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SteelSeries Spectrum Preview

As I mentioned in yesterday’s summary, I sat down with the SteelSeries people about their new line of Xbox 360 audio peripherals. SteelSeries is mostly known for PC products designed with professional competitive gamers in mind. When they decided to get into the console market they went to the 360 and they brought the experience […]

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Digg is Gamed by Retardation

Digg is an entertaining site, much like reading The Superficial is. I don’t turn to Digg for real news or hot topics unless I feel in the mood to pour through a 10:1 ratio of stupid shit to real honest to god interesting content. Today I saw the “Top in All” list above and thought […]

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Sony PS3 Will Deliver 3D Experience After All

We speculated back in August that the stars were starting to align for Sony around a Motion-controlled/3D future for the PS3. Our confidence in this fact centered around the recent motion-controlled demonstration that Sony gave for the PS3 at E3. Combined with the never-used EyeToy camera, what Sony was showing off looked comparable, if not […]

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PS3 May Win… Years From Now with 3D and Motion Control

Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were first announced, we aren’t ashamed to say that we were avid fans of the PS3 platform… much more so than the self-aborting Xbox 360. It was a much higher build quality, the technical achievement of the Cell Processor was ridiculously complex and therefore impressive, it played Blu-ray […]

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Controlling the Future of Gaming and Entertainment Starts with Game Consoles

A study by JPR found the PC gaming market to be 2.6x larger than console gaming market… that includes every Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii together (totally somewhere around 74.7 million units worldwide) with an estimated 196 million “gaming machine” class of PC shipped world wide. Yet, big companies and analysts have been claiming that […]

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The PC Game Market is Not Dead

You remember that old saying “Follow the money?” whenever you wanted to find the answer to something? It still applies… For years now PC Gaming has “been dying” and giving way to consoles; the more locked down, publiser/advertiser friendly, vendor lock-in-encouraging devices that have meant to replace the 20 billion PC gamers on the planet. […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Impressions

Ok, this is a mini-mini-review of GTA4 for the folks that haven’t played it yet: 5min Impressions: This is totally GTA3/VC/SA + more complex city, better graphics (not amazing). Controls and movement feel sluggish, I think it has to do with the animation blending Performance is on par with other GTAs… 20-30fps range, not smooth […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked

Damn… so Kotaku has the scoop that iCON (a ripping group) has gotten their hands on a stolen GTA4 game disk for the Xbox 360, ripped it and leak it onto the net. Apparently folks were posting gameplay movies to GameTrailers and YouTube this morning, I found a few, but they are getting ripped down […]

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Real Rendering Resolutions of Console Games

Robert Heron sent in a pretty cool link over to the Beyond3D forums where a list of popular games and their true rendering resolutions were given. For Reference: 1080p = 1920×1080 720p = 1280×720 Here’s a snippet as an example: Army of Two = 720p (no AA, downscaled to 685p with black borders, no adjustable […]

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GameStop Tries to Fuck Penny Arcade

As you guys know the Penny Arcade guys are working on a game with HotHead and is due out in a few months. They announced recently that they would be digitally distributing the game for Windows, Linux and Mac digitally and I think everyone assumed Valve’s Steam… or some service like Steam. As it turns […]

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Gears of War Movie, Confirmed 2010

Well it’s official, looks like New Line (now Warner Bros) is going to go forward with the Gears of War movie: “We’ve got our script on and a director we’re about to attach. We’ll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010,” said Godfrey. If you haven’t caught it already, there has […]

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Condemned 2: Scary Fucking Game

Ok so I got a chance to download and play the Condemned 2 demo from PSN (I never played Condemned 1) and I have to say… that is a scary fucking game. Remember how Jericho was suppose to be super scary and it ended up just being a mindless shooter that didn’t do any 1 […]

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review (PS3)

Summary [6.5 out of 10] Kane & Lynch is an idea for a good game, wrapped in 2 obnoxious technical mechanics (controls and cover), last-gen graphics and obnoxiously repetitive/punishing level design and gameplay elements. Introduction I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted by the marketing of Kane & Lynch and wanted to get it, even after all […]

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Finding a Comprehensive List of New & Future Video Games

NOTE: This article may invoke feelings of “No Shit Sherlock” in some of you, I’d encourage you to post those feelings as comments… maybe even a “You are a FAG!” would help… those are always appreciated and helpful to everyone reading. This tip is a little obscure, but it’s one that has driven me crazy […]

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Guitar Hero III (Wii) Standalone Guitars: $69

Chris Hunkele sends in the scoop that Red Octane has the Wii Guitar Hero III standalone guitars up for sale, grab one if you need it!

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Grand Theft Auto 4: 100hrs To Complete

Interesting blurb, it looks like if you decide to all aspects of GTA 4, you are looking at around 100 hrs of gameplay… the trick is that “side missions” and “main missions” are going to be harder to tell apart… so you might just end up playing most of the game without realizing it. I […]

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Gears of War 2 Logo

Gears of War 2: November

Well it looks like Chris Hunkele was right, Gears of War 2 is coming and the seed came out of GDC as expected. It’s looking like a November release, Xbox 360 exclusive, will graphically push the Xbox fairly hard, and as a result, we will all have RRoDs to deal with right after launch. Ohhhhhh […]

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Activision’s Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offer

Guitar Hero 3 Wii Refund Offered

Brad Agdern sent in news that Activision has offered a complete $132 refund for Guitar Hero III for the Wii or a remastered replacement disk for folks that were put out by the audio on the Guitar Hero III not being Dolby Surround even though it was advertised as such. A pretty nice move considering […]

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Amazon to Offer Games for Download

Hrrm… job posting from Gamasutra suggests that Amazon is working on downloadable game service to compete with Valve’s Steam, EA’s service and isn’t there another already? Direct to Drive or something? I have no idea why Console are so popular.. people LOVE 9 competing choices for the same service… it’s SUPER AWESOME *tugs on hair*

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Alone in the Dark 5 Looks Awesome

Hot damn, just caught this Alone in the Dark 5 tech demo video from Kotaku and it’s looking hot… for the Resident Evil, Condemned and Riddick fans out there, I think this will whet your whistle.

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NVIDIA Physics Engine, CUDA-Based

In a correction to yesterday’s story about NVIDIA integrating the PhysX engine work from the AGEIA purchase, Laurence Hartje sends in news that it looks like the physics engine is being ported to CUDA, NVIDIA’s software platform for executing generic code on a GPU. So it’s possible when the time is right, that this upgrade […]

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NVIDIA to add PhysX Engine to Cards

Grant Gochnauer sends along some pretty cool gaming news, Shack reports that NVIDIA confirmed they will be integrated the PhysX physics engine technology from the AGEIA purchase onto their graphics cards. The one thing I’m curious about is… how? These things weren’t small to start off with, looking like smallish video cards as it was: […]

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Mass Effect Coming to PC (OMGZ!)

(Take the time to read the conversation tree in the screenshot) Well in a move that everyone saw coming, BioWare announced that Mass Effect will be coming to the PC this May. Oh, and after paying $775 million, you better believe Mass Effect will be coming to PS3 as well by Christmas.

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NEO GEO Arcade Stick Coming to Wii

Suh-weet. For the folks out there <cough>me</cough> that had a NEO GEO and fell in love with the arcade stick that it had, you can rejoice in knowing it will be coming to the Wii shortly. I’m not sure there are fighters on the Wii and VC that are so badass that the NEO GEO […]

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