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QN: Google Goggles Used to Solve Sudoku Puzzles

From the “cool tech” files it looks like Google Goggles image-recognition and backend AI is comprehensive enough to solve tricky Sudoku puzzles for you now by simply taking a picture of the playing sheet: If you are not familiar with Google Goggles, it is essentially image-based searching using your cell phone; snap a picture of […]

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Animations of Most Common Gears

What you see rotating above is called a “constant velocity joint“; it is used in front-wheel drive vehicles. If you enjoy diagrams of complex gearing mechanisms or just knowing more about how our world works, chances are you are an engineer or having an engineering background and would love to check out this link from […]

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They Live Getting the Remake Treatment

Coming off of the raving success that is Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Edgar Wright will be taking the helm of what I can only assume is a remake of the John Carpenter classic They Live. Cleverly called Them, all we know at this point is the synopsis that hints at the same-themed Carpenter classic: […]

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Twilight… for Men

Big thanks goes out to Brian Fernandes for this link to a chat log of someone that has invented “Twilight for Men”: <Crispy`> my friend is making my other friend’s girlfriend rage on facebook by arguing with her about how Twilight is the dumbest shit ever <Crispy`> so I created Twilight for Men. <Crispy`> government […]

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Crysis 2 Screenshots – No More Jungles

VE got a dump of “in-game” Crysis 2 screenshots from the Crysis 2 team that are looking bee-a-u-tiful. As amazed as I was at the Jungle scenes in Crysis, Warhead, Far Cry and Far Cry 2 (different Engine) I was always wondering “what would happen if you took this insane graphic prowess and rendered urban […]

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Dating 101 – Bedroom Acrobatics

Did you actually know you could do this? I did not know this could be done, although I’ve been obsessed for years with doing something similar to this — using a partner like a chair while they use YOU like a chair. You have to face each other, and then start to sit down, with […]

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24 Samsung SSD RAID Array – 2 GB/sec

In a brilliant marketing move, Samsung sent 24 SSDs to a group to play with/benchmark and this is what they ended up doing with it: Building a dual, quad-core monster box With a 24-disk SSD RAID array The machine at it’s peak performance gets around 2 GB/sec (not gigaBIT, but gigaBYTE). To show off what […]

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