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imgscalr 4.2 Released

Quick heads up to the Java developers out there using the imgscalr Image Processing Library, version 4.2 was just released! There is 1 new feature in this release and 1 bugfix: New Feature: New ULTRA_QUALITY scaling Method provides the nicest looking scaling result typically better than GIMP’s highest quality scaling method (Lanczos3)! Bug Fix: When […]

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imgscalr 4.0 released – Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr is an optimized, fault-tolerant and simple Java library used to resize, rotate, filter, crop or pad images. imgscalr implements the most optimal code-paths for these tasks as recommended by the Java2D team and internally works around a number of hidden JDK and even JVM bugs pertaining to image operations via the Java2D pipeline. imgscalr […]

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imgscalr 3.2 Released

Some good news for folks using imgscalr (a Java image-scaling library), version 3.2 was released today and brings with it support for rotation, a new AsyncScalr class used for support both asynchronous scaling support as well as scale-operation throttling in high-performance systems (e.g. web application) where 100s of scaling operations firing off in parallel would bog […]

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Xbox Live Experience Will Drive 1100% Marked-Up Xbox HDD Sales

With the giant Fall update of the Xbox Live Dashboard (nicknamed ‘Xbox Live Experience‘ at this point) looming, some folks with early access are starting to look at the new features coming in that update. To recap the hotness that is the “Xbox Live Experience” update, it’s more or less every major feature you’ve ever […]

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PS3 2.5 and PSP 5.0 Firmware Update Improvements – Flash 9 Support

Three Speech has the goods on the upcoming Playstation 3 2.5 Firmware update along with the PSP 5.0 Firmware update, both releasing on October 15th. While nothing too epic, like Home finally launching, the PS3 2.5 Firmware update will include Flash 9.0 support, allowing you to hit up all those sites that almost/sorta/kinda worked before… […]

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Gmail Labs Enabled for Google Apps

Back in June we reported about the launch of the handy new Gmail Labs experimental feature settings for Gmail. At the time the features weren’t enabled for Google Apps hosted Gmail accounts unfortunately, leaving those of us using Google Apps Gmail pouting silently. I just noticed today that Labs now seems to be enabled on […]

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WordPress 2.6 Released – New Feature Summary

Publishers rejoice, WordPress 2.6 has been released and while I initially anticipated it to be a bug-fix release to follow 2.5.1, it looks like the WordPress team has snuck in quite a few sexy features. We’ll take a look at each below piece-by-piece which are reviewed in the WordPress 2.6 feature movie here. Outline Gears […]

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Gmail Labs – Experimental Gmail Features to Play With

Laurence Hartje sent in the heads up that it looks like Google has launched Gmail Labs, an effort to soft-launch experimental (beta) features for Gmail in a sort of sandbox that you can quickly enable or disable depending on if you want that feature or not. The Gmail Labs work represents what I feel are […]

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