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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.1 Released

Hot on the heals of the 2.0 release, SJXP 2.1 was released with the following changes: Fixed bug where isStartTag was always true for TAG type rules https://github.com/thebuzzmedia/simple-java-xml-parser/issues/closed#issue/6 Removed use of enhanced for-loop in code base because it caused a large number of AbstractList$Itr classes to be created for no great reason. https://github.com/thebuzzmedia/simple-java-xml-parser/issues/closed#issue/5 As always, head […]

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Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 Released

I am proud to scream from the top of my desk, directly at my closet, that Simple Java XML Parser (SJXP) 2.0 has just been released. The 2.0 release brings a huge performance boost over the 1.x series that decreases memory and CPU usage by an order of magnitude. Additionally, user object pass-through support was […]

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myTouch 4G (Android 2.2.1) Resends Old SMS

The picture above is of a confusing conversation I had with a buddy tonight after canceling Super Bowl plans earlier in the day. My myTouch 4G randomly decided to resend an SMS at 6:14pm from approximately 1 week prior where I was making plans with this same friend. My issue was easy enough to rectify, […]

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UI Bug with T-Mobile myTouch 4G

I just received my new T-Mobile myTouch 4G in the mail today and fired it up (for those interested, we’ll have a video review shortly). 30 minutes into using it I ran into a UI glitch that makes the device unusable and only disappears when you reset the phone. To reproduce the bug, try the […]

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T-Mobile G2 Pre-orders: Radio Shack, Costco and Best Buy

If you are getting yourself a T-Mobile G2, be aware of the following: Radio Shack is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $150 Best Buy is selling it w/ 2 year contract for $199 Costco will sell it, but the price with a 2-year contract hasn’t been announced yet. In all cases the price […]

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T-Mobile myTouch HD – Dual Core, Android 2.2, Video Chat on “Largest” 4G Network

TMoNews scooped a marketing flyer from T-Mobile extolling the virtues of the upcoming “myTouch HD“, a phone so spec’ed out on paper that we want to either marry it, or be seriously concerned about it’s battery life. Highlights include: HSPA+ (4G) Support “Screen Share” (Possibly referring to mini-HDMI out?) “Driving Mode”, Phone will read out […]

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Apple Relaxes iOS App Dev Restrictions – Xcode No Longer Required

In a surprising move that may open the door to Flash developers on the iOS platform, Apple has released revised App Development Guidelines today that remove the restriction on iOS developers being required to use Xcode exclusively. We are continually trying to make the App Store even better. We have listened to our developers and […]

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T-Mobile Announces the G2 – Early Access to Existing Customers

T-Mobile announced early this morning via their Twitter account that the Android-powered T-Mobile G2, with full HSPA+ (4G) support, will be forthcoming and early access available for existing T-Mobile customers. The G2 teaser page is currently down (was up this morning) and simply showed a silhouette of the device that would be called the “G2″ and unfortunately […]

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Android App Inventor – Do-It-Yourself Mobile Apps from Google

A modern age saying goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way and there’s a mobile app for that”. It seems Google has taken this saying a bit too seriously. The company has recently launched the Android App Inventor, a do-it-yourself mobile app creation software which lets anyone create an Android app without requiring any programing knowledge.

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Free Motorola Droid on Verizon via Bing Cash-Back (2-year Contract Required)

Whenever we see deals online that make our ears perk up, we repost them here because we can’t be the only ones that think these are saucy. From Dealsea Click here to go to Microsoft Bing. Click on the Wirefly Bing Cashback link on the top. Your Motorola Droid for Verizon Wireless is $49.99 – $50 […]

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Myriad Announced Dalvik Turbo – Android Gets 3x Speedup

Engadget covered a story about the company Myriad Group AG that was showing off their “Dalvik Turbo VM” product at the Mobile World Congress. At their booth they had an OpenGL demo running on two Google Ion (HTC Magic) phones, about 1/2 the horsepower of a Nexus One. In this particular “spinning 3D box” demo, […]

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HTC Unloads Nexus One Clones with Updated Custom Sense UI

