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Thoughts on Finishing Killzone 2

Whenever the sequel to a big-budget game comes out, and I haven’t played the original, I try and make the time to go back and play it just so I can figure out what is going on. That happened with Crysis this week (in preparation of Crysis 2) and Killzone 2 (in preparation for Killzone […]

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My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

My Thoughts on Finishing the Original Crysis

SPOILER WARNING: I am discussing my thoughts on finishing Crysis (finally) so spoilers will be present. I bought Crysis a year or so after it came out via EA’s online store and as much media as I had consumed before the game’s release, I was still blown away by the graphics. I played the game […]

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Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 Looks Excellent

If there is one thing the launch and subsequent existence of the Xbox 360 and PS3 have taught me: Impressive specs mean very little. You could say the Nintendo Wii and gaming on the iPhone showed us that, but I would argue that with all the chest-puffing Sony did over the PS3 and eventual graphical […]

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Desktop Tower Defense + Unreal Engine + iPad

Trendy Entertainment is set to bring one of the most beautiful renditions of the Tower Defense gameplay mechanic to the iPad soon with Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Like the much-ballyhooed “Infinity Blade” title that just came out for iPad, DD: First Wave uses the Unreal engine and brings with it some stellar looking graphics to the […]

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The UnderGarden (Xbox Live Arcade) Review

Summary The UnderGarden is a cute, artistic and calming romp through a bioluminescent underwater world full of dormant plants that you need to repopulate. The only challenges you encounter in the game are physics puzzles that must be solved to continue through the level. The use of simple, tonal music combined with the colorful flora […]

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Looks Excellent

With a God of War heritage and MercurySteam’s unexpected talent at creating graphical marvels, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is shaping up to look like a beautiful launch for October. My first interaction with MercurySteam’s was their work on developing Clive Barker’s Jericho. As much as I liked the story (I’m a horror fan) and was […]

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Postal 3 Gameplay Video – Good or Bad Path

For fans of nonsense, violent hilarity you probably already know about the Postal game series by fellow Tucson developer, Running with Scissors. RWS has been working on Postal 3, their followup to their 2003 underground humor-gore hit Postal 2. If you aren’t that familiar with Postal 2, it’s a FPS core wrapped in a world […]

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Kane & Lynch 2 is Looking Cool?

1. Looks surprisingly good… check the scene where they are running up the collapsed bridge towards the bus… the sky lighting is almost perfect and makes that scene and the bus/bridge look ultra realistic. 2. The sounds are BEAUTIFUL… check out how solid and powerful the gun fire and body hits sound… me likey! 3. Not quite as […]

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BioShock 2 (PC) Review

Summary [8 out of 10] True-to-form I ran through BioShock 1 for the first time in preparation for BioShock 2, and last night I finally wrapped up BioShock 2 (fighting through the keybinding bugs on the PC) and found it to be an excellent continuation of the BioShock story, feeling very much like the first one […]

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots

Well it’s coming and everyone is waiting for it, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2, so we figured we’d put up as many screenshots as we could find that were tasty. Unfortunately it looks like still no main-story-line co-op, but they are offering co-op in the SpecOps mode which is taking down foes in special […]

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Terminator Salvation (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [5.5 out of 10] Terminator Salvation is a terrible game whose unfinished feel, technical hickups and terribly scripted sequences all punish the player for trying to play it. Terminator Salvation has the feel of a game that only had 8 months of development time in order to make it’s launch along-side the movie. I […]

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Virtua Tennis 2009 – 4 Player Co-op

If you are a fan of tennis (either games or the sport), I imagine you were torn last year between getting Virtua Tennis 3 or Top Spin 3 — I was, and I ended up getting both. Let me sum up the difference for you: Virtua Tennis series is more arcade-style tennis — meaning it’s […]

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