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If You Are Scared of Heights, Beware. If You Aren’t, You Will Be

Marc Chung originally sent this in as a YouTube link from the dude who originally posted it. Unfortunately the corporate lawyers got a hold of it and didn’t like him showing video of what his friend’s job actually consists of, so it was pulled along with a bullshit explanation as to why (Thanks to Tom […]

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Justin Bieber Uses 3% of Twitter’s Infrastructure

I’m older than 13 and do not understand the geological phenomenon that is Justin Bieber. He is a nice enough looking young man, but from watching one of his videos to better understand the fad, all I can tell is that he is a manufactured property of Usher and Scooter Braun’s intended to sell subliminal […]

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Why Women Bodybuilders Should Not Take Steroids

How do we follow this story up with this one? It’s the way of the universe… the Ying and the Yang… the Pro and the Con… the Penis and the Vagina… or in this case: Chicks with Dicks It’s long been rumored that in order to compete at the professional level of bodybuilding you have […]

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Study Confirms that Politics is Emotional Bullshit

I don’t like discussing politics with people; I don’t have very firm political beliefs and make my decisions primarily from a position of being a decent human being; crazy, I know. NPR published a disturbing story based on studies from 2005 and 2006 that showed specifically in political discourse/debates/etc. providing facts to clarify misinformation does […]

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Double Rainbows Will Mess You Up

Caught this via @DonMacAskill, this guy is a SmugMug customer and I guess woke up one morning to a complete, end-to-end double-rainbow with colors so vibrant he says it looked more like half of a “plate” of color across the sky than two rainbows. I was ready to shrug the video off, but dude starts […]

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Monkey Has His Way With a Frog

So “thanks” goes to Ben Vanik for sending this one in. A little monkey at the Honolulu Zoo grabbed a frog in it’s pen, pried it’s mouth open and forced the frog to give him… the good stuff: The most disturbingly funny part of the whole video is when he’s done violating the frog, he […]

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Storm “Agatha” Causes Unbelievably Big Sinkhole in Guatemala

This is unbelievable, but a sinkhole that looks literally like a hole dug to hell has opened up in the middle of a Guatemalan city, eating a 3-story building when it formed: (Click to enlarge) The Guatemalan Government’s Flickr account may have updated pictures over time as this is where the picture originated from. BoingBoing […]

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Russian Man Builds Homemade Subway System

English Russia reports on an incredible story of one retiree in Russia with an incredible dream and the perseverance to make it happen – no matter the cost. What you are look at above is a hand-made, ONE MAN, private subway system constructed in Russia on the retirement dime of a single man, Leonid Murlyanchik: Leonid decided […]

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Ardi Rizal: The 2-year-old Smoking Baby

Thanks (I think?) to Preston Lee for sending in a link to a story by The Sun about Ardi Rizal, a 2-year-old addicted to smoking after his father gave him his first cigarette to try at 18-months. I’ll let you digest that first sentence… Ardi’s mom, Diana Rizal (26), “weeps” that her child is addicted […]

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Lifting Weights and Getting Shredded… Beef

I know it’s suppose to be funny, but the meat-arms look real enough like musculature that it makes me sick to my stomach. Enjoy!

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Sickest Video Ever – Giant Cyst on Back is Endless

This is easily the sickest video I’ve ever seen… this guy has this innocuous looking zit/cyst on his back that his friend lances with a razor and then proceeds to drain… it looks like it might maybe have 1 good push of puss in there, but what happens and what ends up coming out of […]

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Honey, Can We Get a Pet?

I was out browsing the local pet store the other day and while the flipping ferrets and rascally rodents were cute, I have to say it was the African Rock Python that really stole my heart. I bought it and brought it home to play with the kids and my puppy and while they played […]

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Eating Your Cat is Just as Important… in Japan

Ok, so I was in a heated argument with one of the writers here recently over my expectations of what they are going to do when they get to China — I was going to specifically demand they get one of those floppy-eared kittens that the Japanese love so much: so naturally I typed “Japanese […]

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The World's Largest Breasts

Sheyla Hershey has been declared as the woman with the world’s biggest breasts. Hershey wasn’t born with these breasts, but rather got them as the result of 9 operations… the 9th one she wasn’t able to get done in the US because US doctors refused to do more work on her, for fear that her […]

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Cupcakes! No Cupcake!? "Stains" Goes to his Happy Place

I know how you feel, buddy. I go into a catatonic state when I’m deprived of cupcakes too.

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Antec Skeleton – The Weirdest Damn Computer Case

Is this just the weirdest damn computer case you’ve ever seen? This is the Antec Skeleton and I ran across it over on Overclockers Online; they just reviewed it. I can’t tell if this case is an open-air design — if it’s not, there’s enough ventilated and holed aluminum that I don’t think heat will […]

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From the Brilliant Parenting Files…File #4

I love reading how cracked out parents can be. I dunno, I mean call me old fashioned but I’ve just always associated the idea of “Parent” as synonymous with those silly things like “responsible”, “upstanding”, “role model”. Even “intelligent”. But with every new day, a new file is dropped on my desk in this series […]

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Martial Art

You know, I gotta say, for all the oober goober IDIOTS out there (Please see Exhibit A and Exhibit B for a reminder), there ARE some pretty talented and creative folks too…check this out! This guy dips his hand in black paint and with pure karate chops makes…well…look! Wow! That’s almost as cool as Chuck […]

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Inky Stinky.

I love tattoos.  I love everything about getting a tattoo.  I love the anticipation of the tattoo, the tawdry feeling of subversiveness that comes with hanging out in the tattoo parlor, the knowledge that you are going to leave looking a little more badass than when you walked in, and ESPECIALLY the searing sting and deafening […]

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Google Suggestion Algorithm Getting More Nefarious?

Hmm, sure seems so: (Click to Enlarge) (Click to Enlarge)

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Just When You Thought Life Couldn't Get Any Weirder…

You become a tree. So apparently this guy in Indonesia got a cut on his knee when he was 15 and a wart appeared and then the shit storm broke loose all over his leg and spread throughout his body, hijacking his cells and demanding “One MILLION DOLLARS” while cruising around in a Bob’s Big […]

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Honey, Where's the Remote?

I just found out that I have to have some stupid surgical procedure, and I feel about anesthesia the same way I do about flying… I don’t like it.  I realize it’s a necessary evil, but nevertheless… As anyone would, I began searching the internet (which I just typed as “internest”) for anesthesia horror stories.  […]

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Giant Australian Spider Caught on Camera Eating Bird

Laurence Hartje just sent this one in and I don’t even know what to say to it besides a series of loud shrieks and then wondering how in the holy mother of god the spider’s body got that big. These pictures were taken in Atheron, which is in Australia; which consequently is a place I […]

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Aliens Exist! Extensive Flying Saucer Video

Thanks to Laurence Hartje for sending this in. It appears that many hours worth of video was taken of flying saucers visible over Turkey. The video has been delivered to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center and analyzed frame-by-frame, confirming that the video is legit and untampered with. I’m hiding under my bed now […]

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