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myTouch 4G (Android 2.2.1) Resends Old SMS

The picture above is of a confusing conversation I had with a buddy tonight after canceling Super Bowl plans earlier in the day. My myTouch 4G randomly decided to resend an SMS at 6:14pm from approximately 1 week prior where I was making plans with this same friend. My issue was easy enough to rectify, […]

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Digg v4 is a Mess

I’ve been using Digg v4 for the last 30 mins and here is what I’ve discovered so far: The “Report a bug” doesn’t exist I don’t have permission to read the FAQ 4 of the story links on the “My Top News” widget go to 404 pages, server error pages or “This story is not […]

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Ubisoft's New Draconian DRM Kills Gaming all Weekend

Previously we’ve written about the new DRM that Ubisoft has developed in-house that requires a 24/7, uninterrupted internet connection (not even for a modem reboot or lost sync) to the master Ubisoft DRM servers. At the time there was a lot of speculation about “What if your modem reboots?” or “What if Ubisoft’s DRM server […]

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BioShock 2 Harvest/Adopt/Pickup/Rescue Keybinding is Broken Too

Update #1: Over on our other “BioShock 2 keybindings are broken” post, reader Jack noticed that this fix doesn’t work for the broken Harvest/Rescue/etc. keybindings, so he did some more digging and found the fix (he is using the Direct2Drive version of BioShock 2). Here is the fix in Jack’s own words: go here: C:/programfiles(x86)/2kgames/bioshock2/SP/Builds/Binaries […]

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How to Properly "Turn Off" Google Buzz

If you are currently stuck trying to turn off Google Buzz correctly you’ll want to check out Jessica Dolcourt’s 4-page article on CNET telling you how. I think any time it takes 4 pages to figure out how to turn off a feature that effectively turns your inbox into Twitter and pulls words out of […]

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Amazon EC2 Performance Drops – Too Many Users

Alan Williamson recently wrote about his companies long-term (multi-year) experience with Amazon EC2 and sums up the degrading experience as: Again, great services just as long as you don’t use them too much! Alan clarified that they started deploying on EC2 about 2 years ago, initially using the “SMALL” instances for most DB instances and […]

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Unpredictable 3G Coverage from T-Mobile on Nexus One

Update #5: Slashdot poster jtownatjunk.net made an interesting point in this comment, stating that cell phones are designed to constantly search for and lock into the strongest signal, not the fastest signal. Which was sensible logic up until about 2005 when high speed data networks started getting rolled out en-mass. Would be interesting if that […]

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YouTube Mass-Video Upload Still Buggy

The screenshot above shows a “failed” video upload from Chrome to YouTube that was actually successful blocking 3 other pending uploads. I’ve actually never used the mass/multi-video upload capability of YouTube in the last 2 years and had it work for me seamlessly. Before the new Flash-based uploader, the older semi-Web-2.0 mass-upload form had incredible […]

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Google Traffic on Surface Streets Not Perfect

Late for work? Just zoom-in! As Chris Hunkele points out, Google has launched traffic information for surface streets (no longer just interstates), but it’s not perfect just yet. Chris tells us: … it’s a little buggy, look at the east west curvy street (greenway), when zoomed in the traffic is fine, when zoomed out it’s […]

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