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Mitsubishi Announces Seamless 1080p to 4k2k Upscaling

Thanks goes to Akihabara News for the heads up that Mitsubishi has announced seamless HD upscaling to 4k2k resolution. The technology currently supports HDMI 1.4 spec but no direct Blu-ray upscaling according to Mitsubishi — which we don’t entirely understand. If the display is upscaling the signal it’s getting, what does it care of it’s […]

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Vizio VP505XVT 50″ Plasma TV – King of Value, PC Mag Editor’s Choice

Some quick background, Vizio broke out onto the scene with the most value-minded (read: cheapest) televisions at Costco and eventually other major retailers, servicing the middle to low end crowd with affordible HDTVs that performed OK. Since then Vizio’s business and ability to execute at delivering increasingly better panels, still targeted to the mid-range, have […]

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Review of The World's Largest TVs

Have you ever wanted to destroy yourself financially because you were bored? Or walk into your bank and try and take out a mortgage for a television? Yep, me too. Well thanks to our friends over at Clearly-AV, you will know exactly which TV to purchase to most effectively sink you into a blackhole of […]

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Real Rendering Resolutions of Console Games

Robert Heron sent in a pretty cool link over to the Beyond3D forums where a list of popular games and their true rendering resolutions were given. For Reference: 1080p = 1920×1080 720p = 1280×720 Here’s a snippet as an example: Army of Two = 720p (no AA, downscaled to 685p with black borders, no adjustable […]

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Blu-ray Logo

PS3 2.20 Firmware Released

Ted Regulski sends in the scoop that Firmware 2.20 is released, this is the one that includes the BD-Live support that is part of the Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0. Some of the other stuff in this release: The ability to copy PS3 Music and Photo playlists to a PSP system. We introduced the ability to […]

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Wal-Mart Going Blu-ray Exclusive by June

Ted Regulski, AKA Ted “The Ted Man” Regulski, sent in news that Susan Chronister from Wal-Mart has confirmed that the employee-raping giant will go Blu-ray exclusive by June with no plans to continue stocking HD-DVD media or players. So everyone that bought a $99 HD-DVD… yea… that freaking sucks

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Best Buy Logo

Best Buy Recommends Blu-ray over HD-DVD

Laurence Hartje, staying on-top of the death of HD-DVD, sent in news that Best Buy has taken the official stance of recommending Blu-ray to customers over HD-DVD when asked about which HD format to support. We already covered all the major studios (except Universal) moving over to Blu-ray, and Netflix announcing Blu-ray only support (Blockbuster […]

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Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix

Netflix picks Blu-ray (See ya HD-DVD!)

Laurence Hartje just sent in news that Netflix has decided to go Blu-ray as a response to the trend of other major studios doing the same. While you can still add HD-DVD movies to your queue as of this morning, I don’t know how much longer those disks will stay in circulation. My guess is […]

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Tvcompass SR1500 DMR

WiFi Universal Remote Platform Introduced

Tvcompass has announced a Windows-CE based WiFi enabled universal remote that can sync/install device codes and back itself up using 802.11b & g. The device seems to be more of a platform for universal remotes (to be sold with cable STBs and services) than it does seem to be an end user product. Tvcompass is […]

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Blu-ray Player Capability Matrix

Blu-ray Player Capability Matrix

idoblu.co.uk has put together a matrix (for your reference) of all the Blu-ray players out there and their capabilities (thanks Engadget!) So next time you head over to Amazon looking for a Blu-ray player, you can quick-check this matrix and see which one you should pick up. TIP: PS3 FTW!

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Dish Network Logo

Dish Network Launches Kick-Ass HD Package

Dish Network decided to be a badass and start offering HD-Only and HD-Only-Plus-Some-Popular-SD-Channel packages that start at $30/mo for the HD jockies out there. Pretty nice offering, not only for listening to their customers but for the price point, when you consider that most other providers charge a $10/month additional fee for basic HD channels […]

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Dolphin Pwned

Blu-ray Continues to Destroy HD-DVD

Ouch, it just won’t stop. First Warner announces it’s going Blu-ray exclusive, then it is noticed that Paramount can get out if it’s HD-DVD exclusivity contract due to Warner moving and many speculate it will. Now HBO says it will go Blu-ray exclusive and apparently Universal (the last studio left under HD-DVD) has it’s exclusivity […]

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Mitsubishi Laser-Based TVs

CES: Mitsubishi Laser-Based TVs Looking Beautiful

Giz is reporting that Mitsubishi’s upcoming laser-based RPTVs are looking pretty awesome with some of the most vibrant colors and deepest blacks they’ve seen. Giz also has some good shots of the TV from the side, and it looks about the same depth of some of the thinner RPTVs out there (maybe about 14-16″ deep?) […]

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XstreamHD Logo

CES: XstreamHD Promises the World

I had never heard of XstreamHD before, but saw a quick note on EngadgetHD that the press event is scheduled to start at 11am PST today. It was then that I suddenly became painfully aware of what XstreamHD is promising to deliver… and how crazy it would be if they succeed, give it a glance: […]

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