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New Rhythm Game DLC Release Info

Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour both had new songs available for download this week. Guitar Hero: World Tour added a Wings Track pack for $5.50 (440 Microsoft Points) that contains “Junior’s Farm”, ” Hi Hi Hi”, and “Jet”. You can also get the songs indivigually for $2 (160 Microsoft Points) each.  Rock […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Stand alone Instruments Priced

RedOctane announcd today that the stand alone drums and guitar for Guitar Hero: World Tour will be releasing this month. They have not specified an exact date yet but both are available on the RedOctain site for pre-order. The stand alone guitar will set you back $60 and the drums are $100.  I’m actually a […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour February DLC

I got a press release from Activision today laying out their song release plans for February.  Here is the quick breakdown or you can read the full release below. While it would be nice to see releases weekly for Guitar Hero: World Tour, but even without weekly releases I’m glad to see a month’s worth […]

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Guitar Hero: Metallica Full Set List

Metallica continues to release more information about the upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica on Metallica.com before Activision posts any similar news.  In addition to restating that the release will be on March 29th, 2009 and posting the above screenshot, they released the full game’s set list.  They do footnote that the track list is subject to […]

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Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC This Week

Both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour added some new songs this week to their respective libraries.  Harmonix actually released two different sets of Rock Band 2 songs this week.  One group for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and another for the Wii. On Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 you can now […]

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Guitar Hero: Metallica Update

GameStop posted their pre-order options for Guitar Hero: Metallica and have given us a little more information about the release.  They list the release date as March 29th 2009.  I’m a little sceptical of this since there has not been a lot of official news out yet and that is less than 3 months away, […]

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This Week's Music Game DLC – 12/30/2008

With only 2 days left in 2008 both Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour released some additional downloadable content.  All seven of the songs released between the two games will cost you $2 each (160 Microsoft Points). For both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 there are four new songs. “Space Truckin’”–Deep Purple “Hymn […]

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Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer

While Activision has not yet even announced Guitar Hero: Metallica yet that has not stopped Metallica from releasing a trailer for it on their website. If you’re a Metallica fan and thinking of getting the game when it releases be prepared for some pretty hard some. Here is the trailer:

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Instrument Compatibilty Matrix

Rock Band 2 – Guitar Hero World Tour Instrument Compatibility

With the gift giving season upon us I’ve noticed a lot people with questions about which music game peripherals are compatible with each other.  With three different gaming consoles and two major new music games released recently there are a lot of possible game to instrument combinations available. Fortunatley Joystiq.com jas put together a Compatibility […]

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Country Music and Lips Mic Coming to Rock Band 2

For all of you who have been asking for a “Country Band” version of Rock Band your first step in that direction comes next Tuesday, December 17th 2008, when Rock Band 2 gets its first country songs. Harmonix announced today that Rock Band 2 will be getting five country songs next week.  They are: Brad […]

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Weekly Music Game Downloadable Content

Seems like every week there is more downloadable content for music games announced.  Fortunately the publishers are starting to give a little more advanced notice than they were a few months back. Rock Band / Rock Band 2 has nine songs released this week and it looks like another  next week. This Week’s Tracks: Children […]

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Xbox 360 Music Game DLC For The Last Week

The stream of downloadable songs for the music games available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 seems to be unending. Last Thursday Guitar Hero: World Tour added a Raconteurs Track Pack that has features “Consoler of the Lonely”, “Hold Up”, and “Salute Your Solution” by The Raconteurs.  This pack will set you back $5.50 […]

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Warning: Lips Mic Not Cross Game Compatible

There was a time in the not to distant past where music game peripherals were not cross game compatible, but with the current iteration of Guitar Hero: World Tour, Rock Band 2, and Rock Revolution the developers and publishers involved listened to the consumers complaints about having to repeatedly buy new plastic instruments with each […]

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Upcoming Downloadable Content for Music Games

If you play you’re preferred music game anything like I do, at least 3 or 4 songs a day with longer stretches on the weekend, you’ve probably downloaded a few songs to expand your music gaming library.  Both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour have had a pretty steady stream of additional songs […]

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Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Tuning Kit Now Available

Less than a week after announcing it was being worked on Activision and Red Octane have released the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Tuning Kit to help Guitar Hero World Tour owners who have drums with sensitivity issues.  While I’m still surprised the issues with the Drums exist in the first place I am pretty […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Review Summary: Close, But No Cigar

For all the gamers out there sitting on the fence waiting to either decide between Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour (or both, possibly), we are here to tell you the following: Unless you have to have Guitar Hero, the instrument issues (drums specifically) make us recommend you get Rock Band 2. Very […]

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Warning: Guitar Hero World Tour Drums May Be Fault

Across the internet reports are coming in that the Guitar Hero World Tour drums are having issues.  Most of these reports are complaining about the cymbals registering extra hits or the pads not registering hits unless played very hard.  Today Activision confirmed that there are “sensitivity issues” with the drums and that they would be […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Compatible with Rock Band Instruments

… but that won’t stop Activision (Guitar Hero publishers) from acting like children. Apparently the wording on the Rock Band games is essentially “compatible with most music game controllers”, while Activisions position is “Activision expressly prohibits the use of non-Guitar Hero controllers”… but they are still compatible. So these franchises agreed to make their devices […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Reviews Suggest Not Better Than Rock Band 2

Uh oh, it looks like we might have been wrong on this one. Preliminary reviews of Guitar Hero: World Tour suggest that things might not be as rosey in the Guitar Hero camp as originally thought with their first foray into the “full band” experience. Unlocking Songs In previous Guitar Hero titles songs were always […]

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Logitech Launches Ultra-Premium Guitar Hero Guitar for Playstation 3

No more rumors, Logitech’s claim at making “premium components for Guitar Hero” are real and Logitech wants your money this holiday season… they want all of it. If you are a Guitar Hero fan, you might want to sell some junk to get some scratch together because Logitech has dropped a bomb with their new […]

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Fall 2008 Must-Have Co-Op Xbox 360 and PS3 Titles

There is no avoiding it, multiplayer support in a game, even the longest RPG, can extend a game’s life well beyond it’s initial single-player play through; even allowing the game to grow into it’s own cult status like a Halo or Counter Strike. While most players used to seem pretty satisfied with Death Match or […]

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Peak Wood Guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero

It looks like a peripherals company named Peak has busted out a trump card for Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics in the form of a full-sized, wooden guitar for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero titles. Combining this with the Ion Drum set ($300) for Rock Band that will melt your face off already, if you […]

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GDC: Guitar Hero: World Tour Bon Jovi Gameplay Video

Hot on the heels of the high resolution screenshots from the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour, we have gameplay video of a band performing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”, check it out:

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GDC: Guitar Hero: World Tour High Resolution Screenshots

One of the big complaints from players of the Guitar Hero series has been the graphics of the game looking too “last gen”. A lot of folks don’t necessarily play the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games for epic graphics, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have them. We’ve got some high res screenshots showing […]

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