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Study Confirms that Politics is Emotional Bullshit

I don’t like discussing politics with people; I don’t have very firm political beliefs and make my decisions primarily from a position of being a decent human being; crazy, I know. NPR published a disturbing story based on studies from 2005 and 2006 that showed specifically in political discourse/debates/etc. providing facts to clarify misinformation does […]

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Double Rainbows Will Mess You Up

Caught this via @DonMacAskill, this guy is a SmugMug customer and I guess woke up one morning to a complete, end-to-end double-rainbow with colors so vibrant he says it looked more like half of a “plate” of color across the sky than two rainbows. I was ready to shrug the video off, but dude starts […]

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Russian Man Builds Homemade Subway System

English Russia reports on an incredible story of one retiree in Russia with an incredible dream and the perseverance to make it happen – no matter the cost. What you are look at above is a hand-made, ONE MAN, private subway system constructed in Russia on the retirement dime of a single man, Leonid Murlyanchik: Leonid decided […]

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Ardi Rizal: The 2-year-old Smoking Baby

Thanks (I think?) to Preston Lee for sending in a link to a story by The Sun about Ardi Rizal, a 2-year-old addicted to smoking after his father gave him his first cigarette to try at 18-months. I’ll let you digest that first sentence… Ardi’s mom, Diana Rizal (26), “weeps” that her child is addicted […]

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The World's Largest Breasts

Sheyla Hershey has been declared as the woman with the world’s biggest breasts. Hershey wasn’t born with these breasts, but rather got them as the result of 9 operations… the 9th one she wasn’t able to get done in the US because US doctors refused to do more work on her, for fear that her […]

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Aliens Exist! Extensive Flying Saucer Video

Thanks to Laurence Hartje for sending this in. It appears that many hours worth of video was taken of flying saucers visible over Turkey. The video has been delivered to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center and analyzed frame-by-frame, confirming that the video is legit and untampered with. I’m hiding under my bed now […]

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God Punishes Republicans for Bush… with Ants

It seems that Texas is having a problem because of their infidel beliefs and rampant republican population… God has sent them a plague. This plague is in the form of ultra-small, fuzzy and “crazy” ants. The crazy part comes from their complete lack of coordination and team effort; they more or less run around “crazy” […]

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Extracting a Candiru from Genitals

1 Fish, 2 Fish, 3 Fish, Satan-Fish

When you think of swimming in the Congo, what do you imagine it to be like? I picture it a lot like the movie Piranha. Muddy water, tropical forest growing god-only-knows what kind of creatures in it and that is the one day you decide to go skinny dipping with a friend. Why not… she’s […]

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Giant German Rabbits bred by Karl Szmolinsky

North Korean Food Shortage Solved: Giant Rabbits

Well for any rabbit-lovers out there, this story is going to suck. It seems that giant German rabbits are being bread by a award-winning large-rabbit breader Karl Szmolinsky to help feed the impoverished North Koreans. This is like Cute Overload meets… The Hills Have Eyes… I’ll be honest with you… when I think of starvation, […]

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Giant African Land Snail in Hand

Giant African Land Snail

About.com has a little gallery of Scary Exotic Pet Pictures, and while I didn’t really find most of them too scary… this one was a shocker. This giant shelled bringer of disease and doom is a Giant African Land Snail, and it would probably kill you for no other reason than it was bored, and […]

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