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Guitar Hero: World Tour Review Summary: Close, But No Cigar

For all the gamers out there sitting on the fence waiting to either decide between Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour (or both, possibly), we are here to tell you the following: Unless you have to have Guitar Hero, the instrument issues (drums specifically) make us recommend you get Rock Band 2. Very […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Compatible with Rock Band Instruments

… but that won’t stop Activision (Guitar Hero publishers) from acting like children. Apparently the wording on the Rock Band games is essentially “compatible with most music game controllers”, while Activisions position is “Activision expressly prohibits the use of non-Guitar Hero controllers”… but they are still compatible. So these franchises agreed to make their devices […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Reviews Suggest Not Better Than Rock Band 2

Uh oh, it looks like we might have been wrong on this one. Preliminary reviews of Guitar Hero: World Tour suggest that things might not be as rosey in the Guitar Hero camp as originally thought with their first foray into the “full band” experience. Unlocking Songs In previous Guitar Hero titles songs were always […]

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Logitech Launches Ultra-Premium Guitar Hero Guitar for Playstation 3

No more rumors, Logitech’s claim at making “premium components for Guitar Hero” are real and Logitech wants your money this holiday season… they want all of it. If you are a Guitar Hero fan, you might want to sell some junk to get some scratch together because Logitech has dropped a bomb with their new […]

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Fall 2008 Must-Have Co-Op Xbox 360 and PS3 Titles

There is no avoiding it, multiplayer support in a game, even the longest RPG, can extend a game’s life well beyond it’s initial single-player play through; even allowing the game to grow into it’s own cult status like a Halo or Counter Strike. While most players used to seem pretty satisfied with Death Match or […]

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Peak Wood Guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero

It looks like a peripherals company named Peak has busted out a trump card for Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics in the form of a full-sized, wooden guitar for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero titles. Combining this with the Ion Drum set ($300) for Rock Band that will melt your face off already, if you […]

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GDC: Guitar Hero: World Tour Bon Jovi Gameplay Video

Hot on the heels of the high resolution screenshots from the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour, we have gameplay video of a band performing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”, check it out:

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GDC: Guitar Hero: World Tour High Resolution Screenshots

One of the big complaints from players of the Guitar Hero series has been the graphics of the game looking too “last gen”. A lot of folks don’t necessarily play the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games for epic graphics, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them. We’ve got some high res screenshots showing […]

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Rock Band 2 Bundle Delayed a Month

Bah, it looks like the Rock Band 2 complete bundle (game + instruments) will be delayed an entire month until October 19th and only the game itself will be available at the original September 14th release date with the option to buy the instruments separately. Unfortunately for gamers that don’t already have the complete Rock […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Box Art Released

Well there it is, in all it’s glory… what we have been waiting for. Guitar Hero: The Complete Band Game (World Tour). I’m digging the art for it and Amazon has it listed as a October 27, 2008 ship date so get your pre-orders in folks… I think the war between Guitar Hero and Rock […]

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Logitech to Make Premium Guitar Hero: World Tour Instruments

Given that we have been ontop of this Guitar Hero: World Tour thing like flies on… a picnic sandwich, we had to cover Logitech’s co-announcement with Activision that they will be producing “premium instruments” for the Guitar Hero: World Tour release on all 3 consoles starting later this year. No details are known yet about […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Supports Any Electronic Drum Set with MIDI Port

Wired is reporting that at E3, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright confirmed that Rock Band (the original one) instruments would not only work fine with Guitar Hero: World Tour, but that you could use any electronic drum set with the game as it will ship with a MIDI connection on the back of the drum […]

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Rock Band 2 Confirmed Artist and Song Track List

We have been covering Rock Band 2 (more) and Guitar Hero: World Tour (more) mercilessly with the impending war looming between the two franchises. One of the most popular questions that keeps coming up so far is about the artist and song lists for Rock Band 2 and Gutiar Hero: World Tour. We continue to […]

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Rock Band 2 Drums Unchanged, But Can Be Extended for $$$?

In our coverage of the inevitable world-ending battle that will ensue when both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour come out, we have covered everything from the drums, to the guitars, to the song and artist lineups, to the game features themselves. (Pictured: Guitar Hero: World Tour wireless drum set with cymbals) One […]

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Rock Band 2 Guitar and Screenshots How Does it Compare to Guitar Hero: World Tour?

Staying on-top of the Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero: World Tour craze is hard business. First we find out that Guitar Hero: World Tour will have all sorts of sexy Guitar enhancements, wireless drums and song-creation features! Then we get a peek at the Guitar Hero: World Tour artist and song list… looking hot, […]

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Rock Band 2 Will Have Wireless Drums Like Guitar Hero World Tour

Not willing to sit back on their hands while Guitar Hero: World Tour hypothetically hands their ass to them, via a product listing on Amazon, Harmonix has indirectly confirmed that Rock Band 2 will also include a wireless drum set priced at $89.99. Expected street date of September 14th for Rock Band 2… so this […]

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Rock Band 2 May Get "Radically Different" Music Creation Tools

News is trickling out that while Guitar Hero: World Tour will pioneer the custom-music-creation tooling for “band gaming”, Rock Band 2 won’t have the feature out of the gate but may add something “radically different” down the road to the game. So as we get closer to these September and October release dates for the […]

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Sons of Butcher: F*ck the Sh*t & Guitar Hero

Well this is just awesome. If you’ve never heard this song, it’s just this band singing the F word and S word… but it’s catchy: To boot, apparently you can play it on Guitar Hero 2 as well, ha! Thanks Brian Fernandes!

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Rock Band 2 Guitar Pictures

We’ve been covering the up-coming war between Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2 as the details unfold… this is mostly because I finally played one of these games and see why people like them so much; they are pretty fun. Since Guitar Hero: World Tour got the announcement-drop on Rock Band 2, Rock […]

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Artist Lineup for Guitar Hero: World Tour and Rock Band 2

With the internet abuzz with questions like “Will Guitar Hero: World Tour be better than Rock Band?” and seeing that Rock Band 2 is right around the corner to bring another refresh to the winning franchise… the real question is which franchise do you want to get hooked into? Music line-up is probably one of […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Blows Away Rock Band

Update #1: As the preliminary reviews of Guitar Hero: World Tour trickle in, it seems that things might be closer of a race than we originally thought. Check it out. I have completely ignored the instrument-based-video-game fad over the last few years, that includes: Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band I […]

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Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offer

Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offered

Brad Agdern sent in news that Activision has offered a complete $132 refund for Guitar Hero III for the Wii or a remastered replacement disk for folks that were put out by the audio on the Guitar Hero III not being Dolby Surround even though it was advertised as such. A pretty nice move considering […]

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