

Cause I’m bored, and I Can Has Cheezburger is awesome, here’s a direct rip:

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Netflix Recommendation System Snafu?

So I was looking on Netflix to see how I scored Hitman after a friend asked me about it, and noticed down in the “More Like This” section where Netflix recommends more movies to you… it was telling me if I liked Hitman (Action movie, gore, full frontal nudity) that I might like Cesar Milan: […]

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The Internet Makes Awesome People

This is why the internet is fucking awesome… cause of the people it gives birth to: What? Not that awesome? Then how about these super-badasses? You really have to appreciate the puckered girl-libs and overtanning… oh and the way-too-open-shirts. For some celebrity awesome, check out some other good ones: Paris Hilton’s Never-Changing Expression Lindsay Lohan’s […]

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Battlestar Galactica, Seasons 1-3 Summary Movie

For the fans of the show out there, this is an excellent (and funny) recap of Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of Battlestar Galactica titled “What the Frack?” Just in time for Season 4, thanks VE3D!

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Blowing Cars up With Big Guns

Brian Fernandes just sent this in… it’s the guy from Top Gear being awesome and blowing up cars, that are shot off cliffs, with giant guns and eventually a rocket launcher. I smell a new FPS like Duck Hunt… but awesomer: Target Practice – Watch more free videos

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Google Maps, Street View – Buy Crack!

Marc Chung just sent this in, it’s awesome. Google Maps – Street View looks like it grabbed a great place in town to buy some crack

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Enjoy Life… Like Happy Chair

Saw this over on ICanHasCheezburger, it’s awesome:

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Rudy Bunny Playing Xbox

Everyone Likes Playing XBox

See, everyone likes playing Xbox (Happy Thursday!)

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Thursday is Picture Day

First, something funny: and now something adorable:

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Man Trains Crow to Retrieve Money

NPR reports that Joshua Klein has trained crows to retrieve spare change and drop it off at a receptical in exchange for a peanut. Apparently Josh (J-Dogg I call him) found crows to be the fastest to adapt to this system, figuring it out almost immediately. Here’s a quick 1 min talk J-Money gave on […]

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That is just awesome…

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World of Warcraft - Are You a Male Virgin Adsense Ad

World of Virgincraft

Marc Chung sent this one in… which is just… great, check out the search term and then the Adsense hits:

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Still Alive!

If your as big of a fan of Portal as we are, you all know what the “Still alive” song is. This week it was announced that the song will be available for Rock Bank. Well at the Game Developers Conference on Friday, Jonathan Coulton performed a live demo.

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Scott Adams Song by Committee: She Amazed Me

A long time reader just sent in a fantastic link over to Scott Adams blog (creator of Dilbert) where he asked his readers to submit portions of a song with lyrics that were nonsensical but almost made sense, which seems to be the case with most pop-songs. Anyway, they did and then the German band […]

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Roller Coaster Tycoon Abuse

Goddamn, Robert Heron is on a roll today. He sends in those hilarious “abuse of Roller Coaster Tycoon” that was awesome, but then turns hilarious at the end when you hear the “Weeee!!!” given what is happening: How to Abuse Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: MassacreWatch more DIY videos on 5min.com Ummm P.S.> All this did is […]

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You, Kick Ass

Robert Heron sent this one in, and it just kicks too much ass not to post:

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8 Tips on How to Get Rich Blogging

So, I’ve been blogging for a while… almost 2 years now and I feel like I’ve learned a lot along the way. I want to share with you how I’ve been able to turn my incredible talent for wording into a supplemental income that has made me wealthy (in Uzbekistan). 1. An Idea First you […]

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Person Puked on Self

Commencing… Self-Barf!

Courtesy of failsalon: This guy is a big fan… of something… maybe tacos? I’m not sure, but to have the gusto to puke them back up on yourself just so you could spend more time looking at them… that’s commitment. He should use this for his Match.com profile… “Likes to have a good time and […]

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Music Using Windows Sounds Only

This is pretty awesome, it’s music created using simply the system sounds from a Windows install. I was surprised how cool it could still sound… like music is 80% beat and 20% actual sounds? I guess that is why Stomp is able to exist?

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I Eat Good

So… I ate this today for lunch: I’m on a new training plan… I’m upping my carbs… boosting my amino acids… tweaking with my reps… keeping those sets strong… got my intake manifold carbureted… you know, all that exercise stuff that weight lifters do. I’m doing it… pretty much got it all tied up now. […]

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Crusty the Clown Caused the RRoD

Ted Regulski sent along a link to a great YouTube video… I’m going to share it with you… I’m going to share it and you are going to like it:

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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Bottom

Diabetes is Bad

In a bid to make me throw up and hate him forever Jens Eckels has showered me with images of people with diabetic ulcers. What’s a “diabetic ulcer”? It’s this: and yes, just incase you are curious (or NOT throwing up blood) that is the fatty tissue on his foot dissolving away into an open-body […]

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Lost Logo

Lost – Insider Information

Ok… so I watch Lost. I know most people don’t, it’s sort of one of those “well kept secrets” that I know about. I’ll lend you the DVDs sometime. Anyway, as a watcher of Lost, my passion for the show has gone something like this: Season 1: OMG… this is so weird… I love it! […]

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