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Christian Bale vs Mel Gibson: Phone Fight!

Thanks to modern audio-editing software and boredom, some wonderful soul on YouTube has taken the time to edit together Christian Bale’s ranting and raving from the set of Terminator and Mel Gibson’s ranting and raving at his gold-digging girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (she’s trying to extort $10 million from him and keeps leaking the phone calls): […]

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Funny Animated GIF Compilations

TwistedSifter has 4 great animated GIF compilations that they put together up if you want to check them out. If you aren’t familiar with animated GIFs, they are just funny/short scenes from movies people take and animate and typically use as signatures in forums or something like that. Also a lot of these have some […]

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Google Adsense is Hilarious Sometimes

If you are familiar with our “Monkey has Way with Frog” post then you know what happens… and it’s not so good for the frog. What is funny though, is when Google Adsense picks up the context of the post and displays unintentionally funny ads, like so: Romantic get-away indeed! For what it’s worth, I […]

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Unnecessary Censorship – Lost Edition

I usually find these “unnecessary censorship” bits clever and rarely hilarious, but this one is hilarious and that is why I’m sharing it with you. This is 2x as funny if you are a Lost fan and familiar with some of these scenes just because of how intense they originally were when you were glued […]

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Dealing with Facebook Privacy Issues

If you are on Facebook (that was addressed to all 130 million of you) and you aren’t happy with the changes Facebook has been making to the privacy settings in order to best expose your information to advertisers, don’t worry, they are on your side… sort of. I got a kick out of this: (Click […]

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Funny Opera Browser Speed Test

I suppose Google put together a Rube-Goldberg “speed test” of the Chrome browser and Opera decided to 1-up them with what I found a hugely entertaining and funny “Opera Browser vs a Potato” speed test video. A lot of what I found to be gold about this video was that it’s more like an SNL […]

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Borderlands: For Mainstream Gamers

Borderlands is the new 4-player co-op, FPS/RPG that just dropped today to retailers and so far is getting solid 8.5/10 reviews from the few sources we’ve seen. Overall we’re pretty pumped for the title and it looks like Gearbox hired a pretty savvy marketing group to put together a mock advertisement about how “mainstream” Borderlands […]

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UI Design Can Be Funny Sometimes… Again

Right after we got done laughing about Mixx’s somewhat mixed message on it’s “do more!” submission confirmation page, we tried out Google’s Friend Connect (integrated on the right hand side of the site if you are interested) and saw an even more interesting placement of conflicting functions: Pretty great if you ask us… immediately after […]

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UI Design Can Be Funny Sometimes

The other day I was posting something to Mixx (it’s a social news site, like Digg) and noticed on the submission confirmation page there was something interesting about the flow of additional “promotion” work I could do for my story: It’s minor and I think overall (even this screen) that Mixx has an excellent UI […]

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