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Chrome Dev Adds Support for ICC v2 Color Profiles

Grant Gochnauer sends in news that Chrome Dev (the development branch of Google’s Chrome browser) just added support for ICC v2 Color Profiles. You can enable the new functionality using the –enable-monitor-profile command line argument when launching the Chrome browser, for example: C:\[PATH]\chrome.exe –enable-monitor-profile Let the graphic folk out there rejoice, you now have another […]

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FFmpeg’s VP8 Decoder 62% Faster Than Google’s

The FFmpeg team has completed the initial implementation of their new VP8 decoder and early benchmarks are showing it up to 62% faster than Google’s own VP8 decoder: libvpx. A few weeks ago we covered the announcement that the FFmpeg video-codec team had decided to build their own VP8 decoder and did an initial implementation […]

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FFmpeg Team Implements a WebM/VP8 Decoder in 1400 Lines of C

Some quick background on the state of video codecs: H.264 is the most popular video codec for online and offline (Blu-ray / HD captures) videos H.264 is encumbered by patents and licenses required for usage, administered by the privately held company MPEG LA. Online video publishing/creation/distribution and popularity is increasing at an astronomical rate Companies […]

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Google Adsense is Hilarious Sometimes

If you are familiar with our “Monkey has Way with Frog” post then you know what happens… and it’s not so good for the frog. What is funny though, is when Google Adsense picks up the context of the post and displays unintentionally funny ads, like so: Romantic get-away indeed! For what it’s worth, I […]

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Funny Opera Browser Speed Test

I suppose Google put together a Rube-Goldberg “speed test” of the Chrome browser and Opera decided to 1-up them with what I found a hugely entertaining and funny “Opera Browser vs a Potato” speed test video. A lot of what I found to be gold about this video was that it’s more like an SNL […]

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Google Finalizes On2 Video Codec Company Acquisition

The Register reports that Google has finalized it’s acquisition of On2 Technologies for a total of $124.6 million ($18 million more than originally offered). On2 Technologies produced the VP3 codec and open-sourced it as the platform for the Ogg Theora video codec. The company continued development on their proprietary video compression and playback codecs and […]

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Would Google Buy T-Mobile?

As of late Deutsche Telekom, European parent to the US’s “T-Mobile” cell company, has been feeling out the waters around possibly spinning off it’s stateside arm into a standalone corporation no longer under the operating umbrella of DT. T-Mobile, the US-branch of DT, is the 4th largest cell carrier in the US, lagging far behind […]

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Google's Unsubsidized Nexus One on T-Mobile is NOT $49

George Thiruva, over at Gadgetopolis, has put together one of the most confusing examples of math I’ve ever seen and came to the conclusion that Google’s unlocked, $529, Nexus One is only $49 when coupled with T-Mobile. Here’s a snippet: So, the real cost of an unlimited everything plan is $99.99/mo for subsidized phone buyers. […]

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Slow Nexus One Sales Do Not Matter to Google Right Now

Google’s brand new Android super-phone, the Nexus One, may not be selling as quickly as one would have hoped after the incredibly persistent marketing strategy by Google. Anecdotally-speaking, for 4 days after the phone was released all I saw on almost any site I visited were “Nexus One” ads being hosted up by Google AdSense; so […]

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Unpredictable 3G Coverage from T-Mobile on Nexus One

Update #5: Slashdot poster jtownatjunk.net made an interesting point in this comment, stating that cell phones are designed to constantly search for and lock into the strongest signal, not the fastest signal. Which was sensible logic up until about 2005 when high speed data networks started getting rolled out en-mass. Would be interesting if that […]

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