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Guitar Hero: World Tour Stand alone Instruments Priced

RedOctane announcd today that the stand alone drums and guitar for Guitar Hero: World Tour will be releasing this month. They have not specified an exact date yet but both are available on the RedOctain site for pre-order. The stand alone guitar will set you back $60 and the drums are $100.  I’m actually a […]

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Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Tuning Kit Now Available

Less than a week after announcing it was being worked on Activision and Red Octane have released the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Tuning Kit to help Guitar Hero World Tour owners who have drums with sensitivity issues.  While I’m still surprised the issues with the Drums exist in the first place I am pretty […]

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Warning: Guitar Hero World Tour Drums May Be Fault

Across the internet reports are coming in that the Guitar Hero World Tour drums are having issues.  Most of these reports are complaining about the cymbals registering extra hits or the pads not registering hits unless played very hard.  Today Activision confirmed that there are “sensitivity issues” with the drums and that they would be […]

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Rock Band 2 Drum Pictures

Kotaku is rocking the Rock Band 2 news as they got a set of the drums in and snapped off some great shots of them up close, far away and comparing the two (Rock Band 1 vs Rock Band 2) drum sets. Overall the Rock Band 2 drum set looks about 15% bigger pads, Kotaku […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Supports Any Electronic Drum Set with MIDI Port

Wired is reporting that at E3, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright confirmed that Rock Band (the original one) instruments would not only work fine with Guitar Hero: World Tour, but that you could use any electronic drum set with the game as it will ship with a MIDI connection on the back of the drum […]

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Rock Band 2 Drums Unchanged, But Can Be Extended for $$$?

In our coverage of the inevitable world-ending battle that will ensue when both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour come out, we have covered everything from the drums, to the guitars, to the song and artist lineups, to the game features themselves. (Pictured: Guitar Hero: World Tour wireless drum set with cymbals) One […]

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Rock Band 2 Guitar and Screenshots How Does it Compare to Guitar Hero: World Tour?

Staying on-top of the Rock Band 2 vs Guitar Hero: World Tour craze is hard business. First we find out that Guitar Hero: World Tour will have all sorts of sexy Guitar enhancements, wireless drums and song-creation features! Then we get a peek at the Guitar Hero: World Tour artist and song list… looking hot, […]

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Rock Band 2 Will Have Wireless Drums Like Guitar Hero World Tour

Not willing to sit back on their hands while Guitar Hero: World Tour hypothetically hands their ass to them, via a product listing on Amazon, Harmonix has indirectly confirmed that Rock Band 2 will also include a wireless drum set priced at $89.99. Expected street date of September 14th for Rock Band 2… so this […]

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