For the first day of Mobile World Congress convention HTC decided to take the wraps off of 2 new pieces of hardware that directly re-use the Google Nexus One insides but installed inside some slightly nicer shells with HTC’s much-nicer custom Sense UI running on top of it. The two devices released are: HTC Desire […]

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Nexus One 'Poor T-Mobile 3G Signal' Issue Discovered

Update #1: Google has responded to the long thread with an announcement that an over-the-air (OTA) update to help make the 3G connections more stable in 3G-covered areas will be coming out, but if you are outside of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage area (which is small) there will be no change in experience for you. Release […]

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Slow Nexus One Sales Do Not Matter to Google Right Now

Google’s brand new Android super-phone, the Nexus One, may not be selling as quickly as one would have hoped after the incredibly persistent marketing strategy by Google. Anecdotally-speaking, for 4 days after the phone was released all I saw on almost any site I visited were “Nexus One” ads being hosted up by Google AdSense; so […]

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HTC Hero Review Uncovers Prominent Performance Issues

Engadget Mobile put up their (excellent) review of the HTC Hero recently and I got a lot of information out of that review that I hadn’t gotten anywhere else. More specifically the following highlights: Hardware – The hardware in the HTC Hero was rumored at one point to be improved upon the HTC Magic, that […]

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FriendMobilizer Brings Facebook to Android

While Facebook might openly hate Android, it’s hard to ignore the 114 other corporations around the globe that are committing to it’s expansion and rollout across the planet. Unfortunately one of the most obvious missing applications for Android thus far as been a Facebook client — not wanting to hold their breath until the 4 […]

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Google Finalizing the "Cupcake" Android Update – Includes Virtual Keyboard

As I’ve been reading more about the T-Mobile G2 plans, I’ve been running across mention-after-mention of this “Cupcake” branch of the Android OS that Google has been working on that will include a lot of updates that people have been wanting – most notably the addition of the virtual keyboard finally. The benefit there for […]

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HTC Magic is Most Likely Going to be the T-Mobile G2

Speculation has been flying around the web for months now as to which of the HTC phones is going to become the platform for the T-Mobile “G2″ — or rather the follow-up to the popular T-Mobile G1 (Video Review). Back in December or January the general opinion was that the G2 would be based on […]

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Android Market "MemoryUp Personal" App Possibly Destroying Data

Possible rumors floating around that the MemoryUp Personal Android Market application is destroying personal data as well as installing adware. So far the evidence seems circumstantial, but a connection between installing that app and lost email, spammed email accounts, adware showing up and SD cards being wiped clean are all getting reported. This brings up […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Video Review

As a compliment to our in-depth review of the T-Mobile G1, the Break it Down Blog has also put together an extensive, 4-part video review of the T-Mobile G1 for you as well. The reason we complimented the original review of the G1 with a video review is because buying a cell phone is hard, […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Review

Update #1: We have also put up a 4-part T-Mobile G1 video review for readers as well. Summary [7.5 out of 10] The T-Mobile G1 is an excellent “first-mover” Android-based phone from T-Mobile and is truly a “Google Phone”. If you are already have most of your life on Google through one of their many […]

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Massive Confusion Over T-Mobile G1 Data Plan "Messages"

There seems to be a significant amount of confusion online over the terms of the T-Mobile G1 $24.99/mo data plan; more specifically, what constitutes a “message” as described in their FAQ (seen above). At first hint, anyone that heard they have a “400 message” limit would assume that means a “text message” – as it […]

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How to Use T-Mobile $20 BlackBerry EDGE Data Plan with Android G1 Phone

Update #2:As a heads up to anyone wanting to try this out, please read this post first before continuing. As you may know the new T-Mobile G1 Android phone is out, and requires some potentially expensive-ass data plans to function fully ($24.99 for unlimited “data”, but 400 messages including “SMS, IM and email” or $34.99 […]

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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Review

Laurence Hartje just sent in a mini-review of the BlackBerry Storm on the Vodafone network, here it is in it’s entirety: I’ve been lusting after a Storm, and since it launched in England before the US (and I’m over here at the moment) I thought I’d swing by a Vodaphone store to play with one. […]

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