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Grand Theft Auto 4 Like Gears of War

As the GTA4 marketing campaign livens up for a Q2 release of GTA4, IGN got some poop about how the shooting mechanics in GTA4 will be much more like Gears of War (with a proper cover and aiming mechanic) that gamers have come to expect from shooters (cough COD4)  like Uncharted and Gears of War. […]

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Resistance 2 Screenshot

Resistance 2 Screenshots

Ted Regulski sends in news of simply “This is why you own a PS3″ then points to the NeoGAF thread with the new released screenshots for Resistance 2 are. Given what Insomniac did with Resistance: Fall of Man, and the expertise they showed to create the best launch title for the PS3, then following that […]

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World of Warcraft Logo

World of Moneycraft

Holy piss-goblins… World of Warcraft officially passed the 10 million player mark. Let’s break that down… 10,000,000 x $15/mo = $150,000,000/mo 150,000,000 x 12 months = $1,800,000,000 Umm… this game makes Blizzard almost $2 billion a year. I think… yep… that’s more than I make right now. I think the US Govt should retire the […]

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Circuit City Game Clearance: $8.96

CC is having a mega-clearance sale on many games across the XBox, GameCube, PSP, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, and PS2 – Every game is $8.96. Each stores inventory is not the same so, YMMV. Click below to see the full list:

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CES: DLP Dual-View TV for Local Co-Op Gaming

I’m giving this the “stupidest tech at CES” award. With multiplayer on the rise, broadband becoming more and more pervasive… the need to invest a dual-display DLP that requires wearing stupid special glasses in order for 2 players to see 2 separate images from the same TV in order to cater to local multiplayer only… […]

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CES: Alienware Wrap-Around Gaming Monitor

Grant Gochnauer just sent in this goodie. It’s the new Alienware curved gaming monitor: And yes, for the astute folks out there, it is a DLP-based monitor (just as the tech is dying in HDTVs, gaming monitor folks pick it up… why?) and has a response time of 0.02ms, so more or less instant. The […]

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Crysis Physics: 3000 Barrels

For the readers that remember the “Crysis Extreme Physics” post from a few weeks ago, here’s a new one to whet your appetite: Just a reminder, this isn’t a movie recorded at real time. The processing power required to actually calculate all those physical bodies is something that no PC can do right now. The […]

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Box Art

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review (PS3)

Summary Introduction Review Running and Gunning Jumping Around (Platforming) Story and Environment Conclusion Areas of Improvement Bonus (End of Game) Summary [7.5 out of 10] Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is a diamond smeared with peanut butter. Uncharted oozes polish from every pore except for shooting mechanics… and unfortunately for it, shooting makes up more than 1/2 […]

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White Gold Screenshot

How Would You Feel About Topless Women in Games?

This is the question Deep Shadows, developers of White Gold, asked their users recently in the official forums. Seriously? What would gamers, say 90%+ ratio for FPSs, think of topless women in games? Here’s a hint… topless women have been awesome since Duke Nukem 3D: Also it’s a scientific fact that boobs are more awesome […]

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Amazon Game Blow-Out Sale (Up to 50%)

VE3D had the scoop on a game blow-out sale, for all platforms, that Amazon was having. Some games, mostly the PC games, are heavily discounted down to about 50%, but there are plenty of games for the PS3, XBox 360 and Wii that look tasty on the list. My quick picks for you guys (this […]

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Ghostbusters Screenshot

Ghostbusters Preview

We covered Ghostbusters before with a brief segment showing what the gameplay with the proton pack looks like, but IGN AU has coughed up a great preview of the game along with lots of snazzy screenshots. Word on the street is that the tech lead on Ghostbusters is really toughing just how much time they […]

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Assassin's Creed Review (PS3)

Summary [8 out of 10] Assassin’s Creed, if played right, is fantastic. The epic story (dual-intertwined story arcs), flawless animations, excellent voice acting, striking environments and generally excellent graphics will have you hooked if played in chunks. Trying to burn through the game end-to-end in a marathon could leave you annoyed with some the repetitive […]

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Extreme Physics in Crysis

These are some pretty sweet physics in Crysis, some of the more interesting stuff (like a giant man made out of 1000s of boxes) start around 2mins in and go to the end, pretty entertaining to watch. NOTE: No computer currently can run these physics at an acceptable framerate, the person that recorded this video […]

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NVIDIA GeForce 9 Cards in Feburary and June

Wow… DigiTimes is reporting (via Engadget) that NVIDIA isn’t planning on releasing it’s revised GeForce 9 series cards until February ’08 with the initial D9E high-end card, and then rounding out the offering with value parts in June. While not much is known at this point what the new cards will bring, a few goodies […]

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Evolution of Water in Games, Best is Halo 3

Laurence Hartje sends in a link to 2 interesting stories (Games Radar, PC Games Hardware) that cover the history of water in games. This is actually something that I have always loved and used as a benchmark to “feel” how real the world was. The first thing I would do is run over and shoot […]

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Sign of the Apocalypse?

Is it April 1st already? Personally, I’d take this with a ton of salt, but rumors are that we might see Duke Nukem Forever in 2008. An insider reveals that significant progress has been made on the PC code of the game and development has finally picked up its pace over the year. The game’s […]

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Time Crisis 4 Review (PS3)

Summary Introduction Unboxing / Accessories Guncon 3 Calibration Note to Reader Review Conclusion Areas of Improvement Summary [6.5 out of 10] Time Crisis 4 can be a blast; a lot like having one of the arcade machines in your house. No wireless and lack of 2nd controller combined with the $90 price point was a […]

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1000 Achievement Points in a Few Minutes

Ok so apparently all you need is to rent Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth, then start a new game and go stand against a railing and just keep attacking… for some reason the game glitches and just keeps unlocking all the achievements:

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Assassin's Creed Freezing on the PS3

According to a (currently 29 page) thread on the UbiSoft forums it appears that quite a few people are having issues with the game freezing frequently during play. Update #1: Riyad – I have personally had Assassin’s Creed totally hard-lock my PS3 1 time already, first time I booted it up. Glad to hear it’s […]

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Ghostbusters Game Coming Fall 2008

If you guys haven’t seen yet, there has been a teaser for the Ghostbusters game coming out in 2008: A lot of you might have suddenly vomited a little, but before you decide this is lame, keep in mind that the game is actually getting Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd to reprise their […]

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Assassin's Creed Uber Spoiler

NOTE: Apparently this movie was hosted on GamePro for an hour before it was taken down, it supposedly exposes an uber-spoiler to the story, so if you plan on getting Assassin’s Creed, do not watch this movie: I haven’t watched it, nor do I want to, but I’m posting it for the folks that don’t […]

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Lesbian Love Scene from Mass Effect

I already love this game, but a lesbian love scene? Here’s my review: 77 out of 10… wait, 83 out of 10!

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Call of Duty 4 Screenshot

Why I'm Skipping Call of Duty 4

Ok… get it out of your system… just go ahead… say it… type every word using numbers, use “lolz” like 10 times, and call me a fag… What’s that? You don’t think it’s necessary for me to take a breather before I begin? I’d encourage you to read the comments for my Halo 3 analysis […]

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Gears of War PC

Gears of War PC Problems

IGN’s Gears of War for the PC review reveal a few interesting tid-bits… namely fuck you Microsoft *cough*, sorry I mean, namely that Microsoft has gotten EPIC to require an Windows Live Gold account ($50/year) for full multiplayer functionality, including online co-op play. So if you just sank $60 on this game and want to […]

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